Mad Stallions and Gator Gates

In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… family friend of Cutter, Stacey, joins him to talk about the origin of her broken arm and swollen leg: a horse slamming the door shut on her and getting crunched between a gate and a ranch truck.

You’ll Never Believe Me But… is a lighthearted storytelling podcast about what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s funny. Guests come on and tell two stories, one real one fake, and laugh and joke about it with host Cutter as they enjoy storytelling while he tries to figure out which story is the real one.

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Cutter  0:00  
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter though you may know me as three beers in a coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of, You’ll never believe me, But.

You’ll never believe me, but is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me. Every episode I have a guest on and they tell me two stories, one real and one fake, and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I’m gonna run down the three rules we have here, before we get into today’s episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We’re not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in your story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories but unless they agreed to have these stories told just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one all story should start with. You’ll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting the story just so we all know what we’re getting into. And is a nice little nod to the show’s title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into today’s episode. Today’s guest is Stacy, a family friend of mine, someone I’ve known since I was days old and an all around killer lady Stacy, how are you doing today?

Stacy  1:24  
Well cutter I’m great. And I appreciate the very kind of intro there my friend.

Cutter  1:28  
Well, it’s all true. You are killer. And you have known me since I was days old. 

Stacy  1:33  
Yeah, basically, yes. About three or four days probably.

Cutter  1:36  
Amazing. Because that’s when one of my closest friends your son, one of my closest friends we’re four days apart. And that’s kind of how we got to know each other him and I and then through that we’ve just been very close family friends ever since. 

Stacy  1:49  

Cutter  1:50  
So we’ve been on vacations we’ve gone places we’ve done a lot. And I have gotten to see truly the depth and breadth of your character, which is why I’m so excited to have you on the show 

Stacy  1:58  
Or scared. 

Cutter  1:58  
Yes, I think both is totally fair. Because I know you pretty well, I’d conjecture and 

Stacy  2:05  
I would say so. 

Cutter  2:06  
I knew a lot of my guests that came on but not as well as I think I know you just because of the quantity of time we spent together which is why I’m excited for you to tell me your stories. 

Stacy  2:15  
Well now we’re gonna see if you really do know me or if you just think you know me.

Cutter  2:19  
That is a great point. Now your stories have a bit of an interesting backstory to them.

Stacy  2:24  

Cutter  2:25  
It would have been I I want to say two weeks ago.

Stacy  2:28  
Two weeks ago, Saturday. 

Cutter  2:29  
You, you came over your family came over to hang out with my family. We’re pals like that. We’re chums and you came in limping. You’ve got and this is still true, you’ve got a cast on your forearm that goes up and over your wrist. 

Stacy  2:31  

Cutter  2:36  
and your, is it your right leg? 

Stacy  2:46  
Oh, it’s my right leg.

Cutter  2:47  
and your right leg, I I would I think best describe it as a purple tie dye disaster.

Stacy  2:54  
I think you’re kind 

Cutter  2:55  
I think well okay, how would you describe it? 

Stacy  2:58  
Oh my god, it’s it looks like an alien has landed on my leg and exploded and purple and bruised gruesomeness it’s it’s it’s very bad. 

Cutter  3:07  
It is gnarly.

Stacy  3:08  
It, it’s bad.

Cutter  3:09  
And so, and so you came in with this major injury that you would already told the rest of my family about because I had missed an event of some kind. Because I was out of town. And you came in and you were very secretive about it. 

Stacy  3:21  
I was and quite honestly, I’m impressed that no one told you what happened to me. So we have we have definitely kept it under wraps on purpose. So I’m very excited to see what happens today.

Cutter  3:32  
Yes, I’m very excited. And so yes, this is the main focus of this episode is your crazy injury that has been I mean, it’s been what three weeks since you injured yourself?

Stacy  3:44  
It’s been two weeks and I would say that this this big glob on my leg which is officially you know, I know this is medical info but I’m clearly given the clearance to share. It’s a hematoma. I don’t know if you are familiar with what a hematoma is.

Cutter  3:57  
Sounds familiar. 

Stacy  3:58  
So essentially, you know, something has happened and now there’s hemorrhaging going on. We’ve got you know, not hemorrhaging that means I’m gonna die, thankfully, and I’m been clear that I’m not throwing any clots, but there’s some serious, serious hemorrhaging that has occurred, which is, you know, resulted in about, I don’t know, a six inch wide and four inch three to four inch tall blob that has grown on my leg 

Cutter  4:24  
From here and we’re sitting probably like six, seven feet apart. 

Stacy  4:28  

Cutter  4:28  
From here it looks like you have a half a tennis ball taped to the top of your thigh.

Stacy  4:33  
Well yeah. Which is a little better because I would have called it at least probably grapefruit to cantaloupe size so we’re where you know you’re doing better things are getting better.

Cutter  4:42  
Oh my goodness. It’s a shame that that is better though I’m glad you are getting better. Hey, if you’re hemorrhaging on the inside, that’s where the blood’s supposed to be.

Stacy  4:49  
I know, I did learn though that you know, as as one medical professional told me throughout this, you know, your body’s designed, I guess unless you hit an artery. 

Cutter  4:59  

Stacy  4:59  
Not to bleed out.

Cutter  5:01  
yeah, yeah, it’s crazy. 

Stacy  5:02  
So uh, there you go. 

Cutter  5:03  
Yeah, tactical redundancy. That’s amazing. I’m very excited again. Yes, my family has kept this secret, secret from me. And I haven’t asked because I didn’t want to ruin the sanctity of this experience getting to hear these stories for the first time. But I think honestly, they would have been more angry at me for even trying to get them to tell me honestly. 

Stacy  5:22  
Okay, good. They’re good people. I’ll keep them. 

Cutter  5:23  
They are. I’m glad I don’t have a choice. I’m glad that you feel that way. Well, you know how the show works. If you have any last minute questions, comments or concerns, please let me know now. Otherwise, I think it’s a great time we’ve we’ve hyped up your injury enough. I’m very excited just to get into your stories.

Stacy  5:43  
All right, I think I’m good to go. So I’m going to give you a little a little preview I’ve got I’ve got my two stories, and I’ll share in a minute, they both do dovetail at some point into you know, kind of final result and treatment. So they will you know.

Cutter  5:57  

Stacy  5:57  
I will tell I think where I’m going to go is I’m going to tell all the way through.

Cutter  6:01  

Stacy  6:01  
And the second story I’ll let you know when we’re kind of picking up on that final closure piece where I you know, end up 

Cutter  6:08  

Stacy  6:08  
Seeking some medical help. 

