Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 7/20

1WINTER ETERNALLand Of DarknessHell’s Headbangers
2CRYPTAEchoes Of The SoulNapalm
3DISTANTAeons Of OblivionUnique Leader
4HAMMER KINGHammer KingNapalm
5GOATS OF DOOMShivaPurity Through Fire
6BURNING WITCHESThe Witch Of The NorthNuclear Blast
7SCHISMOPATHICThe Human LegacySelfMadeGod
8MONSTER MAGNETA Better DystopiaNapalm
9SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL“Baba Yaga” [Single]Sumerian
10BORN OF OSIRIS“White Nile” [Single]Sumerian