Forgotten Techno Sets Of The 90s

Back in May, I discovered something wonderful. A forgotten Sony webpage dedicated to educating the Japanese public on techno. On the site, you can access DJ sets, electronic concert venues, old interviews and more.

The night I found this webpage, I spent HOURS exploring, translating and listening. The content on it is truly endless. Below, I’ve compiled an hour’s worth of my favorite tracks I discovered on this internet adventure.

  1. Shangri-la” by Denki Groove – A (1997)
  2. Supernature” by Cerrone – Cerrone I, II, III (1977)
  3. Extra” by Ken Ishii – Jelly Tones (1995)
  4. Pulstar” by Hypnosis – Hipnosis (1984)
  5. Money” by The Flying Lizards – The Flying Lizards (1979)
  6. Cocoa Mousse” by Ken Ishii – Jelly Tones (1995)
  7. Push Eject” by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES – Outloud (1997)
  8. Hope We Never Surface” by Two Lone Swordsmen – Stay Down (1998)
  9. I m Not In Disco” by Popacid – I M Not In Love (1998)
  10. Polynasia” by Takkyu Ishino – BERLIN TRAX (1998)
  11. Bonny” by Popacid – Compact Disco Volume Four – Ladomat 2000 (1999)

Listen to my full Spotify playlist HERE.