Cutter  6:10  
Fascinating. What a new novel little structure. I’m very excited. All right, well, take it away.

Stacy  6:17  
All right. You will never believe me but I hearken back to my I’ll say my own college days and my my my youthfulness when I used to do a lot of work on a farm. 

Cutter  6:30  

Stacy  6:31  
Yeah. So in this farm work that I have recently rediscovered 

Cutter  6:36  

Stacy  6:36  
I have injured myself in the way that we described earlier. That is what caused me to walk away with this like supersized hematoma and a broken arm.

Cutter  6:45  
So it’s broken broken?

Stacy  6:46  
Oh, yes it’s broken, broken. 

Cutter  6:47  
I did not know that.

Stacy  6:47  
Straight up so 

Cutter  6:48  
Wow amazing. I mean not amazing, clearly. But again, we just want to reiterate. You are okay. 

Stacy  6:53  
I am okay. 

Cutter  6:54  
You’re seeking medical help. You’re progressing back to fully healthy. 

Stacy  6:57  

Cutter  6:58  
I feel the need to throw that note in. But please, yes, rediscovered farm work.

Stacy  7:02  
So those that know me really well tend to not equate me with dirty work and outside you probably think of me more with cute purses and good hair. And you know.

Cutter  7:12  
your hair is a great pride of yours.

Stacy  7:14  
Right, exactly. So when I’m telling you that I’m you know, I’ve been hanging out in a farm in my recent,

Cutter  7:19  

Stacy  7:20  
You know, looking for fun things to do, history. You might not, you might not believe that. But I have a friend who has a horse farm in Central North Carolina. 

Cutter  7:29  

Stacy  7:29  
So she’s got a lot of horses. It’s not like five to 10 it’s like, more than 20 

Cutter  7:34  
Oh, wow. That’s a lot.

Stacy  7:35  
It’s a lot. It’s a lot. So from time to time, I will go out of town and I will give her a hand and help her on her horse farm. 

Cutter  7:43  

Stacy  7:43  
So a few weeks ago, I found myself doing just that one thing. Unfortunately, I found myself doing this one thing at like 10 o’clock at night in the dark. 

Cutter  7:54  

Stacy  7:55  
Yeah. Which isn’t really what I had bargained for, but it’s just kind of the way it came about with the situation that she was in 

Cutter  8:01  
Sure, sure. 

Stacy  8:01  
So I find myself you know, walking out to her barn and I go to flip the light switch on because she’s got a huge barn that probably has 10 stalls either side they’ve got sliding doors, they’re big heavy wooden doors with great big wooden wrought iron bars. That you know that, you can open some of them up so horse can stick their head out 

Cutter  8:20  
Sure, sure. 

Stacy  8:21  
So pretty standard if you’ve grown up anywhere, you know near a ranch or a farm with a standard barn 

Cutter  8:25  

Stacy  8:26  
So got a wash room in there, a feed room in there, you can park equipment in there so it’s pretty good size. So I find myself at 10 o’clock at night in the in the middle of nowhere, now mind you this is not in town. It’s not close to anything in town. 

Cutter  8:40  
What is the nearest city? Where are we in central North Carolina?

Stacy  8:44  
We’re kind of outside of Pinehurst.

Cutter  8:49  
That’s a bit of a ways.

Stacy  8:49  
You’re in horse and golf country out there. 

Cutter  8:51  
Sure. Sure. 

Stacy  8:52  
So I find myself lending her hand at 10 o’clock at night. And I’m out in the barn and there’s an alley or a hallway in between the two sections of stalls on either side. And it’s lit it’s really nice barn so it’s nice so I know where the light switches but I’m looking for the light switch. 

Cutter  9:07  
Sure. Sure. 

Stacy  9:08  
No lights coming on. 

Cutter  9:09  
Oh, okay.

Stacy  9:10  
No light. So now I’m thinking and I’ve got, I didn’t tell you the best part. Most of her horses are out in pastures 

Cutter  9:16  

Stacy  9:17  
But she’s got two stallions.

Cutter  9:18  
Oh, okay. 

Stacy  9:20  
So two stallions that are clearly if your stallion you’re ungelded. So you know, you are a potential daddy horse who has much interest in all the lady horses out and about right? 

Cutter  9:31  
Sure. Sure.

Stacy  9:31  
Right. So there’s a reason you’re in the stall so that you’re not out, browsing around and getting into trouble. 

Cutter  9:35  

Stacy  9:36  
Often stallions can be a little feisty. 

Cutter  9:39  
Sure, sure. 

Stacy  9:40  
Be a little feisty, especially if they’ve been in their stall for a little while. 

Cutter  9:43  
I wonder where this is going? Where it’s gonna take you?

Stacy  9:45  
They’ve been in their stall, been in their stall a little while. So I go, you know, walking down the hall, the hall in the dark, and I need to water these two stallions and I need to feed them…

Cutter  9:56  

Stacy  9:56  
because they have not eaten and they’re really not happy because they really should have eaten hours before, but my friend is in a situation where she wasn’t able to do that. So here I go. Now I know them. I know these horses

Cutter  10:08  

Stacy  10:09  
They know me. But I’m normally not walking down the hallway between the stalls with my handy dandy Apple phone flashlight on because I’m pretty sure I just told you it is dark in there, right?

Cutter  10:21  
Yes, you did.

Stacy  10:22  
Right. So now they’re freaking out because they don’t understand the light, but I need some light. So they are kicking, they’re, ones in one stall on this side of the hall ones in one stall on that side of hall. 

Cutter  10:32  

Stacy  10:32  
And there’s kicking and there is is all kinds of activity. 

Cutter  10:36  

Stacy  10:36  
And I realized that my friends setup currently does not allow me to just take a hose really and just stick it through the bars to fill the water bucket in one of the stalls. 

Cutter  10:47  

Stacy  10:48  
As I assess the situation, I realize I’m going to have to open the stall door in the dark with my tiny Apple flashlight and a really mad stallion.

Cutter  10:56  
Oh, yeah,

Stacy  10:56  
Yeah, yeah 

Cutter  11:00  
And this can only go well.

Stacy  11:02  
and I am going to have to slide the door open. 

Cutter  11:03  

Stacy  11:03  
And then I’m gonna have to go in and grab the like five gallon bucket. 

Cutter  11:04  

Stacy  11:05  
and fill it and bring it back. 

Cutter  11:07  
Oh, wow, quite the event. 

Stacy  11:08  
Right so I’m really not happy at this point. Because really, what I’m wanting to do is grab the dang hose and just pour the water in and move on. 

