Gym Class and Blood Drives

In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… WKNC adviser Jamie joins Cutter to talk about her experiences passing out, both in high school gym class and at an NC State blood drive.

You’ll Never Believe Me But… is a lighthearted storytelling podcast about what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s funny. Guests come on and tell two stories, one real one fake, and laugh and joke about it with host Cutter as they enjoy storytelling while he tries to figure out which story is the real one.

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Cutter  00:00

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter, though you may know me as three beers in a coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of You’ll never believe me, but

Cutter  00:19

you’ll never believe me, but is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me. Every episode I have a guest on, they tell me two stories, one real and one fake and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I’m going to run down the three rules we have here before we get into today’s episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We’re not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell the stories but unless they agreed to have these stories told just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one all story should start with. You’ll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting the story, just so we all know what we’re getting into. And as a nice little nod to the show’s title. So with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into today’s episode. Today’s guest is Jamie, Student Media Associate Director and more importantly, WKNC advisor and an all around wonderful person. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through my time at WKNC. Jamie, how you doing today?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  01:30

I’m doing great. And most importantly, I am the number one fan of You’ll never believe me. But 

Cutter  01:35

Aww, well thank you very much you have had access to the show for longer than anyone. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  01:41


Cutter  01:41

What with you giving me my interview for this position and hearing my pitch for this as I desperately begged you to read it over and over again for two weeks straight. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  01:50

Yes, I also, I because of my position at WKNC. I get access to the podcast before it becomes live. So I get to listen to it before everyone else. So I get to make my guesses and figure out if I’m right or wrong. And I will say I’ve said this to you privately. And I will say it to you publicly. I also thought grant was lying in our last episode about his weird trip to Jacksonville on Thanksgiving. So I was with you on that.

Cutter  02:20

That makes me feel much better. I didn’t feel particularly bad about that one. I’ll be honest, I was I was pretty convinced I was pretty convinced. But hey, that’s what the show is about. What can you do? Jamie, you have in front of you a physical piece of paper, which as a as a young person in 2021 is something that I have rarely ever seen. Is that that’s all your notes.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  02:41

Yes, I have typed up notes. So I make sure that I hit the high points of each story.

Cutter  02:47

Mm hmm. May I ask? Are you going to take notes on your notes? You do have a pencil laying beside,

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  02:53

I am prepared. If I need to take my notes. I am ready.

Cutter  02:58

Hey, I don’t blame you at all. I have thought about doing the same physical paper is so astonishing. I think if if anything were to reveal that you are not a college student, that would be the one what with that and your position of power within NC State Student Media. But I’m very excited because that is a full page of notes from over here 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  03:18

it is it’s bullet points. But but it is 

Cutter  03:20

Hey, plenty of notes. That means plenty of story, which I’m very excited for because we’ve been talking about getting you on the show as a guest since you read the pitch. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  03:28


Cutter  03:28

And you begrudgingly accepted at first you kept trying to pitch to me other people tha you knew to come on the show. And I was about to drop it. I was like okay, maybe she just doesn’t want to come on. Maybe she’s self conscious about that sort of thing. But I’m glad I kept pushing because I’m so excited to have you on.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  03:43

Yeah, I have actually I have been crafting these stories and then re changing them and then changing them again. And then I will tell you, as I a couple days ago, I started writing these out and I changed my fake story again. Their, I’ve actually put quite a bit of thought into this

Cutter  04:02

amazing. Well, I’m very excited then because I think the ones that are the most prepared for the ones that are the most exciting sometimes. I mean, not every time naturally. But I know you and I’m I’m very excited to get into the story. So unless you have anything else for me, I’m ready to just jump straight into this. I’m very excited. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  04:19

I’m ready too

Cutter  04:20

All right. Well, Jamie, take it away.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  04:23

You’ll never believe me. But I passed out in front of my entire high school gym class.

