A Weird Hour in June

It’s been a weird month. I feel weird, my friends feel weird, and you probably feel weird, too. There must be something in the air (to take the place of COVID, I suppose). As a result, I have found myself listening to an odd combination of music to pass the time and get through the weirdness by simply adding to it.

Today, I share with you a near-hour playlist of songs I’ve been listening to this June that don’t necessarily go together. I’ve included some personal notes for each song. There’s something for everyone with this one.

1. “Cyan Hardcore” – Machine Girl
Fast and fun. Will make you think of Mario Kart.

2. “Turpentine” – Hole
She’s mad and so are you.

3. “Deeply” – bôa
Will get stuck in your head and make you think you can yodel.

4. “Runway H (2)” – Death Grips
Should be used in a movie montage scene of the cool variety.

5. “DR. BIRD’S” – Griselda
The ad-libs are excellent and overwhelmingly present.

6. “arsenic” – glaive
He’s sixteen.

7. “Orange Appled” – Cocteau Twins

8. “Weird Little Birthday Girl” – Happyness
My friend put this one on a mix CD for me a while ago and I love it. Thanks again, Molly.

9. “Guess My Crush” – OTTO
If you like ARTHUR, here’s OTTO.

10. “Min Dag” – Död Mark
Yes, it’s Yung Lean.

11. “Yea Aight” – Nickelus F

12. “24” – IDK
“She say she not a thot, she a nympho” is the stand-out line.

13. “E. Coli” – The Alchemist (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
Seamless and soothing.

14. “Bloodhail” – Have A Nice Life
Makes me feel like someone I’m not.

15. “Apple” – Fox Academy
This song has been in my rotation since it came out.

Click here to listen to the playlist on Spotify.

Here’s to weird music mixes for weird months,

Silya Bennai