Gym Dude and Ferris Wheels

In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… WKNC content creator and DJ Caitlin joins Cutter to talk about her experiences serving a football player and riding a Ferris wheel with an actor.

You’ll Never Believe Me But… is a lighthearted storytelling podcast about what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s funny. Guests come on and tell two stories, one real one fake, and laugh and joke about it with host Cutter as they enjoy storytelling while he tries to figure out which story is the real one. 


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Cutter 0:00
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter, though you may know me as three beers in a coat on air on HD one, and welcome to this episode of, You’ll never believe me, But.

You’ll never believe me, but is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on, they tell me two stories, one real and one fake. And I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I’m going to run down the three rules we have here. Before we get into today’s episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We’re not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories. But unless they agreed to have these stories told, just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one. All stories should start with: You’ll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting the story, just so that we all know what we’re getting into, and as a nice little nod to the show’s title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into today’s episode. Today’s guest is Caitlin WKNC, DJ content creator and all around awesome person that I have wanted to have on my show for a while. Caitlin, how are you doing?

Caitlin 1:27
I’m good. How are you?

Cutter 1:29
I’m doing wonderful. I’m so glad to get you in the studio because you were here a lot. But I don’t see you around. I think our hours just don’t line up.

Caitlin 1:36
Yeah, I just I kind of float around. I’m, I’m so awkward. I’m very active in the discord. But when I come in here, like I kind of just do my thing. And then I leave like I rarely ever say hi to anybody unless like they say hi to me because I don’t, I feel like I’m intruding. Like sometimes I’ll say hi to Jamie. Sure. Lovely advisor, but I kind of just float in, float out.

Cutter 1:57

Caitlin 1:57
You know how it is

Cutter 1:57
Absolutely no, I do the same thing. I come in and I come in, you’re now in my little cave that I basically every time I show up, I say hi to Jamie normally cuz she’s right out there on the way in. We’ll chat for a few minutes. And then I will close the door and sit here and edit or record or do whatever in my little cave. And it’s so nice. Well, I’m honored to have you on you are a phenomenal storyteller in writing. Because you write a lot of the blog posts that we have at WKNC

Caitlin 2:25
Thank you. Yeah, I am a content creator here for the blog. Um, I don’t know, it’s always just come naturally to me. I love telling stories. But when I tell them out loud, I’m like, notorious for like going back and be like, wait, but I forgot. I have to tell like this whole backstory. So I have practice telling my story today so that I have it in somewhat of a linear order. I was like doing it to my roommate, like over and over again last night while she was cleaning her room, and she was like, I’ve heard these stories a million times and I was like sorry. But yeah, writing is my preferred medium but..

Cutter 2:57

Caitlin 2:58
You know, it’s always fun to try something new.

Cutter 3:01
I’m glad that you’ll try something new. I’ve been reading a lot of your blog posts in preparation just to get a glimpse. And it’s I don’t know, I’m just very excited to have you on because if it’s anything like your writing, I am super stoked. To have you tell me these stories.

Caitlin 3:15
Thank you. I appreciate it.

Cutter 3:16
Yeah, no pressure, but

Caitlin 3:18
no pressure. But if your stories aren’t good, your fired

Cutter 3:20
but if you’re, yeah, I can’t fire you are way above me on that chain. I’m pretty sure you could fire me if you really wanted to.

Caitlin 3:28
I don’t think so. Maybe.

Cutter 3:30
we won’t explore that. Well, unless you have any questions for me. I’d say let’s just jump into your stories.

Caitlin 3:37

Cutter 3:38
All right. Caitlin. Take it away.

Caitlin 3:41
You’ll never believe me. But one time I served Panthers player Luke Kuechly at a restaurant and I didn’t realize it was him.

Cutter 3:48
Oh my goodness. Okay. I’m gonna be honest with you I’m a big Panthers fan. I love football. I have grown up being a Panthers fan. And Luke Kuechly was my idol when I played football for like a few years in middle school or sorry, a year in middle school. So I am That’s amazing. By the way. Yeah, please. How do we get there?

Caitlin 4:08
Yeah, so in high school, I worked at this like, restaurant obviously. I worked at this restaurant, it was like a quick service restaurant, kind of like a Panera type setup. Like you walk in, you go up to register, somebody takes your order. They give you like a number or a pager. You sit down and then we bring your food out to you

Cutter 4:28
Amazing sure.

Caitlin 4:29
So it’s not like a waiter or waitress type situation,

Cutter 4:31

Caitlin 4:32
And in this particular shift, I’m, I’m working at the end register Oh, and I should say, um, I work in a shopping center that was right across from another shopping center that had a bouji gym. Okay, and people would come in in work out clothes and athleisure all the time.

Cutter 4:50
Sure, sure. Yeah.

Caitlin 4:51
So, you know, something I was used to and not something I was super ever fazed by

Cutter 4:56
right and where’d you go to high school?

Caitlin 4:58
Um, I am from Charlotte so I went to high school at Ardey Kell.

Cutter 5:02
Oh, hey, I know I have family who went Ardey Kell so awesome.

Caitlin 5:06
Wow. Okay, we can talk about that later.

Cutter 5:07
Yeah absolutely.