Cutter  04:28

That is exhilarating. I as someone who did take high school gym class kind of recently, would imagine that that would be suboptimal. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  04:38

It wasn’t my favorite. 

Cutter  04:42

I can’t imagine not but yeah, how do we get there? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  04:45

Okay, so I kind of have a little history of passing out. Oh, okay. Before we go any further, I do want everyone listening at home to know that I have talked about it with my doctor like I don’t have any neurological conditions or anything. It’s just something that happens sometimes. So the first time it happened, I was like eight or so. And we were on a field trip to like the local hospital and they went into the blood bank, right? 

Cutter  05:09

Oh, no. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  05:10

And so the the nurse pulls out this bag of blood and I’m like, cool, right? Then she pulls out this bag of plasma. I’m out. I am on the floor. 

Cutter  05:23


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  05:24

I am out 

Cutter  05:25

Hey your at a hospital. I mean, if ever there were a place.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  05:27

Yes. It wasn’t a bad. And of course, like the tour is still going on. So I had to leave the rest of the tour with all my classmates so but um, so this one time though, okay, sure. I pass out in front of my entire class. There’s like 30 or so kids in the class.

Cutter  05:43

Goodness gracious. Sure.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  05:44

So it’s gym class, and I am not the most athletic person. 

Cutter  05:49


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  05:50

At all. I hate lunges and running and moving. 

Cutter  05:54

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Totally fair. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  05:57

Okay. I hated gym class. I hated my teacher, like so much. 

Cutter  06:04

Oh, wow. Okay, sure. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  06:05

We’re gonna call him Mr. Brown. He knows who he is and what he has done.

Cutter  06:09

Yeah, Mr. Brown. You heard it here.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  06:11

Yes. Okay. So I didn’t I went to a really small school so I didn’t have gym class really in like Middle School, I just I went to one room country school house for 9 years

Cutter  06:24

Oh, my goodness. Yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  06:26

So I didn’t go to like junior high or anything. 

Cutter  06:29

You were just in school. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  06:30

Just school. And every so often we’d like have to run a mile, like maybe once a month, right. Basically, like walk around the perimeter of the school. Yeah, yeah. So gym was not something I was familiar with 

Cutter  06:45

Sure. Sure. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  06:46

So my freshman year it’s a it’s a half credit class, but rather than like, you know, half credit in the first part of the semester, and then half credit in the second part of the semester, right. I had it every other day. So it was it was tied with my health class. So okay, for the whole year, I had for the first part, I had gym on like, Tuesdays and Thursdays and then it flipped. So I had it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 

Cutter  07:10

Okay. Yeah, seems that seems extraordinarily complicated. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:15

I guess it was, but I mean, it was the same terrible teacher. So yeah,

Cutter  07:19

I think I think that that having that PE teacher that just like, doesn’t know how to teach health is such a universal high school experience. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:27

Yeah. And of course, he was also the football coach and I 

Cutter  07:30

yeah, that tracks that tracks. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:31

Yeah. So I’m like, trying for valedictorian, right. I’m gonna, I’m gonna do this.

Cutter  07:39


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:40

We get our first marking period, and the scores come out and I get a D. 

Cutter  07:50

A D?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:51

 In gym. 

Cutter  07:52

Oh, Jamie!

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:54

I don’t even make the honor roll. Okay. 

Cutter  07:56

Oh, my goodness. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  07:57

I am beside myself.

Cutter  07:58

Yeah, absolutely. Okay. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:00

My mom goes to talk to this guy at the parent teacher conference. 

Cutter  08:04

Ah, sure. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:05

And he’s like, there’s people dying of heart disease. And she’s like, yeah, there’s people can’t read and write either. Like, okay, so my I hate him. My mom hates him. We hate him. Sure. 

Cutter  08:14

Family beef at this point.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:15

But I am not losing my 4.0 on gym class. Okay, 

Cutter  08:20

No, absolutely not. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:22

So I’m gonna buckle down. 

