New Album Review

New Album Review: I Know I’m Funny Haha by Faye Webster

ALBUM: “I Know I’m Funny Haha” by Faye Webster


LABEL: Secretly Canadian

RATING: 8/10

BEST TRACKS: “I Know I’m Funny Haha,” “Kind Of” and “Cheers”

FCC: “I Know I’m Funny Haha”

The soft and sultry vocals of Faye Webster wash over you in her new album. “I Know I’m Funny Haha” is her fourth album on Secretly Canadian Records. Atlanta native Webster blends folk, r&b, and indie with her own spin. Released on June 25, this album is perfect for a sweltering summer. 

My Favorite Tracks:

I Know I’m Funny Haha

The shortest song on the album, “I Know I’m Funny Haha” is also the title track. Webster sings about her boyfriend’s sister “I made her laugh one time at dinner, She said I’m funny and then I thanked her, But I know I’m funny haha”. There’s something about how she sings “Haha”, it’s sharp and cutting. 

Kind Of

This groovy track has a swinging beat that has you nodding your head and tapping your feet along immediately. You can hear the 90s soul and r&b direction. Webster takes her time, the leisurely chorus lets her instrumental back up shine.  


The baseline of this track is almost hypnotic, chugging along throughout the song. This track has the most rock influence of the album but still feels light and fresh. I love how unrushed Webster sounds in this song. She makes her vocals serene even as she belts out the chorus “And let’s cheers to you, And let’s cheers to me”.

If you’re looking for chill songs to accompany you sitting out in the oppressive southern summer heat “I Know I’m Funny Haha” is the album for you.

-DJ lil witch