Caitlin 5:10
So I yeah, so I was used to the gym people coming in at that end register so like, it would be odd for like somebody else working like on the line to like come up to me to talk to me because we’re kind of busy it was like dinner time and I was kinda like off like a little bit to the side like just by myself right so I’m taking people’s orders and stuff. This gym bro

Cutter 5:35
Sure yeah,

Caitlin 5:36
Very buff

Cutter 5:36

Caitlin 5:37
comes up. I don’t think anything of it. I take his order. You know, he gives me his credit card. I swipe it, I give it back, whatever, like normal interaction

Cutter 5:46
Yeah totally.

Caitlin 5:46
And whatever. I’m just I take a few more orders. 5-10 minutes later, my coworker comes up to me. And there’s like, Caitlin, I guess what I’m gonna say? Like, what? Like, why are you over here? Like, I have people waiting, like, I need to take orders. And they’re like, Caitlin like, you took Luke Kuechly order, like, Do you know who Luke Kuechly is? And I’m like, Yeah, I know who Luke Kuechly is. I don’t live under a rock. I did a little bit because I’m from Charlotte. And I didn’t really know what he looked like. Like, which. I’m bad with faces. Um, and, like, I mean, I know who Luke Kuechly is like, I grew up in Charlotte, but like,

Cutter 6:21
you’re working like you’ve got other things on your mind. I would imagine. That’s not you. Don’t look at everyone. You go. Hmm. Are you someone famous? Yeah. Like he wasn’t like, it’s not like he’s in his like, Kuechly’s jersey like maybe then I would have been like that’s luke Kuechly. But it was like, I don’t know.

He’s just in like clothes. Yeah.

Caitlin 6:36
It was like a regular guy. So I was like, Oh my gosh, like, Who was it? Like, and they’re like it like, is this the ticket? And I was like, Oh, yeah, like that guy. Like, did order like fried rice. And they like point over to him and I’m like, Oh, yeah. And he was just like, eating with I don’t know, a friend, maybe a family member? I don’t remember that. Well, yeah. But my favorite part of this is that like, I got to like text my family and be like, I took Luke Kuechly, like I sneakily like, snuck my phone out the register. Yeah, guys, guess what, like, I took Luke Kuechly’s order. And they’re like, oh, like, Did you like say hi? No. I didn’t recognize him, so i made the normal small talk, but not anything. Panthers related. And he was still playing at this point. Like he hadn’t yet retired.

Cutter 7:18
Oh, this is was like, yeah, this

Caitlin 7:20
This was like a few years ago.

Cutter 7:22

Caitlin 7:23
And um, there’s also a kid in my history class. Big Panthers fan.

Cutter 7:27
Sure, sure.

Caitlin 7:28
Me and him had a little bit of class beef.

Cutter 7:31
Oh, yeah totally.

Caitlin 7:32
And I come in the next day. Like, we’re like, frenemies, kind of And then

Cutter 7:36
I’ve got friends like that.

Caitlin 7:37
So I come in and I’m like Hey, buddy, guess what? He’s like, what, Caitlin? And I’m like, I took Luke Kuechly’s order last night at insert restaurant.

Cutter 7:47

Caitlin 7:47
And he was like, No way like, No, you didn’t oh my gosh, like, like, he like starts freaking out. And I was like, you want to know something else? He’s like, what I was like, I didn’t recognize him. And he was like so mad. And I was like hm like, I felt like better than him for a second I was like, I met your fave. And I didn’t even realize it was him. But I was like, my family like makes fun of me. That’s one of the stories that like comes up at like, like family like dinners

Cutter 8:17
Sure, sure.

Caitlin 8:18
Yeah. Anyways, that’s that’s my first story. I took Luke Kuechly’s order. I didn’t realize it was him

Cutter 8:24
didn’t even realize it. That’s amazing. I mean, I get that though. Like, I don’t know, you’re if you’re at work, there’s a whole different mindset that you’re in. I totally get that.

Caitlin 8:32

Cutter 8:33
Was that if that was was that like near the end of your shift?

Caitlin 8:37
I wish I like even remember it was I remember it being busy. Which could be because I would work from like, four or five to like close, which was like, nine or ten

Cutter 8:49
Oh, sure. Yeah.

Caitlin 8:50
And, um, after like, 5:30 we were pretty much like busy for the rest of the night. Yeah. And I remember it being busy. Because I remember being like, Why are you coming up to talk to me? Like we have things to be doing? when like the worker came up to me. But I don’t remember what time I.

Cutter 9:07
That’s That’s all right.

Caitlin 9:08

Cutter 9:09
No, I don’t blame you at all. I think that’s hilarious. I’ve got a I’ve got a I won’t dive into it. Now. I’ll tell you later. Okay. But I do have a similar story with a Panthers player and family of mine who lived in Charlotte. And yeah, to give the brief synopsis my uncle ran into a Panthers player who lied to him and told him it was his parents anniversary, and got him to call my grandparents and wish them happy anniversary. And it was just like, you know, some random day for them. But amazing. Yeah, yeah.

Caitlin 9:38

Cutter 9:39
Absolutely so Yeah. Hey, Charlotte is the is the home of the Carolina Panthers makes sense that you’d bump into eventually. That’s amazing. I’m not gonna lie. I’m very jealous of you.

Caitlin 9:48
Well, if you met him, you would have recognized him.

Cutter 9:51
I’d like to think so.

Caitlin 9:53
99% sure

Cutter 9:53
But I mean, I don’t know if he if he showed up at my work. I think I would be I think I think I would be a little bit glossed over it to realize Yeah, especially like because I added you know, I don’t work in service I yeah, I work like at a summer camp, but even still, I look at the parents and I’m like, I get one glance, and I’m like, Alright, I know basically who you are. And I don’t need to know anything else.