Cutter  11:14  

Stacy  11:15  
So I take the lazy route, and I start with the food because I can pour through that, that through the bars and I’m 

Cutter  11:20  

Stacy  11:20  
I’m thinking, Okay, I’m gonna feed you, I’ll pet you on the head. You know me, it’s gonna be alright. Okay, so I do that. And he, you know, starts eating munch, munch, munch Well, one of them I get done completely. They’re totally happy. But I got this other one . Totally not happy. 

Cutter  11:35  

Stacy  11:35  
Totally not happy. So get him fed. He’s going and the next thing I know, I’m like, Alright, I gotta go in there and get the water bucket. So these doors are really heavy. They’re solid wood. 

Cutter  11:46  
Okay, wow yeah. 

Stacy  11:47  
Okay, and they’ve got all these, like wrought iron bars at the top. 

Cutter  11:50  

Stacy  11:51  
So I have slid the door open just enough, you know, really to let me in? 

Cutter  11:57  

Stacy  11:57  
And I’m kind of in the stall enough to grab in the corner this big five Gallon White Bucket that’s currently empty. Right. Right. You feel me? 

Cutter  12:05  

Stacy  12:06  
And I take my left hand and lean my right hand on the stone lean and the grab it and I start pulling the bucket. And now my friend the horse. Super unhappy with what I’m doing. Kicking, fighting feet everywhere. And the next thing I know he has somehow lodged his foot into the opposite side of the sliding door. And he is slamming

Cutter  12:27  
Oh no 

Stacy  12:28  
the door,

Cutter  12:29  
No, no, 

Stacy  12:29  
shut with me in it. 

Cutter  12:32  
That’s not good.

Stacy  12:33  
Yeah, no, it’s not cool. Because as it happens, and I have my hand up like this. I feel a crack yeah. So the crack is now you know, beautifully covered in purple. 

Cutter  12:47  
Lovely lavender cast. 

Stacy  12:48  
I have lovely lavender, you know, form fitting cast. 

Cutter  12:53  

Stacy  12:53  
Yeah. So then I’m realizing that I’m stuck. So I gotta figure out how to get out and I have really mad horse all in my face. 

Cutter  13:02  

Stacy  13:02  
So somehow I finally just, you know, do, I muster up whatever adrenaline fueled fire I have going within me and I just jerk myself out of the door. 

Cutter  13:15  

Stacy  13:16  
And slam it shut. 

Cutter  13:17  
Nice. So Problem solved. 

Stacy  13:19  
Well, one would think except suddenly, there’s like a grand explosion on my leg. 

Cutter  13:25  

Stacy  13:26  
yeah. Apparently come to find out the whole impact of the door,

Cutter  13:32  

Stacy  13:32  
slamming my leg,

Cutter  13:34  

Stacy  13:35  
Yeah, it can you believe it at damaged like a lot of vessels? 

Cutter  13:38  
Sure that tracks. Yeah, yeah.

Stacy  13:40  
It sure did, it sure did. So problem is, you know, it’s 10 o’clock at night,

Cutter  13:45  

Stacy  13:45  
Yeah, right. So I’m really not feeling the leg too badly at that point, right. It’s not great. 

Cutter  13:50  

Stacy  13:50  
I’m more worried about the fact that I felt my arm crunch and it’s hurting, like,

Cutter  13:54  

Stacy  13:55  
A lot. 

Cutter  13:55  
Sure. Sure. Haha. 

Stacy  13:57  
And so I’m realizing I need medical care. Because this, I can’t do this. And my friend has a medical thing going on with herself. And I can’t rely on her to help me. 

Cutter  14:08  
Right. Right. 

Stacy  14:11  
Yeah, and I’m not at home. 

Cutter  14:13  
Uh huh. 

Stacy  14:14  
And no one else is there.

Cutter  14:16  
Uh huh. And you’re in the middle of nowhere, North Carolina, at a barn that you do not own. And you’ve just been, you just have the door slammed on you by a mad horse. And now you have a broken arm? Mad leg? 

Stacy  14:30  
Mm hmm. 

Cutter  14:32  
That is quite the conundrum.

Stacy  14:34  
Yeah. So what does any good Texan who also happened to go to an agriculture on engineering school for undergraduate do.

Cutter  14:43  
I would imagine make a splint with what you can find around. 

Stacy  14:46  
She puts herself in her own pickup truck and takes her to urgent, takes herself to urgent care 12 miles away.

Cutter  14:51  
Yeah, that tracks too, amazing. Okay, yeah, of course. Of course.

Stacy  14:58  
Yeah. Yeah. So I go to the urgent care I walk my little happy self in, and they take me in. And they realize that you know, pretty quickly because I didn’t really describe my arm. But yeah, it was very obvious that there was a break because there was a section of my wrist that was not where it should be. 

Cutter  15:18  
Ah, yes, that will do it.

Stacy  15:21  
But you know, when you’re getting pinned and adore by a really mad horse, who has with all of his force, taken his back foot and slammed the door shut on you.

Cutter  15:30  
It does, it does start to cause problems I would imagine,

Stacy  15:32  
Kinda to be expected. So, you know, everybody’s all up in arms because Haha, no pun intended. They’re looking at my arm. 

Cutter  15:39  

Stacy  15:39  
And you know, meanwhile, I’m kinda sitting down there going, you know, my leg stings like I mean, it got slammed, it hurts. 

Cutter  15:47  

Stacy  15:47  
I’m pretty pretty, have a pretty high pain tolerance. 

Cutter  15:50  

Stacy  15:50  
So I was, you know, it was there. I knew it. 

Cutter  15:55  

Stacy  15:55  
But as we are getting to seriously take me down and X ray my arm.

Cutter  15:59  
Oh, yeah. 

Stacy  16:00  
Yeah, I’m like, wait a minute. I think my right leg feels like it’s on fire. Like, it feels like flames are creeping up my leg. And at this point, I’m considering just cutting my leg off because it might feel better than having it attached to me. 

Cutter  16:15  
Wow. Okay, so terrible pain. 

Stacy  16:17  
Really bad, burning, burning pain. 

Cutter  16:20  
Jeez, okay. 

Stacy  16:21  
Yeah. And I’m beginning to see underneath my blue jeans. This lovely lump forming.

Cutter  16:28  
Of course, of course. 

Stacy  16:29  
Yeah. So you know, middle of the night, middle of nowhere, urgent care, taking myself 10 miles over there. You know, now my adrenaline’s wearing off, and I’m going, Oh, what is? What is this? So when the doctor comes back into the room to take me for the X ray, right, she, I’m like, I can’t walk to your extra room. She goes, What do you mean? I’m like, I I am in a lot of pain and I literally cannot walk. 

