New Album Review

Scout [EP] by Samia Review

ALBUM: “Scout” by Samia


LABEL: Grand Jury Music

RATING: 7/10

BEST TRACKS: “As You Are,” “Show Up” and “The Promise”

FCC: None

“Scout” by Samia is the new companion to her first album “The Baby”. The EP came out July 23, 2021, around a year after the release of “The Baby”. Although this EP is not ‘quarantine music’, it still feels self-reflective. The title “Scout” is Samia’s nickname. Samia has been called a coming-of-age artist, someone who makes music that can move from earnestness to angst in a split second. This EP is full of true love feelings, Samia sings about her family and friends, promising to love them unconditionally. “Scout” plays with different genres, moving from indie-pop to rock to a touch of electronica. 

As You Are

The first track on the EP begins and ends with fuzzy and comforting voicemails. The piano accompaniment works well with Samia’s strong vocals. This track leans more towards pop, catchy and foot-tapping. 

Show Up

This song begins slow and soft, but the crescendo a minute in dramatically shifts the song. This track reminds me of Mitski, they both have hard-hitting lyrics and show-stopping vocal skills.  


This track has a more shoegaze sound. Samia’s vocals rise above the reverb. This is the shortest song on the EP, I wish it was longer. The lyrics are powerful and haunting.  

The Promise ft. Jelani Aryeh 

A cover of When in Rome’s’ “The Promise”, Samia makes this track her own. The 80’s synth transforms the song. Jelani Aryeh’s vocals complement Samia, and they harmonize perfectly. 

So excited to hear what comes next for Samia.

-DJ lil witch