Yeah, yeah. So I don’t blame you at all. Well, that’s hilarious. Very sad. Did you like go up to him after was that a you were just like, oh, he’s just over there. Now. It’s

Caitlin 10:21
I was like like, I didn’t like, like, I cared Like, it was cool. But like, I didn’t like, want to, like, take a picture with him or anything. And like, we’re busy and I would have like, been yelled at and like,

Cutter 10:31
Oh, sure.

Caitlin 10:32
It’s like a common thing around Charlotte to just like, see Panthers, players places. Not that I’m ever aware. But like sometimes, like, my family be at her theater, and my sister would nudge me and be like, I mean, not often, but she’s like, that’s, he was on the Panthers. And I’m like,I don’t know who that like, I know the names of like, 3 Panthers players. Luke Kuechly just happened to be one of them because he’s good.

Cutter 10:52
Yeah, totally. Yeah. Amazing. Well, that is hilarious. And very sad. I do see that coming up a lot. I don’t know if your family is much like mine, but they just constantly bring up any embarrassing story. They can.

Caitlin 11:03
Yeah, yup.

Cutter 11:04

Caitlin 11:05
Yeah, we’re all constantly trying to throw each other under the bus.

Cutter 11:09
very relatable. Yeah, amazing. Well, thank you so much.

Caitlin 11:13
You’ll never believe me. But I rode the Ferris wheel with glee actor Darren Criss.

Cutter 11:20
So it’s all celebrities.

Caitlin 11:22
Yes, this is a celebrity themed episode.

Cutter 11:24
This is a celebrity themed episode. Hey, I like the themed episodes. I think they’re fun. So you rode a ferris wheel with glee actor. Amazing. Okay. Yeah, please. How do we get there? Yeah.

Caitlin 11:34
So, okay, I’m going to be using fake names in the story. So if I like trip up over myself, it’s because I’m trying not to say a name

Cutter 11:40
Totally understood.

Caitlin 11:42
So my freshman year of high school I had, like, I made like a new friend group, you know, as you do you go into high school. Yeah, their names are Ana, Michelle and Rachel. And at the end of freshman year, our good friend Rachel told us that she was moving down to Atlanta, Georgia.

Cutter 11:59
Oh, wow. Okay.

Caitlin 12:00
Very sad for me. Sure. But yeah, she had to move because like her dad’s job, and I was like, Oh, no. But like that led to periodically throughout high school. She would either come up to Charlotte or we would go down to Atlanta to like see each other?

Cutter 12:13
Yeah, amazing.

Caitlin 12:15
So, Sorry

Cutter 12:18
you’re fine.

Caitlin 12:19
I am trying not to like, I keep thinking of their names. Okay.

Cutter 12:22
No you’re totally fine.

Caitlin 12:27
So, we, one time the summer after my sophomore year, we’re visiting her down in Atlanta and because Ana’s brother had like a hockey tournament down there, it’s not important,

Cutter 12:43
Right, sure.

Caitlin 12:44
Um, that meant that like her dad could like, drive us down there.

Cutter 12:49
Yeah, super convenient. Totally.

Caitlin 12:50
And there was also like a concert we wanted to see during this time

Cutter 12:54

Caitlin 12:55
So we’re like, oh, this works. So we’re gonna go to this concert. It was a band called Laney they were playing that summer.

Cutter 13:00

Caitlin 13:00
And, um, so we are staying for a few days before the concert A few days after the concert and then once her brother’s hockey tournament is over we’re gonna head back to Charlotte.

Cutter 13:12
Makes sense. Sure.

Caitlin 13:13
And so we’re doing like, touristy Atlanta thing. And there’s a Farris Wheel in Atlanta that is popular for tourists to go because like, you get like a good view, or whatever.

Cutter 13:24
Makes sense. Yeah.

Caitlin 13:26
And so we like drive up, or her dad takes us to the Ferris Wheel because we’re like, we still sophmores so still don’t have a license. And so we’re waiting in line for this Ferris wheel. And then my friend, Michelle, she gets like, she’s getting nervous about it, because she doesn’t like enclosed spaces. And

Cutter 13:46
Ahh gotcha.

Caitlin 13:46
And this ferris wheel has like the enclosed

Cutter 13:48
Oh, it’s like, like a cave, like a little bubble or whatever,

Caitlin 13:51
It has like the enclosed cars, and she also doesn’t really like heights. She’s like, She’s like, guys I don’t know if I want to do this. And Rachel had been living in Atlanta,

Cutter 14:03

Caitlin 14:04
So she’s like, okay, I’ll sit it out with you, Michelle, Ana and Caitlin. Like, you can still go on and we’re like, Are you sure? And they’re like, it’s fine. Like, we can catch up anyways.

Cutter 14:14

Caitlin 14:14
So they like kind of like step out of line and me and Ana are still waiting. And so how they like you can sit anywhere from minimum four to maximum six people in a car. And they were trying to pack it like a, kind of like, like you would on like a roller coaster. Like it doesn’t matter if like, you know, the people are not like we’re gonna try and get minimum four people in a car,

Cutter 14:38
Right, just so that way they can keep it going. Make sense.