Cutter  16:53  
Yeah, hurts too bad. 

Stacy  16:54  
She’s like, what is that on your leg? The ever rising lump? And I’m like, well, we should look at it. 

Cutter  16:59  

Stacy  17:00  
Yeah. And we did. Yeah, no blood, everything self contained. Oh, but there’s blood

Cutter  17:06  
In the lump. 

Stacy  17:07  
And it’s really growing. When you have like a 65 year old urgent care nurse or doctor look at you and she loses all color in her face. 

Cutter  17:16  
That’s not a good sign. 

Stacy  17:18  
Right? And she asked me how did you get here? I said I drove and she said how’d you get in here? I’m like I walked and she goes we need to get you into a wheelchair right now you need to sit and we’re going to X ray your leg and we’re going to X ray your arm

Cutter  17:32  
Amazing, Of course jeez.

Stacy  17:35  
At the moment, I didn’t realize that what she’s thinking is that I have either broken my femur or or not severed but impacted that artery in some way so it’s the artery 

Cutter  17:47  
Yeah, that’s real bad. 

Stacy  17:48  
That is bleeding which would have been way bad. So now even me last to panic is starting to go, Oh maybe this is pretty serious. 

Cutter  17:57  
Yeah, maybe this is bad. 

Stacy  17:58  
Maybe this is really not good. So get my x rays done and now the pain it’s really I mean it is coming on. It’s like labor pains in waves and my leg, I’ve forgotten about my wrist. Let’s just talk about the fact my legs on frickin fire and I want to cut it off. 

Cutter  18:12  
Right we’re away from the broken wrist.

Stacy  18:14  
Yeah, so doctor in panicked, I have no color left my face anymore tells me that or asks me politely, I would like to transfer you to the local emergency room and I would like to call an ambulance for you. 

Cutter  18:28  
Wow. Yeah, that’s serious. I mean.

Stacy  18:33  
So now, I went from being like, alright, it’s just a sting or two to Oh, man. 

Cutter  18:38  
This is real bad. 

Stacy  18:39  
Yeah, I’m gonna kill me a horse when we’re done with this. No, and and they’re telling me like don’t eat anything. Don’t drink anything. When was the last time because I’m, in my head. I’m going Oh, man now they’re telling me that I’m gonna have to have surgery because they’re wanting to knock me out. And so I realize I can’t get back in my own truck. I can’t walk that far. So my only option is to have the ambulance called. So here comes a local ambulance. But I have to say I was so thrilled it was an all female crew.

Cutter  19:13  

Stacy  19:14  
In a brand new ambulance. I mean, have something ridiculously stupid like this mad stallion slam you in a door I mean, if you’re gonna have to go to the ER in an ambulance, brand new ambulance first person to ride in it.

Cutter  19:27  
That’s a first person to ride in the ambulance

Stacy  19:29  
Straight up. smelled like a new car. You know? Pretty awesome. I did have a very badass all female crew, I loved them. They were great. They understood when I liked them and said, Look, I have a high pain tolerance, but we’re gonna chop my leg off right now. Getting into that structure was not gonna be a fun time. 

Cutter  19:46  
Yeah, no, I imagine 

Stacy  19:48  
But they let me you know, claw the hell out of their shirts while they lifted me up and dropped me into the stretcher and then carted me off to the hospital. 

Cutter  19:57  
Wow. So you make it to the ER, still in the middle of nowhere?

Stacy  20:01  
Make it to the ER, still in the middle of nowhere. Now we got doctors coming in looking at me and they’re all like, Can you feel it when I touch your foot and I’m thinking what the hell? I just thought that, you know I had a raspberry now the raspberry is turned into a cantaloupe and my leg is on fire. 

Cutter  20:19  
Sure, yes. 

Stacy  20:20  
So, long story short to kind of wrap the way it resolved. For all the craziness on the front end. It’s fairly anticlimactic because they get the x rays back. They’re like, yeah, your your arm is straight up broken. You broke it at the wrist. 

Cutter  20:35  

Stacy  20:36  
And then they look at my leg x rays, and there’s no break. 

Cutter  20:39  

Stacy  20:39  
Which is good 

Cutter  20:40  

Stacy  20:41  
Which is good, because my alternative would have been to go to local hospital straight to the trauma OR and have my femur fixed. 

Cutter  20:48  
Eww, that sounds horrifying. 

Stacy  20:50  
The last thing I wanted was to break my femur because what I do know about that is it is no fun coming back from that. So they were like, well, let’s just we just want to observe you for a couple of hours and make sure you know you keep good blood flow to your toes and stuff that everything looks like it’s sealing off.

Cutter  21:07  
Sure makes sense. 

Stacy  21:08  
So it’s pretty crazy. Because about three hours later, you know, they checked on me periodically about three hours later, the doctor comes in, and my leg totally didn’t hurt anymore. No pain meds. 

Cutter  21:17  

Stacy  21:18  
No, nothing. I’m like, how do I go from raging pain for the person that has high pain tolerance to like, let’s chop the leg off and be done right to Oh, wait, it’s bruised and looks like oh my god 

Cutter  21:32  
Gnarly sure.

Stacy  21:33  
Oh black from the knee to the thigh. 

Cutter  21:35  

Stacy  21:35  
Massive, you know, where the door slammed me massive, massive, you know, raised, all the things. And that is when I learned according to the nice ER doctor that hey, your body is not designed to bleed out unless you hit something major like you know, an artery. 

Cutter  21:51  

Stacy  21:52  

Cutter  21:52  
Thanks Doctor.

Stacy  21:53  
The impact to my leg., it may have hemorrhaged everything, every small vein up there, and they may all have been actively bleeding, which is what was causing the severe burning pain.

Cutter  22:03  
 Yeah, no that tracks.

Stacy  22:04  
While, it was hemorrhaging. 

Cutter  22:06  

Stacy  22:07  
But it will self heal, and that’s why the pain stopped. 

Cutter  22:10  
So good. 

Stacy  22:11  
Yeah. Yeah, the pain from the active bleeding now. The last two weeks, I’ve dealt with the pain of nasty bruising. 

Cutter  22:16  
Oh, yeah, of course. 

Stacy  22:17  
Yes. So that is my story. That my stallion friend. Not happy with me in the dark and my iPhone flashlight slammed me into the barn door.

Cutter  22:28  
Amazing. Thank you so much. 

Stacy  22:30  
You will never believe me but we talked just a few minutes ago about how I have an inner farm girl who harkens back to her youth. So here’s another story for you to work through. 