Cutter  08:24


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:24

Like, I’m gonna do it. I’m going to get an A in this class.

Cutter  08:27

Buckle down for gym class.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:28

I hate this, like, I’m gonna try. But I’m gonna make the best of this bad situation. I even volunteered to be like, his teacher’s aide like I hated this guy and he had to have known. And like, he made me like stencil out like Vince Lombardi quotes on like paperboard.

Cutter  08:46

Oh, sure.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:47

So I hate Vince Lombardi now, like, I hate everything about, but I’m, I’m gonna try. I’m gonna try really, really hard. 

Cutter  08:54


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  08:55

So one day, it must have been raining or something. We go into the gym class into the gym. And there’s this terrible contraption. I tried to look up what it’s called. And I still have no idea. 

Cutter  09:06

Oh, wow. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  09:07

It’s I’ve seen it on like football fields. It’s like this giant net of type thing. Not one you climb up, but it’s just like, like a bunch of squares. And you have to like, like, walk like or, run through the squares. not but not a ladder, just like, like, vertical. It’s terrible. And I hate it. And you have to like, run through it and not die. 

Cutter  09:30

Yeah, yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  09:31

And I’m like, this is this is not gonna happen and like ropes like I thought I thought for sure I was gonna die. 

Cutter  09:37


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  09:38

But I did it. I’m super super focused on it. 

Cutter  09:41


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  09:41

And I made it through. 

Cutter  09:42


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  09:43

Okay, so then the next part of this death contraption was there were these cones set up and like and you’re supposed to like do this weird side shuffle like through the cones. I have no idea what sadist made up this thing that we all had to go through on this rainy day. Yeah, and so I am like, I’m over exerted from these weird little ropes. 

Cutter  10:06


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:07

Okay. I’m a freshman in high school. I weigh 104 pounds at this point. 

Cutter  10:11

Oh, my gooodness

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:11

I am a tiny little thing

Cutter  10:12

Yeah, absolutely.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:14

I don’t know if I have heatstroke or what? Okay, so I am trying desperately to do this these weird things with my feet. 

Cutter  10:21

Sure. Yeah. And that’s it. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:24

And that’s it. Like I’m doing it. And then then, and then then next thing I know I am on the ground. Oh, and we had to do it all alphabetically, so I’m not gonna say her last name. But I’m gonna say Brenda G. is standing over me. And I’m like, What? And I have no idea. I have no idea what’s happened. Like, I’m just on the ground. 

Cutter  10:45


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:46

And Brenda is like, are you okay? And I’m like, what has happened?

Cutter  10:49

How did I get on the ground?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:50

I was just so focused on trying not to trip. Yeah, that I don’t even know. I just, I just went down. I just passed out.

Cutter  10:57


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  10:59

And so we don’t. So we don’t have a school nurse or anything? 

Cutter  11:02

No, yes. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  11:04

I don’t know if regular schools have nurses. But mine sure didn’t. And this was like the big school we had, like, 500 kids, but still no nurse. 

Cutter  11:10


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  11:11

And so like, the teacher because he didn’t care at all. Like he just made me sit on the side and like Brenda sat down with me for like, maybe 10 minutes. And so I didn’t have to do gym the rest of the day but like,

Cutter  11:25

Well thats a win. Man.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  11:28

but the whole class the whole class was staring at me. 

Cutter  11:31

absolutely just wow, to collapse in the middle of this this death machine. I’ve got Okay, I’ve got to ask the question. How did this affect your grade?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  11:43

Did get an A

Cutter  11:44

Oh, amazing.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  11:46

By like the skin of my teeth. It was probably like an 89.55 or something. 

Cutter  11:52


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  11:54

And so I don’t know if he just felt bad because I was the girl that passed out in class. And he didn’t. Because he didn’t . He was not concerned. Like I don’t even think he went over and like, said are you okay. Like, just like Brenda, like deal with it.