Caitlin 14:40
Yeah. And so there’s there was like a party of two. So they’re looking for another party of two, me and Ana were like we’re a party of 2

Cutter 14:45

Caitlin 14:45
So we go and we get on the car and like I get my stuff situated. And Ana immediately start small talking, which is good because I’m shy. I don’t like small talk. It makes me nervous. I’m like kind of just like looking at my feet. Like, while she she like, I remember she like complimented his shoes. She was like, I like your shoes.

Cutter 15:04

Caitlin 15:05
Um, and it was like these two guys sitting across from us.

Cutter 15:07
Sure. Yeah.

Caitlin 15:09
And he’s like, thank you and then they start talking about like, fashion stuff. I guess I don’t really remember that well.

Cutter 15:15

Caitlin 15:15
Um, and then, so then the ride starts like, or not the ride the Ferris wheel starts like, going around like we’re looking but we still want to like have a conversation because we don’t want it to be awkward. And then I’m like looking at this guy. And I’m like,

Cutter 15:32
this, is this the guy that your friend complimented his shoes or the other guy? Okay. Sure

Caitlin 15:36
This is the shoes guy. I’m looking at shoes guy and this guy looks so familiar to me. And it takes about 15 seconds of me like staring at his face to be like, Oh my goodness. Like, I think this guy is Darren Criss. I just I had just watched Glee a few months earlier for the first time.

Cutter 15:51

Caitlin 15:52
Um, yeah, that was February of my sophomore year. I watched glee.

Cutter 15:56

Caitlin 15:56
I remember, cuz it’s a scarring experience. Glee’s an awful show. Anyways.

Cutter 16:04
I’m gonna unpack that a bit later. But continue, please.

Caitlin 16:07
It’s It’s great but it’s like terrible. Like you love to hate it and you hate love it anyways.

Cutter 16:12
Okay, sure. Yeah.

Caitlin 16:14
Um, yeah. So I’m like, looking at this guy. It’s like, Darren Criss. I’m like, trying to get Ana’s attention. Like, I’m trying to be like, do you think that but like, we’re like, right near each other?

Cutter 16:24
Sure. Are you sitting like face to face with them?

Caitlin 16:26
Yeah. So it’s us 2 on one side, and them two on the other side. Um, and I’m just thinking like, there’s like, no way for me to know like to get closure about this. If I don’t like come up with a scheme quick to ask if this is him, Yeah, totally. So I’m like, I realized we never even introduced ourselves. So I’m like, this is perfect

Cutter 16:44
Oh, my God. Yeah, absolutely.

Caitlin 16:45
I’m like, Oh, yeah, I’m like, Ana, or no, I’m like, this is my friend, Ana. I’m Caitlin. Like, what are your guys’s names?

Yeah, super casual

Low and be hold. He goes. I’m Darren. Um, and this is my buddy, Mike. Sure. I’m like, Hi, Darren. Like, Hi, Mike. I was like, Where are you guys from? This is my second leading question. Find out like, like, obviously, somebody named Darren, like, that’s not a super common name. And it already looks like Darren Criss. But I needed confirmation.

Cutter 17:15
You need one more, one more point.

Caitlin 17:16
So um, and when I watch a show, like I look up all the cast members. So I remember been from California. He’s from San Francisco, but he just he ends up saying, Oh, I’m from California. So is my buddy Mike, like, I’m in town visiting him. And I was like, oh, we’re in town visiting our friend that lives in Atlanta.

Cutter 17:34
That’s so crazy.

Caitlin 17:36
Yeah. So Mike was born in California and like, moved to Atlanta. So Darren was in town visiting him. And I was like, Okay, this is crazy. Like, forgive me if I’m wrong. But are you Darren Criss from the television show Glee?

Cutter 17:56
TV show, Glee.

Caitlin 17:58
And he’s like, yeah, like I am. He’s like, I was wondering if you guys were gonna recognize me, because like, you’re like, kind of the target demographic for the show. I was like, I was like, I thought it was you. And Ana was like, Yeah, I thought it was you. But like, I wasn’t sure. And I didn’t want to, like make you uncomfortable or awkward. Because we’re trapped in a ferris wheel car together.

Cutter 18:15
Right, right sure.

Caitlin 18:16
And I, we just like, talk and like, we like take, like a selfie or whatever. And then I remember I’m like, Oh my gosh, Michelle is such a huge fan.

Cutter 18:26
I was gonna ask. Yeah,

Caitlin 18:27
of Glee. I’m like, I cannot like have this experience and not like have Michelle like be a part of it.

Cutter 18:34
Absolutely. Totally fair. Yeah.

Caitlin 18:36
Hey, Darren. Now that we’re on our first name basis, I’m like, Yeah, I probably didn’t say hey, Darren, I was probably just like, hey, like, my friend. She’s like, waiting out like, right outside like the line. Would you mind like going to like meet her like, take a picture with her like with her like, she loves you like, a lot. She loves the show. Like she loves Glee, amaze. And yes, like, of course, like he was so kind. Yeah, so I have actually have like a video of this. Like, he like walks up to her and is like, like, hey, and she’s like, oh my god and like, will you take like pictures and stuff. And he ends up leaving and she’s like, how did you get Darren Criss Because it’s funny. The next summer me and Michelle actually went to a concert with Darren Criss and Leah Michelle, two stars of Glee who went on tour together. So she she really loves glee.