Cutter  22:40  
Okay, sure.

Stacy  22:40  
You ready?

Cutter  22:41  

Stacy  22:41  
Okay. So some of these I think I said early on dovetail at one point together. You know, the two stories. One point will dovetail together to a similar end.

Cutter  22:49  
Right. Sure. 

Stacy  22:50  
So inner farm girl, got this friend. Yeah, she’s got a horse farm.

Cutter  22:56  

Stacy  22:56  
Lots of horses, you know, not just one or two. 

Cutter  22:59  
Same friend, same horses?

Stacy  23:00  
Same friend, lots of horses. 

Cutter  23:01  

Stacy  23:02  
So you know, she’s got some stuff going on where she needs some help out at her farm. You know, I’m always there to raise my hand and say sure thing I’ll come out.

Cutter  23:09  

Stacy  23:10  

Cutter  23:10  
Inner farm girl. 

Stacy  23:11  
Well, you know, if you live in the city, sometimes you gotta do something a little different. 

Cutter  23:15  
Oh of course. I mean, you did grow up in Texas is kind of,

Stacy  23:17  
it’s par for the course. 

Cutter  23:18  
Yeah sure. 

Stacy  23:19  
But any who.

Cutter  23:19  

Stacy  23:20  
Here I go. I truck out there to help her out. So she’s got a very large farm. Lots of horses, lots of acreage. It’s way too much to try to walk on your own if your responsibility is to feed and water all of these critters

Cutter  23:33  
Yeah, yeah. 

Stacy  23:34  
Which Is what my role was during this week. So she utilizes not a horse to get around on the place but a John Deere Gator. 

Cutter  23:43  
Oh, okay. 

Stacy  23:44  
Are you familiar with John Deere Gators? 

Cutter  23:45  
I am not but I’m familiar with the idea of an ATV.

Stacy  23:49  
Alright. So very similar to an ATV. This one looks a little bit like probably like a small pickup truck.

Cutter  23:55  

Stacy  23:55  
So think like you’re watching a football game. Unfortunately there’s been an injury 

Cutter  24:02  
Sure Sure. 

Stacy  24:02  
Somebody gets placed on the board. They cart them out. That’s very similar,

Cutter  24:08  

Stacy  24:08  
To what a john deere Gator is. 

Cutter  24:10  
Sure. And that’s, and that’s her vehicle of choice

Stacy  24:13  
That is her, because she’s moving stuff like hay, 

Cutter  24:16  

Stacy  24:16  
To throw out to the various horses and various pastures

Cutter  24:19  
Makes sense.

Stacy  24:20  
So you drive the Gator. So Gator 101, when you’re driving when you have arrived at your destination, you want to go ahead and pull that parking brake, it’s okay to put it in gear you want to turn it off. So essentially, you’ve got your parking brake on, you’ve turned it off. 

Cutter  24:35  
Shouldn’t go anywhere. 

Stacy  24:36  
It should be sitting right there and you’re good to go. So I am up on a Saturday morning it’s probably 11:30 in the morning. I’m halfway through feeding this large quantity of horses. 

Cutter  24:49  

Stacy  24:49  
In various pastures and making sure they all have water. 

Cutter  24:52  

Stacy  24:53  
I have opened a gate. I am trucking through in the John Deere Gator. I have closed the gate 

Cutter  24:58  

Stacy  24:58  
I have visited my little Free friends giving them treats, goodies, hay. Made sure they have water. I’m trucking back through that gate. I’ve got my Gator parked. I’ve got my parking brake engaged. I’ve done it turned it off. I’ve done all the things. Lock in that gate. Yep, turn around. Holy mother of, there is a John Deere Gator about an inch from me. And it’s about to squish me into a fence. 

Cutter  25:20  
That’s bad. 

Stacy  25:21  
It was not good, cuz, well, I don’t know how much they weigh.

Cutter  25:26  
It’s not very little.

Stacy  25:28  
It’s not very little. And you know, we’ve already talked about the fact that I look a little prissy and people think I wouldn’t be doing this anyway. So it’s not like I’ve got the brute strength to stop this sucker if I tried right?

Cutter  25:38  
Sure, sure.

Stacy  25:39  
Yes, and so I turn around. And because it’s off, it’s silent, I can’t hear it. It just,

Cutter  25:44  
very sneaky, 

Stacy  25:45  
Very slowly rolled back loaded with hay 

Cutter  25:47  
Of course, oh even heavier.

Stacy  25:49  
Yeah, yeah and by the time I look up, it’s gonna squish me. So my first reaction is I need to make sure I can get out of this. So I stick my arm in front of my stomach. The back of the tailgate hits, I hear a pop and a snap. 

Cutter  26:04  
Oh my gosh.

Stacy  26:06  
We have broken our arm. 

Cutter  26:07  

Stacy  26:08  
But I’ve created enough enough room to be able to drag my leg and pull it out. 

Cutter  26:12  
Oh, ow ow ow. 

Stacy  26:14  
Between the Gator in the fence.

Cutter  26:16  
Amazing. And so the Gator then I assume rolled the last six inches into the fence or whatever.

Stacy  26:20  
It wasn’t even 6 inches at that point. I mean, it’s just you know, the width of my leg squished. 

Cutter  26:24  
Sure sure, squished. Of course, this is not this is not tennis ball leg. 

Stacy  26:28  
Yeah, this is like squish, squished skinny leg. So we’re like three or four inches and then it settles up against the fence. 

Cutter  26:34  
Geez. Okay, Wow. 

Stacy  26:36  
You know, I’m out in the boonies. We’ve had this discussion so it’s good cuz I did not say nice words.

Cutter  26:43  
Oh, yeah. No, I don’t blame you at all.

Stacy  26:45  
No, I think I taught the horses a whole level of vocabulary. So now I’m confronted with the decision that I kind of described a little bit earlier I have a friend who can’t go anywhere because she’s needing help which is why I’m there 

Cutter  26:59  
Which is why you’re there in the first place. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Stacy  27:01  
I’ve got my wrist that does not look right. Things are not where they belong. very obvious that it’s broken. And I got that raspberry I was talking about earlier. 

Cutter  27:10  
Yeah, yeah.

Stacy  27:10  
It’s hurting me, it aint’ feelin real good but it’s not my primary problem 

Cutter  27:14  
Little Stinger, bigger fish 

Stacy  27:16  
little stinger, totally convinced my arms my problem.

Cutter  27:18  
Yeah, I’ve got a question. How far away are you from you know your your home base will your you know, your farm house, whatever your main part of the farm is?

Stacy  27:29  
So you have to drive, you have to, its far. You got to get back on the Gator. And drive.