Cutter  12:10

He seems like such a kind and caring person from everything you’ve said, though. I don’t really. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  12:16

I’m so happy when he went and got another job. 

Cutter  12:18

Oh, yeah. I mean, that makes sense from everything you’ve said.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  12:22

But I did manage to squeak out and it was an A minus but we didn’t have like plus or minuses count towards grade point. So it was a 4.0 for me it was it was geometry that eventually did me in But no, I did manage to get an A gym class after I passed out in front of the entire class.

Cutter  12:39

So basically what we’ve what we’ve landed on is passing out in front of your entire gym class totally, a win.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  12:46

I guess it was kind of near the end of the semester. So, it may have impacted it. I do not know.

Cutter  12:55

Who knows maybe is all those Vince Lombardi quotes, quotes you spent hours stenciling 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  12:59

I hated him so much.

Cutter  13:03

Do you remember any of them perchance?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:05

No. They were just and I’m like, Who the heck is this weird football guy like I don’t even know 

Cutter  13:10

He does have a trophy named after him. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:13


Cutter  13:14

Like the big one. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:15

Okay, yeah. I just knew that I hated everything about that.

Cutter  13:19

Thats fair. I don’t blame you honestly at that point. Wow. Well he gave you an A to be fair so 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:25

I earned that A.

Cutter  13:26

Absolutely you you hit the ground straight to that A.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:30

I’ve never taken another gym class in my life. We didn’t have to take one in college and we could’ve taken health instead. And I took health and I got an A in it.

Cutter  13:42

Nice. Hey, as long as you had an A in health. That’s awesome. So geometry Did you in so you did not end up getting Valedictorian. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:49

No, I was 10th in my class. 

Cutter  13:52

Oh my goodness. So all of the Vince Lombardi quotes and the passing out in gym class was ultimately for not 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  13:59


Cutter  14:00

Oh, that is heartbreaking. No, I I was really hoping that it’d be like, Oh, I passed out. But then I got an A and I got no, 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  14:08


Cutter  14:08


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  14:09

I mean, I still got like good college scholarships and stuff. 

Cutter  14:12

Oh, sure. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s not tied to your your gym grade? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  14:17


Cutter  14:18

I don’t think I think I think any college recruiter would see a D in gym and A’s and whatever you got and geometry everywhere else and been like, yeah, okay, I understand. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  14:27

See, it didn’t really count because it wasn’t a full half a semester.

Cutter  14:31

That’s true. Oh, my goodness. Wow. So it really didn’t matter. It really didn’t matter and you still push yourself to pass out. I mean, hey, I respect that. I you gotta respect the hustle.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  14:45

I hustled so hard. 

Cutter  14:48

That’s hilarious. You know I I’m going to find out what this rope thing is. I will I will find out. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  14:57

It is my nightmare. 

Cutter  14:58

I hey, it sounds bad. I don’t know if it’s bad enough to make you almost pass out. 

Cutter  15:04

I never saw it before or since. But I don’t know. 

Cutter  15:07

Wow, Well, when I find it, I’ll let you know, I’m gonna do my research, don’t you worry about it. Hey, this is editing cutter here I actually did end up finding out what this is. It’s called a suspended agility ladder. And it’s basically a bunch of rope squares of two of them side by side, and then a line of like eight or nine of them that suspended a few inches off the ground. So that way, instead of a normal agility ladder, you actually have to do high knees to get your feet through them. It’s not too complicated, but it did help me understand the story a little better. So it may help you. I showed it to Jamie. And she was extremely pleased that I found it and extremely unhappy to see it again. But that’s all I’ll let you get right back into the episode. Well, that’s amazing. So you, almost you did you passed out in front of your entire class in gym. That may or may not have bumped you up to an A in your hunt for valedictorian that didn’t end up mattering because of geometry class.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  16:03

I also didn’t do so great in science, chemistry, physics, that kind of stuff. 