Cutter 19:30

Caitlin 19:30
It was her choice to go to the concert. I kind of tagged along because I had seen the show and I’m

Cutter 19:34
Right. And you’re like, well, I met Darren Criss. So I may as well go. That’s so good.

Caitlin 19:39
So um, it was a very exciting experience. Yeah, that was a time I rode the ferris wheel with Darren Criss from Glee.

Cutter 19:47
Amazing and you got him to come and take pictures with your big Glee fan friend.

Caitlin 19:52
Yes, yes. Rachel was also excited less so but she was like to meet a famous person but it was just weird because like, you’re Atlanta, Georgia, like you’re not in New York, you’re not in LA.

Cutter 20:02

Caitlin 20:03
Your not expecting. like with my other story like you’re not expecting to like, see somebody Yeah. Like, I was like, wow. Like I was like I recognize somebody cuz again, I’m so bad with like celebrity faces. sure if it’s like who’s a celebrity like Jimmy Fallon was like in the grocery store standing in the grocery store line like in front of me, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t recognize him because he’s not sitting behind his little desk,

Cutter 20:32
right. To be fair Jimmy Fallon looks like, like 80% of people.

Caitlin 20:37
This is true.

Cutter 20:39
I feel like Jimmy Fallon is just like, he’s just like, if you remove everything that he does, he’s just a guy. No disrespect to that.

Caitlin 20:47
No I don’t yeah. Jimmy Fallon is just a guy. I think that’s what makes him appealing. I mean,

Cutter 20:52
yeah I get that.

Caitlin 20:54
I don’t really find him that great.

Cutter 20:55
Whatever. Doesn’t matter, anyway, doesn’t matter. No, that’s fair, though. Yeah.

Caitlin 20:59
I wasn’t expecting to see. And I was like, and then after Ana, it was like, I was trying to get your attention. I was like, you’re trying to get my attention, I was trying to get your attenting. So yeah,

Cutter 21:09
Oh, yeah.

Caitlin 21:09
That’s my story.

Cutter 21:11
I’d like to think that if I’m Darren Criss sitting there, right. And you’ve gotten your shoes compliment. That’s, that’s great. Whatever. Right? If somebody asks me, right, if I was a famous person, somebody asked me and introduces themselves. And I’m like, so what are your guys’s names? Like, in that way? I’d be like, Huh, I wonder where this is going?

Caitlin 21:31
Yeah. Yeah.

Cutter 21:32
I mean, where are you from? Really? I feel like there are more questions to ask than where are you from.

Caitlin 21:38
I am like so bad, like at small talk. Like I think you’re over estimating, like,

Cutter 21:42
Sure. Sure.

Caitlin 21:43
I could ask like, what brings you to the area?

Cutter 21:45
Like, totally.

Caitlin 21:46
where are you from? Tell me the two facts about you that I remember from your Wikipedia.

Cutter 21:52
I have never asked a random person where they’re from. I think I think I’ve only asked people that I like I’m already friends with where they’re from.

Caitlin 22:01
Yeah, I don’t. I don’t. It was me thinking I was gonna be like a like little detective. was it slick. Probably not. I think he saw it coming.

Cutter 22:15
Yeah, I feel like once you I mean, there. I would assume there aren’t a lot of Darren’s from California that look like Darren Criss of Glee. That’s so fun.

Caitlin 22:24
Apologies, If you’re Darren, listening to this,

Cutter 22:26
Sorry any Darren’s from California that looked like Darren Chris, who aren’t Darren Criss, you’re valid too. Amazing. That’s so good. So a lot of not recognizing celebrities. Well, that’s not true. About half and half.

Caitlin 22:38
Yeah, we got there eventually. In the second story,

Cutter 22:41
Hey that’s what counts as long as you get there eventually amazing. What a what a productive trip down to Atlanta.

Caitlin 22:46

Cutter 22:47
that’s awesome. Well, thank you so much, huh? Well, those were two amazing stories, Caitlin one about mistaking a celebrity entirely, and one about just managing to catch it at the last minute. That’s amazing. Hey, I struggle with faces sometimes, too.

Caitlin 23:02

Cutter 23:02
And honestly, I don’t blame me for either of them. Very impressed that you recognize Darren Criss, I think if I had watched a TV show over like, a few months ago, there’s no chance I recognize anyone from that show. If that’s the only place I know them from.

Caitlin 23:15
Yeah, yeah.

Cutter 23:17
That’s astonishing. I’m just impressed. That’s all. But now it is time for me to make my guess as to which of them is true. And the more I think about it, and I’m afraid to do this

Caitlin 23:28

Cutter 23:28

Caitlin 23:29

Cutter 23:29
because I really I like both stories. I think they’re both wonderful. Right? And I think I’m scared because the last time I guess, based off of my experiences in relation to this story, I was wrong.

Caitlin 23:44

Cutter 23:44
right. I’ve got that story where my uncle met a Panthers player, and he lives in Charlotte. I know, that’s like a super common thing that happens with people.

Caitlin 23:53

Cutter 23:54
And so I mean, not, you know, super common, but it happens. That’s what happens when you live in in Charlotte.

Caitlin 23:59

Cutter 24:00
And so that’s very believable to me, especially, you know, just that whole story. And I really want to say that ones as true, because, but, okay, and here’s my thing. Okay. Right. There was a lot of detail on that second story.

Caitlin 24:13

Cutter 24:14
You went into so much about what like, even why you were going to Atlanta?

Caitlin 24:20

Cutter 24:20
And you had all these reasons, and you knew how long you were staying.