Cutter  27:36  
Yes. The murder Gator. 

Stacy  27:38  
Yeah, the murder gator.

Cutter  27:38  
That has just tried to kill you. 

Stacy  27:39  
Yeah, kinda like the murder horse. 

Cutter  27:40  

Stacy  27:42  

Cutter  27:42  

Stacy  27:43  
Yeah. So you so, I got to get back on the Gator. 

Cutter  27:45  

Stacy  27:46  
And you know, I got to open and close a couple more fences along the way. 

Cutter  27:49  
Oh, good. That’s so I’m so glad. Uh huh. 

Stacy  27:53  
Yeah. And then I got to get in my truck and go find me an urgent care. You know, the googling and the hunting and 

Cutter  27:59  
Right of course.

Stacy  28:00  
And then drive what turns out to be about 12 miles to the urgent care 

Cutter  28:03  

Stacy  28:03  
Because all of this because it seems that I did not properly engage the parking brake.

Cutter  28:07  
Interesting. I was gonna ask if you had any idea what the issue was.

Stacy  28:11  
All I can assume is that I did not get the brake pulled like I thought I did.

Cutter  28:14  
Interesting. Were you on like a big hill or was it just like I mean, it was enough of a hill for it to roll back atcha.

Stacy  28:20  
I mean there was a hill but I mean, if you go back and look, it looks looks level but clearly there’s some kind of incline there

Cutter  28:26  

Stacy  28:26  
That has caused said Gator to 

Cutter  28:28  
Maybe it was just like the weight distribution. You know.

Stacy  28:30  

Cutter  28:31  

Stacy  28:32  

Cutter  28:32  
And you just got flattened between a Gator and a Fence.

Stacy  28:32  
The tailgate of a Gator and a fence, and you know that moment of Oh, shit. Oh, what am I gonna do now? Yeah.

Cutter  28:44  
Oh, yeah, totally. Totally. I can imagine that very, like slow mo like action movie moment of you like whip around and see it like, barreling down atcha 

Stacy  28:55  

Cutter  28:55  
I mean, barreling, you know, 

Stacy  28:57  

Cutter  28:57  
rolling down a hill, but it’s heavy enough.

Stacy  28:59  

Cutter  28:59  

Stacy  29:00  
Although having an irate stallion kicking his guts out and being very unhappy with you in his stall. Also not ideal.

Cutter  29:06  
No, no, neither of those things are I would conjecture good. Because we’re talking about a pretty significant injury. So you Yeah, you drove the murder Gator? 

Stacy  29:16  
Yeah, drove on murder Gator back to my truck, got into my truck, drove the 12 miles by myself to the urgent care and then this is where we’re kind of picking up the story that we talked about earlier.

Cutter  29:26  
this is where the stories meet back so you.

Stacy  29:27  
This is where the stories meet back.

Cutter  29:29  
interesting so the fundamental right, so and I enjoy the fact that the origin is the the big difference because I think that’s the fun 

Stacy  29:36  
Yes, this may make that my little incident here a little different from your other stories because they culminate in the same end

Cutter  29:42  
Yeah, you’re telling two different stories about the same thing and one of them is true and one of those not but they’re both about the same event, which I think is is fascinating. I really like that. I think that’s very good. 

Stacy  29:54  
And they both resulted in a broken wrist which I am very thankful to say I have evaded surgery on.

Cutter  30:02  

Stacy  30:02  
We have another appointment on Thursday, but we think it’s gonna line up nicely on its own and I will be okay. 

Cutter  30:07  
Sure, sure. 

Stacy  30:08  
And I have had, you know, said nasty hematoma which made my leg turn black and now it’s slowly turning shades of green and yellow. 

Cutter  30:17  
Oh, of course, why not. 

Stacy  30:18  
Although It’s really gross though cutter. It’s nasty because we’re where the hematoma was like, really tall and big. 

Cutter  30:23  

Stacy  30:24  
It’s starting to flatten out and now it’s starting to expand and take up like,

Cutter  30:27  
So now it’s less, it’s like wider, but

Stacy  30:30  
Not as tall

Cutter  30:30  
Shorter. Yeah, okay, interesting. 

Stacy  30:31  
Because all that hemorrhage blood has to go somewhere so it absorbs back into your system. 

Cutter  30:37  
Oh, yeah. That tracks, Yeah, why not? Amazing. So you got crushed by a john deere Gator, stuck between a fence gate and a little ATV truck.

Stacy  30:48  
That’s the story. 

Cutter  30:49  
Amazing. Thank you so much. Well, those are two fascinating stories about the same injury. It’s such an interesting way to go about this show. And it’s the first time we’ve seen it. I’m very excited. Because when I first saw it on you, it would have been like two ish weeks ago. I was aghast because it was terrible. It looks very good today. I mean, honestly, it looked from from then to now it’s it’s gone down a lot, which is very nice. But it is it is gnarly. It’s a very, I’m very excited to know the origin of it, because it has been kept a secret from me for so long. 

Stacy  31:28  
It has not failed to gross you out though.

Cutter  31:29  
Oh, no, it’s very gross. But I think that’s, you know, kind of in the nature of the thing. 

Stacy  31:35  
So what are you thinking?

Cutter  31:36  
Well, that’s my problem is I find the, I find the the stallion story. I feel like that’s true. And I think I would argue that it’s more likely to be true. Because I think I know you. You’re very, you’re very good at everything that you do. 

Stacy  32:02  
Clearly not.

Cutter  32:01  
Well, except for this one time. I feel like, like in the first story, nothing you did was wrong. You didn’t, there was no, there was no fault of your own versus in that second story. You put a parking brake on wrong. And I find honestly, I find it hard to believe that you would, that I mean, obviously you thought you did the right thing and you know, whatever happened happened, right? I’m compelled by the fact that you did nothing wrong on the first one and that I really just honestly, I like that a bad horse squished you. I think that’s way funnier than like, I mean, yes, it’s a gator and you can say that. 

Stacy  32:37  

Cutter  32:38  
Um, but like, I mean, it’s it’s a bit it’s a tiny truck versus a large horse. So I think I’m going to, I’m going to go for the first one I am gonna say that you did get squished in a door by an angry stallion. 

Stacy  32:51  
So you’re going murder Stallion. 

Cutter  32:53  
I am going murder Stallion over murder Gator. I’m gonna say that first story is true.

Stacy  32:56  
Okay, so am I supposed to let you know?

Cutter  33:00  
Yes, please. 

Stacy  33:01  
Are you ready? 

Cutter  33:01  

Stacy  33:02  
Murder Gator. 

