Concert Review



This was the first of 2 events that was held at The Fruit in Durham that weekend. It was an art show/series of concerts that showcased the work of local creatives from Durham and the greater area. Durham native, Jasmyn Milan was the organizer and hosted the shows throughout the night. The performances were mainly hip-hop based but there were also DJs spinning both hip-hop & electronic tracks which vibed really well along side each other. The venue was split into two sections, the theatre stage, which mainly composed of hip-hop and the warehouse stage which hosted the electronic part of the dance floor.

There was collaboration between several different art mediums which is always good to see in a healthy local creative community. There were clothing, visual art, photography, and surprisingly cute self-defense vendors present to sell their goods & services. Jasmyn also had someone develop a video game demo for the event which played pretty well actually. In-between the sets there were also several fashion shows demonstrating local models and designers. It was inspiring to see people of so many different backgrounds all supporting each other and having a good time.


Day 2 of what almost seemed to be the main event of a weekend long festival at The Fruit, consisted of over 20 DJs from 6pm-230am the next morning. Double the people showed up on Saturday, many from BAD KITTY, some performing and some enjoying the entertainment. The night was full of energy as people split between two different sets again with the warehouse being the main stage. Throughout the night I heard some very clean and thrilling transitions off a few different DJ tables. These DJs were very professional and really brought the energy that the audience so badly craved after a year of lock downs. It was another great night where the community really showed out.

Below is a video recap that I filmed and created myself.