Top 10 Tyler, the Creator Tracks

If you haven’t listened to “Call Me if You Get Lost” yet, then what are you doing? Close your computer, pop those earbuds in and give Tyler the undivided attention he deserves. When you’re done you can come back and read this blog. I promise we won’t get mad at you.

It’s been honestly so wonderful to see how much Tyler, the Creator has grown as an artist since his debut in 2007. I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been a ride-or-die fan throughout his whole career, especially that first album, but his arc as a producer, art director, rapper and all-around icon has truly done a full 180.

His discography is so rich and extensive that it makes it difficult to rank, but I’ll try my best. In honor of his newest album, here’s a look back at some of my favorite tracks from Mr. Baudelaire himself:

This track is by far my favorite from “Call Me if You Get Lost.” At nearly ten minutes long, it’s a relaxing, rollercoaster ride of a song. Tyler himself has expressed how much he loved creating it. From Bossa Nova-type beats to steady lyrical flows, it’s impossible to listen without feeling the heart behind it.

2. OKAGA, CA – Cherry Bomb
Another soft, romantic ballad, “OKAGA, CA” is the best kind of song to share with your lover. The lyrics alone make this is my favorite song off “Cherry Bomb,” but his use of synths and layering take it to a whole different level.

3. November – Flower Boy
I could listen to this song a million times over again, and honestly, I probably have. Tyler’s ability to communicate seemingly incommunicable feelings through music is evident in “November.” His use of poetic lyrics, snippets from conversations, and beat switches creates such an atmospheric, nostalgic song.

4. She – Goblin
Being one of the few soft songs from his first album, this one is an obvious favorite for most Tyler, the Creator fans. Frank Ocean is a constant feature in his discography, but he really stands out on this track.

5. PartyIsn’tOver/Campfire/Bimmer – Wolf
“Wolf” seemed to be a real turning point for Tyler, as his songs started to move away from the ferocity of “Goblin” and into something a bit softer. This three-part song is full of his signature dark yet almost childlike humor. “Campfire” especially is reminiscent of some sort of twisted Boyscout trip.

“IGOR” is such an interesting album for so many reasons, but this song really struck me. The melancholy nature of it is a fantastic mixture of heartbreaking and sentimental.

7. 2SEATER – Cherry Bomb
Another gem from “Cherry Bomb,” this is one of the first Tyler, the Creator songs I ever heard (besides “Yonkers”). I was amazed by its softness and romantic nature.

8. Treehome95 – Wolf
If Erykah Badu’s feature isn’t enough to make you want to listen to “Treehome95,” I don’t know what is. That’s all.

This high-energy song is a wonderful little ode to real love and deep feeling. The lyrics “I think I’m falling in love, this time I think it’s for real” echo throughout the entire track, making it both heartwarming and energetic.

10. WILSHIRE – Call Me if You Get Lost

“WILSHIRE,” a simple track that sounds like a freestyle more than anything, is chock-full of raw emotion. Tyler narrates the story that he had been alluding to throughout the album, one of heartbreak, rejection and love. Though it lacks his signature complex production style, the depth of his lyrics is enough to make this one of the best songs from “Call Me if You Get Lost.”

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