Cutter  33:03  

Stacy  33:04  
It’s a murder Gator. 

Cutter  33:05  
Amazing. So 

Stacy  33:07  
Totally got squished 

Cutter  33:08  

Stacy  33:09  
By a john deere Gator.

Cutter  33:11  
That’s so awesome.

Stacy  33:12  
And then a fence. 

Cutter  33:13  

Stacy  33:14  
Now you’re not too far off because the whole stallion story is true. 

Cutter  33:18  

Stacy  33:19  
 I just didn’t get squished in the thing. 

Cutter  33:20  
Oh, interesting.

Stacy  33:22  
I mean he would, The horse was freaking out. 

Cutter  33:24  
Right right. 

Stacy  33:24  
But he let me put the water in and then he you know 

Cutter  33:27  
Oh, wow. 

Stacy  33:28  
So I was able to do all the things and no thing that happened he didn’t slam a door but 

Cutter  33:32  
And this was like the same week you were there?

Stacy  33:34  
It was the night before.

Cutter  33:35  
Oh my goodness.

Stacy  33:36  
10 o’clock the night before and then you gotta feed them. Feed and water them twice a day.

Cutter  33:41  
Yeah, yeah, totally.

Stacy  33:42  
And then the next round was you know, Horsey breakfast.

Cutter  33:45  
Oh, good. Gosh. Wow. That’s so good. Well, I don’t feel as bad considering most of that happened then the like the lights didn’t turn on and 

Stacy  33:54  
It’s true. All of that. The lights did not turn on. I was trying to use my apple my iPhone. 

Cutter  34:00  
Hey, you lived 

Stacy  34:01  
I did 

Cutter  34:02  
didn’t get squished in the door 

Stacy  34:03  
but the murder, the murder horse was there.

Cutter  34:05  
Was there that fear of getting squished in the door?

Stacy  34:07  
Yeah, cuz he was mad. 

Cutter  34:08  
Sure. Sure. 

Stacy  34:08  
He was definitely mad, it was dark and he was scared. You know? He was 

Cutter  34:11  
Right, totally. 

Stacy  34:11  
It was dark and I had a flashlight. 

Cutter  34:13  

Stacy  34:14  
You know, horses. They get nervous. 

Cutter  34:15  
Yeah, they’re not

Stacy  34:16  
Around things they don’t understand. 

Cutter  34:17  
Yeah, they’re not big on flashlights. 

Stacy  34:18  

Cutter  34:18  
So how did you come up with this second, I mean, obviously, I think yeah, that most of that makes sense. Was it just like that logical next step of like, yeah, this like basically happened. I’ll just

Stacy  34:27  
yeah, I figured I could sell it. 

Cutter  34:29  
Uh, yeah, you totally did. 

Stacy  34:30  
Because it was pretty true. 

Cutter  34:31  

Stacy  34:32  
It was true except that for the fact that it didn’t squish me.

Cutter  34:33  
Right. Oh, that’s perfect. And so you truly just Gator her backed up into you in the fence. 

Stacy  34:37  
Straight up. I apparently did not pull the parking brake properly and 

Cutter  34:44  
Too much confidence in you, you know, 

Stacy  34:46  
It rolled back and squished me. 

Cutter  34:48  
Wow. Well.

Stacy  34:49  
After it broke my wrist.

Cutter  34:50  
After it broke your wrist. What can you do? At least you got your leg out and then you got to drive yourself to the urgent care

Stacy  34:57  
I did. But I think now that people know the story as I tell it and my friends and all hear it. That’s the part that people are like. What did you did? You did what? 

Yeah, that’s not 

You drove youself 12 miles to the urgent care. 

Cutter  35:10  
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean that. That’s like I know you pretty well, that’s not surprising to me. Like, honestly of everything that you said in most of those stories. That’s the thing I had the least trouble believing. I was like, Yeah, she would, she would totally just drive herself to the urgent care. 

Stacy  35:25  
I’m fairly 

Cutter  35:26  
Amazing. Yo, yeah, you’re very independent. 

Stacy  35:28  
So you know, this is this is what I would I do in my you know, 

Cutter  35:33  
In your free time. 

Stacy  35:34  
extra time.

Cutter  35:35  
Extra time.

Stacy  35:35  

Cutter  35:36  
Go get squished by Gators. And

Stacy  35:38  
yeah, they could be you know, all I have to tell somebody is you know what happened to you, a gator got me

Cutter  35:43  
Gator got me. That’s true. I like that. Gator got me. That’s funny. That’s really good. Amazing. Well, we’re gonna take a quick break, because you need to listen to my two stories and make your own guess. Don’t worry, you’ll do great. Hey, real quick. While Stacey is listening to my stories. If you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you’re listening, whether that’s on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you’ll never miss an episode. Also, just so that you all remember my two stories. Here’s a quick recap. In my first story, I had a friend get his hand crushed by the blinds in his dorm room on the night before one of my finals. And I had to take him to the hospital that night, then almost slept through my final the next day. In my second story, I got to talking to a potential friend in a pre college zoom event, only to find out that it was her mom pretending to be her. But it still worked out because her mom recommended to her daughter that we be friends. Alright, with all that out of the way. Let’s jump back into the action. Well, those are my two stories. Stacy, what do you think? 

Stacy  36:40  
Ah, cutter cutter cutter. I have known you since you were just a tiny child. 

Cutter  36:44  
That is true. That is true. 

Stacy  36:46  
How am I gonna figure this out? 

Cutter  36:48  
Well, everyone else has has made their guesses with plenty of differing reasons. So there’s there’s definitely covered and uncovered ground. But what are your thoughts on the stories? 

Stacy  36:59  
Well, I think they’re both very plausible, you know, given my own, you know, urgent care and injury. 

Cutter  37:06  
Right, right. 

Stacy  37:07  
I very much identify with I believe it was Justin in that story

Cutter  37:11  
Yeah justin.

Stacy  37:11  

Cutter  37:11  
yeah, yeah, you’re definitely nodding along and agreeing, kind of in general

Stacy  37:15  
I totally feel like a, you know, window blind could have crushed Justin’s hand, you know, a murder blind.

Cutter  37:22  
Sure. Sure.

Stacy  37:25  
Moving on with that theme.

Cutter  37:26  
of course. Of course.

Stacy  37:27  
Yeah. I mean, I totally believe that. Your second story about grace and her mom. 

Cutter  37:32  
Yeah. Yeah.

Stacy  37:33  
That also seems like something that would happen to you.

Cutter  37:38  
it all seems like something that would happen to me. So yeah, 

Stacy  37:41  
I don’t find that implausible, either. 