Caitlin 24:23

Cutter 24:24
And you know, you had this whole setup with not going on the Ferris wheel. And my guess is that’s all probably true.

Caitlin 24:30

Cutter 24:31
Right. And I’m, I’m afraid to make this guess. Okay. Right. Because they’re both amazing stories. And I like honestly, I like both of them. I think either one is so funny as a way to bump into a celebrity.

Caitlin 24:44

Cutter 24:44
Right. I really like being trapped on a ferris wheel with a with an actor.

Caitlin 24:51

Cutter 24:52
of a show that you had just watched recently.

Caitlin 24:55

Cutter 24:56
I don’t know. I mean, they’re both very compelling. I find them both very believable. Well, I think you know what, man, this is so tough. I did not think that I was gonna

Caitlin 25:09
I am so nervous for what your gonna guess.

Cutter 25:12
Don’t be nervous. It’s just for fun. Yeah, I mean, I’m keeping score. But that’s just for me. That’s because I have to guess every episode. Man, this is so tough, because I think most of both stories are true. And I think they’re, you’ve either I think it’d be hilarious if you like substituted in like a different Panthers player. I think that would be the that’d be the funniest outcome.

Caitlin 25:33

Cutter 25:33
Far and away. I’m going to make I’m going to say that the Luke Kuechly story is not true.

Caitlin 25:41

Cutter 25:41
and I’ve waffled on this a lot. And basically, I’ve just been vamping for the past, like 30 seconds,

Caitlin 25:46
I can tell

Cutter 25:47
To try to try to like, come up with my reasoning. Okay. And the only reason I’m going to say this, right. And truly, this is all I’m working with, is when I said I was a huge Panthers fan, you had this momentary reaction that to me looked a little like panic.

Caitlin 26:04

Cutter 26:05
As if I was going to catch you in something.

Caitlin 26:07

Cutter 26:07
That may or may not be true. And that may not be you know, as as visible to every listener. But at least for me, there was that brief moment that is truly all I’m going to go off of. And so instead of vamping some more and trying to you know, think through it any longer. I’m going to commit to it. I’m gonna say the Luke Kuechly story is true. And you totally did meet Darren Criss in a ferris wheel in Atlanta.

Caitlin 26:30
I have some bad news for you.

Cutter 26:31
No, don’t do this to me. Caitlyn.

Caitlin 26:33
The Luke Kuechly story is true.

Cutter 26:36
Amazing. That’s awesome.

Caitlin 26:38
Okay, so I looked panicked was because I was like, um, like, I didn’t. I mean, I looked I did look panicked for a second. I was because I was like, I was like, he’s gonna like, be like, Oh, you’re like a fake charlatan But then he’s nice. So like,

Cutter 26:55

Caitlin 26:55
but I was like, I’m gonna upset a Panthers fan.

Cutter 26:58
No, no,

Caitlin 26:59
no, I did. And like, that’s the whole story.

Cutter 27:03
Amazing. Yeah, totally.

Caitlin 27:05
The Darren Criss story, I, a lot of parts of it are true. Sure. Sure. I never rode that Ferris wheel

Cutter 27:12
Really interesting?

Caitlin 27:13
We got in line and my friend, Michelle, she got nervous and we’re like, okay, we just won’t do it we’ll go do something else.

Cutter 27:19
Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah.

Caitlin 27:21
I don’t know if Darren Criss has a friend named Mike. that lives in Atlanta. I’ve no idea why. Yeah, we did. I do have a friend named Rachel that moved down to Atlanta.

Cutter 27:31

Caitlin 27:33
And like we did visit her. We did go see a concert in Atlanta. Not during the summer. It was during November, but I wanted the story to take place during the summer,

Cutter 27:42
Right. So you’ve just mixed a bunch of things together

Caitlin 27:45
On the way here, I realized that I had details about my friend Ana driving and I was like, Oh my gosh, she can’t drive were.

Cutter 27:52

Caitlin 27:53
We’re only like 15 at this point.

Cutter 27:54

Caitlin 27:54
So I had to like change that detail on the way over here. But yeah, um, I don’t even know how I thought of it. I was telling the story to my roommate last night, she’s like, how did you think of this? And I was like, I don’t know. I knew I wanted it to be celebrity related,

Cutter 28:08
Right, make sense. Sure.

Caitlin 28:09
Because I had the Luke Kuechly story. And I just it came to me like it just called out to me. Um, I wish I met Darren Criss. I mean, not that much. He’s a cool, dude.

Cutter 28:26
He’s is in your story, at least.

Caitlin 28:27
Yeah. I did go see him in concert.

Cutter 28:31
Oh, yeah totally. Awesome.

Caitlin 28:34
That was my friend Michelle’s volition

Cutter 28:36
Sure, sure.

Caitlin 28:38
I mean, I was excited funny story about that concert. It was like in an auditorium so it was like weird. So nobody was like, standing.

Cutter 28:45
Oh, that’s weird

Caitlin 28:46
Which is like really weird for a concert. But it was like in an auditorium so like people weren’t really sure what to do. And there was like this 12 year old sitting next to my friend Michelle. And the 12 year old was like screaming her head off the whole time.

Cutter 29:01
Oh, my gosh.

Caitlin 29:03
Michelle had just gotten back from Europe. And so she was so jet lagged. But like, she, really wanted to go to this concert because she like she loved Darren Criss and Leah, Michelle And this 12 year old does not stop screaming. Yeah.