Cutter  37:44  

Stacy  37:44  

Cutter  37:44  
You’re, you’re a mother, 

Stacy  37:46  
I am

Cutter  37:47  
Would you do that? Would you, I mean, if if your son My best friend asked you to go on a zoom for him.

Stacy  37:53  
Mm hmm. I mean, if it was something super, super important. I don’t know. It’s hard to know. In that situation. I probably would have 

Cutter  38:00  

Stacy  38:01  
I will stick up for Grace’s mom, because I feel in that situation when you’re not sure it’s before school and all that scholarship stuff. 

Cutter  38:09  
Right. That’s not that’s not you know a knock at her at all.

Stacy  38:09  
I totally understand, but I can see I would have faked that. 

Cutter  38:14  
Sure. Sure. I and would have would you have told them if you had met somebody cool. Would you have been like, 

Stacy  38:19  
Oh, for sure. I also probably would have chewed his ass out for not getting his schedule straightened out on the front end. 

Cutter  38:24  
Sure. Sure. You know, I mean, but that’s that’s, you know, 

Stacy  38:27  

Cutter  38:27  
neither here nor there. 

Stacy  38:28  
But Oh, yeah. Yeah, I would totally be like yeah, you need to you need to talk to this kid when you get there. 

Cutter  38:33  
Both of these stories are very relatable for you for different reasons. 

Stacy  38:36  
They are one I personally identify with. And the other I’m like, Yeah, I guess I could see that. Okay, so I really don’t have any follow ups. I’m a go with a gut kind of girl. Mmm hmm. I’m just gonna pick one 

Cutter  38:49  
Yeah, totally good, take your time no worries.

Stacy  38:56  
The only thing that you know you’re throwing in there about the whole you almost slept through your final 

Cutter  38:59  
Yeah, yeah. Doesn’t seem like me does it?

Stacy  39:02  
 No but you would do anything to help a friend.

Cutter  39:05  
I would that is true. 

Stacy  39:07  
So I’m gonna go with that is your true story. 

Cutter  39:08  
You’re gonna say the first story is true about Justin? I have you’re more than welcome to use this information as you will I have, This is the sixth the seventh episode The sixth to feature a guest, You’re my sixth guest. The other five people that have come on have all guesses that story 2 is true.

Stacy  39:29  
Realize I did listen to the first podcast all the way through. So I did know that the first one went that way but everybody? I haven’t caught up to all the others. 

Cutter  39:37  
Yeah, no, no worries. 

Stacy  39:38  
So everybody is going with first story. 

Cutter  39:40  
No, everyone’s going with the second  story is true. 

Stacy  39:42  
I’m the only one going first story. 

Cutter  39:44  
You are

Stacy  39:44  
Okay. We’ll see if my gut check is right or wrong at the end of the season,

Cutter  39:48  
Yeah. Hey, you got to wait till the end of season. Will you stand alone in victory? Or will you be the one person because as I’ve had this discussion with other guests, it’s it would be truly the most Dramatic for everyone to have been right or everyone to have been wrong, right. But I think you’re doing all the collective guests a great service here by making sure, hey your not batting zero. and I know that’s not your reasoning, but at the very least you’re not batting zero.

Stacy  40:15  
Yeah. So and I have to say I identify with it. Yeah, it also makes me think back to my college days at Texas a&m many years ago, because, you know, back in the day, way too many years ago, I almost missed an exam.

Cutter  40:28  
Really? Oh, pray tell.

Stacy  40:30  
you could not back in whatever this was 1993 or four whatever year.

Cutter  40:37  

Stacy  40:38  
You know there was no online. I’m gonna brush my teeth and pop onto my take my take my final. No, I literally stayed up all night studying for a journalism exam. Because that was my minor. 

Cutter  40:50  

Stacy  40:51  
And it was a big one. And I overslept. I did not set my alarm. And I woke up and I lived a good 10 minute drive from campus and then you got to park and then you gotta run into the building

Cutter  41:03  
Oh my gosh, yeah, that’s horrifying. 

Stacy  41:04  
I Literally opened my eyeballs with five minutes to get to campus. 

Cutter  41:07  
That seems like too few. 

Stacy  41:09  
It was not cool. I go I did not you know me miss priss who always goes dressed and hair fixed. Literally in her jammies gets in her grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo flies her butt to campus. 

Cutter  41:20  
Oh, yeah, totally. 

Stacy  41:22  
Blows the door open and just looks at the professor like, oh, dear God, please let me take this test. There’s like, there was a small class because it was an upper level class. 

Cutter  41:31  

Stacy  41:31  
Yeah. 20 of us. 

Cutter  41:33  

Stacy  41:33  
Let me take the exam. I got my old school blue book out which I’ll see a little blue notebook, blue cover called the Blue Book. The writing exam. Had to like put pen to Paper. 

Cutter  41:46  
Yeah, well, I have to do that. Thank you very much. That’s crazy. Wow. 

Stacy  41:50  
I did make the exam I did get an A in the class. They did. Let me take it but 

Cutter  41:54  
amazing. Hey, that’s all that counts. 

Stacy  41:56  
I think all that together has led me to go with poor Justin and his hand and your almost missed exam.

Cutter  42:01  
Yeah. Hey, biases is wonderful thing? Is that the only reason? Anything else anything? That’s fair. Hey, no. 

Stacy  42:08  
It just seems like one of those crisis things that would happen. 

Cutter  42:10  
Yeah, it really does. Well, wonderful. Thank you. Yes. I’m so glad that you’re taking a stand here for us. And for all the guests. 

Stacy  42:17  

Cutter  42:18  
Amazing. Well, thank you so much. Well, thank you so much for joining me. I think today, we learned that there are no murders Stallions in your midst. But you can always say that Gator gotcha worst comes to worse. Well, thank you very much, Stacy for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you? 

Stacy  42:35  
Well, you know, I don’t really have much of a presence outside of my work and home life. So my, my recommendation would be folks, tune into your show and continue to listen to these awesome episodes.

Cutter  42:46  
Ah, well, thank you so much. Hey, mom at heart. 

Stacy  42:48  

Cutter  42:50  
Not even my mom. So sweet. Thank you so much. Well, that’s amazing. Thank you for joining me. 

Stacy  42:56  
Thanks for having me. 

Cutter  42:57  
That will do it for this episode. Our Intro Music is pop nugget offer compositions 2 used under the Creative Commons license found on Free Music Archive our outro music is vintage news off of reduction music used under the Creative Commons license also found on Free Music Archive. I’ve been cutter. This has been You’ll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.