Cutter 29:18

Caitlin 29:18
Do you have any like, questions?

Cutter 29:20
Honestly. I’m just yeah, I think what was working in the back of my head, and I didn’t say as my reasoning is why would you come up with Darren Criss, you know?

Caitlin 29:30
because, okay, I wanted a celebrity that would be one recognizable two that I would recognize because this is a true fact about me. I’m terrible, I have a whole list of celebrities in my phone that I would not recognize if I saw on the street. Because I get them

Cutter 29:44

Caitlin 29:45
I get them all confused, especially actors and actresses. So it had to be a show that I have seen. I wanted to be honest about that. And I did I did watch Glee sophomore year

Cutter 29:54

Caitlin 29:55
Um, apologies for watching glee.

Cutter 29:58

Caitlin 29:59
Um, And yeah, I just

Cutter 30:04
that just feels like

Caitlin 30:05
I wanted it to be a Glee actor. I didn’t want it to be an actress because I’m better at telling women apart because they wear their hair in different hairstyles typically and men have like, tend to circulate between like the same.

Cutter 30:20
Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Caitlin 30:21

Cutter 30:22
Absolutely. Yeah,

Caitlin 30:23
I was like, Okay, and then I narrowed it down to a few people. And I was like, Okay, I guess I’m doing during Darren Criss.

Cutter 30:30
Amazing. I just yeah, I think Yeah, that was my other thing is like Luke Kuechly in Charlotte. Makes sense.

Caitlin 30:36

Cutter 30:37
And then I was like, Darren Criss. Why would you come? I was like, you could easily come up with meeting Luke Kuechly.

Caitlin 30:43
That’s why I told the story.

Cutter 30:45
And that makes perfect sense. Because that’s the whole point of the show. Yeah, I was just yeah, I think I’m astonished that you were like, you know who I’m gonna say I met Darren Criss. Like, that’s just that’s impressive. But that’s

Caitlin 30:56

Cutter 30:56
Great planning on your part. Amazing.

Caitlin 30:58
Thank you.

Cutter 30:59
So pissed, but awesome stories.

Caitlin 31:01

Cutter 31:02
You didn’t even get a picture with Luke Kuechly. So at the end of the day?

Caitlin 31:05

Cutter 31:06
Who came out on top? Probably imaginary you who has several pictures with Darren Criss?

Caitlin 31:10
Yeah. Who has a whole video of him meeting my friend.

Cutter 31:13
Amazing. No, instead no pictures of either. Well, that’s all right.

Caitlin 31:17

Cutter 31:17
We are going to take a quick break. So you can listen to my two stories. And we’ll be right back with Caitlin’s guess.

Caitlin 31:23

Cutter 31:24
Hey, real quick. While Caitlin is listening to my stories. If you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you’re listening, whether that’s on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you’ll never miss an episode. Also, just that you will remember my two stories. Here’s a quick recap. In my first story, I had a friend get his hand crushed by the blinds in his dorm room on the night before one of my finals. And I had to take him to the hospital that night then almost slept through my final the next day. And in my second story, I got to talking to a potential friend in a pre college zoom event, only to find out that it was her mom pretending to be her. But it still worked out because her mom recommended to her daughter that we be friends. Alright, with all that out of the way. Let’s jump back into the action. Well, Caitlin, those are my two stories. What are your thoughts?

Caitlin 32:10
I’ve ever since I listened to the first episode, I’ve had my idea of which story was fake and which story was real. And I haven’t I haven’t really faltered in that. I okay, I’ll just tell you my guess my guess is that the first story is false.

Cutter 32:27
The hand story?

Caitlin 32:29

Cutter 32:30
Sure. Sure.

Caitlin 32:30
Was that also, Jamie’s guess.

Cutter 32:33
That was also Jamie’s guess.

Caitlin 32:34
So I’m the fifth person to say this.

Cutter 32:37
Yes, you are. The every other person has said that that story is untrue.

Caitlin 32:41
Okay. So here’s my reasoning.

Cutter 32:44

Caitlin 32:45
I think that’s just an easy story to make up.

Cutter 32:47

Caitlin 32:48
I think, yeah. Like, you think about dorm life and you’re like, What’s something that like, could have happened in college, what’s like a crazy college story. And like, I feel like people get hurt a lot. So also, I feel like in that story, I don’t know, maybe if this was real, I’m sorry if this wasn’t your first instinct, but my first instinct would be like, Where’s my RA? Like, my ra can tell me what to do. It is your finals week. so I can understand not wanting to like disturb like another student.

Cutter 33:17
Right. So I actually did not have an RA on my floor. Um, because the way that we did our hall like ended up that I had, there was an RA on the floor below me,

Caitlin 33:30

Cutter 33:30
And on the floor above me, but there was no ra on my floor who I could like, if I had knocked on the RA, there’s just no one in there.

Caitlin 33:36

Cutter 33:37
but fair enough,

Caitlin 33:37
Well then it would have been more difficult to do that.

Cutter 33:40
But still very possible. Sure.

Caitlin 33:41
And I feel like everyone said this, but like, the second story is just so like, I feel like one it’s a little bit harder to make up. I feel like you could still make it up, but it might be a little bit harder to do so. And, um, I just that’s such a mom, it’s such a mom thing. Like, my mom has not done that, like not going on a zoom call. But she’s been like, Matt, like a high school student at the grocery store. I mean, like, do you know like, so and so like, you need to their friend they were so sweet, they were my cashier and I’m like, can you stop like embarrassing me. So, yeah, I just feel like that’s a very motherly thing to do.

Cutter 34:25
Oh, absolutely.

Caitlin 34:28
and I just feel like there’s nothing I feel like a few people like said let the timeline does add up in the first story. I’m from what I can remember. It made sense to me. For what it’s worth,

Cutter 34:41
I appreciate that.

Caitlin 34:42
Yeah. I feel like I feel like it’s just I feel like it’s an easy story.

Cutter 34:49

Caitlin 34:50
To make up and that was that my main

Cutter 34:53

Caitlin 34:53

Cutter 34:53
I totally understand that.

Caitlin 34:54
That’s why in my stories, I did like a less detailed one that was true. Yeah. And the more detailed one

Cutter 35:00
I get it

Caitlin 35:00
that was a lie.

Cutter 35:02
Nice. Well done. Um, you have any questions about the two stories that you want to ask? I know you have your guess but still for posterity.

Caitlin 35:09
Do you? Do you still like talk to grace like often?

Cutter 35:13
Yeah, absolutely.

Caitlin 35:15
It’s funny.

Cutter 35:16

Caitlin 35:16
Um, have you like since like met her mom?

Cutter 35:20
I have not yet and I want to so bad. Like, honestly, truly. I like she is like, of mythological status for me. I’ve not met her yet. No. grace grace does live not in North Carolina.

Caitlin 35:36

Cutter 35:37
So it makes it a little bit more difficult.

Caitlin 35:39
Yeah, the the day you finally meet Grace’s mom will be a good one.

Cutter 35:43
Oh, I I am looking forward to it above all else. Truly.

Caitlin 35:47

Cutter 35:47

Caitlin 35:48
That’s my that was my only question.

Cutter 35:50
No, totally. Yeah, I’m guessing that doesn’t change your mind either way.

Caitlin 35:55
No I’m gonna be embarrassed if like, Okay, how long are you planning on like season one to be like, how many guests are you?

Cutter 36:03
I think I would love to get to the end of summer. And I have I have enough people to get me to the end of summer before I do my season one finale.

Caitlin 36:11

Cutter 36:12
Where I get to actually reveal which of these two stories is true.

Caitlin 36:14
I’m hoping that somebody for whatever reason thinks that the secondary state because it would be so embarrassing. It would be amazing for you. So it’d be the greatest Feat. Aha, like possible from like the structure of a podcast.

Cutter 36:29
Oh, yeah.

Caitlin 36:30
But, you know, like, I

Cutter 36:32
to have everyone believe the lie

Caitlin 36:35
like, I want somebody to guess the seconf story. But I was like, it won’t be me. Because I thought this since day one.

Cutter 36:41
Sure. I feel like honestly, I feel like at a certain point, there’s just going to be too much pressure to not guess that the second story is fake.

Caitlin 36:51

Cutter 36:51
You know, like, I feel like, regardless of like, I feel like once you get to like one of the last three guests if we you know if we get that far. Yeah, before someone guesses it. I feel like someone is going to say, I don’t you know, I don’t feel good about this. But I feel like I have to

Caitlin 37:06
For the sake of the guess,

Cutter 37:07
right for the sake of the guess. Because if the guests go zero and however many guests I have

Caitlin 37:12

Cutter 37:13
It’s appaling.

Caitlin 37:15

Cutter 37:15
But also if the guests you know, managed to get if everyone gets it right,

Caitlin 37:19

Cutter 37:20

Caitlin 37:21

Cutter 37:21
Truly. Um, so yeah, I guess we’ll find out in in a little while. If we so far, we’ve had five guesses in one direction. If they are all right, or all wrong. Hey, you’re in good company, though.

Caitlin 37:34
Yeah, true. That just makes me wonder like, if the first story is true, like, I’m wonder like, I don’t know, if I had like five people telling me like, a story that I knew was true was wrong. I would get defensive. I’d want to be like, No, you’re wrong, but like you can’t because it defeats the whole premise of the show.

Cutter 37:56

Caitlin 37:57

Cutter 37:57
yeah, yeah. Hey, that’s what the shows about. Yeah. Amazing. Thank you for your guess. Well, Caitlin, today, we learned that you may not recognize Luke Kuechly But if you were to meet Darren Criss, you would definitely maybe probably recognize him.

Caitlin 38:13
There’s a 70% chance

Cutter 38:15
that’s pretty good. 70 is a lot.

Caitlin 38:17

Cutter 38:18
Well, thank you so much for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you?

Caitlin 38:21
So I have a show here at WKNC a radio show. Every Wednesday during or at least this summer. It’s every Wednesday at 1pm WKNC 88.1. HD one, it’s the Indie Inbox with carbon copy. I also write blogs here at WKNC. And on the blog, I’m just just plain old Caitlyn. So yeah, you can find me there. Check me out.

Cutter 38:48
Amazing carbon copy has awesome sets for Indie Inbox and her writing is amazing. So you should totally check it out. Well Caitlin, thank you so much.

Caitlin 38:58
Thank you.

That will do it for this episode. Our Intro Music is pop nugget off of compositions 2 used under the Creative Commons license found on Free Music Archive our outro music is vintage news off reduction music used under creative commons license also found on Free Music Archive. I’ve been cutter. This has been You’ll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.