Cutter  16:08

Eh, that’s all right. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  16:09

Yeah, it wasn’t just geometry. 

Cutter  16:11

Oh, well, that’s okay. Ah we can dream we can dream. We’ll blame it on geometry. Amazing.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  16:19

You’ll never believe me. But I passed out while giving blood and had to be escorted out of Tally Student Union on a stretcher.

Cutter  16:30

So we’re theming again. I see. Haha. That’s amazing.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  16:36

Yes. So again, I’ll just you know, repeat the disclaimer. I have spoken to my doctor about this and it’s okay.

Cutter  16:45

Sure. Sure. Amazing. I am such a fan of this. So passed out tally Student Union, while giving blood. Yeah, please.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  16:54

Yes. Okay. So it’s April of about 2018. So a few years ago, sure. And I have my blood appointment. It’s on a Wednesday, it’s at three o’clock. And I’m trying to be sneaky, right? So it takes a if you’ve never given blood, it takes about an hour roughly.

Cutter  17:10

Sure I have to interject with a brief brief story. I’ve tried to give blood twice. And every time when I’ve sat in that line, and I did it in my high school, I sat in line for like, an hour and a half to give blood. And I was so ready. And so excited. I was like, Oh, I’m gonna help give blood. And I would sit down, they prick your finger, and they do all that stuff. And I sat down. And the last thing they do is take your blood pressure, which, to me feels like the least invasive thing they do. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  17:35


Cutter  17:36

And you should do that first I would argue. Maybe that’s just because every time I’ve gone to give blood, both those times, I’ve sat down they’ve taken my blood pressure and they’ve gone Nope, can’t give blood. I said oh, why? And it’s this this tall mean looking Russian lady. And she’s like, Oh, your blood pressure is too low. And I was like, too low. She’s like, are you, do you play a lot of sports? And you know, in high school, I played sports all the time. I was like, Oh, yeah, I play a few sports. And she was like, too athletic, blood pressure too low. I was like, what does that mean? And I talked to a friend of mine who was running the blood drive. And he was like, yeah, if your blood pressure is too low, we just you cannot get the blood out of you fast enough. And so I have tried to give blood twice and every time I’ve been turned away because my blood pressure is too low. Which is astonishing. I the second time when I had eaten like a pound of salt the day before I was like I was so ready. Still turned me away,  I was like I don’t know what else I can do. So I haven’t gone back since anyway so please continue.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  18:30

I’ve had low iron but I’m all my blood pressure has been fine.

Cutter  18:34


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  18:34

So I was gonna sneak in at three, sneak out at four and then just go home an hour early right?

Cutter  18:41

Yeah, okay. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  18:42

That is not at all what has happened 

Cutter  18:44

Well, clearly no.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  18:46

So I I had parked over where we are in Witherspoon Student Center here on campus and Talley Student Union is our other student center. And it’s it’s about 700 steps because I have a Fitbit and it’s about seven hundred steps down Cates Avenue. And so I parked over by tally so that I would be ready to go home an hour early. And so I stopped and I got an ice cream cone for breakfast. And I love Howling Cow Ice Cream. So that was my breakfast.

Cutter  19:14

I wonder if this will play into things

Cutter  19:16

It might. Okay, so I didn’t stop for lunch though. But like I felt fine. Sure. Like I didn’t feel woozy or none of that.

Cutter  19:23

You know that they do say you’re supposed to eat like full meals before you get blood. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  19:27


Cutter  19:28

Okay. Continue.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  19:29

Yes, that was made very clear to me. Okay, so, every so you know, I go to give blood? sure everything’s going fine. You know, I’m squeezing little ball. Everything’s great, right? everything kind of starts to get fuzzy. 

Cutter  19:44

Oh, that’s fun. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  19:47

And then I come to.

Cutter  19:50


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  19:51

Okay, so I am I have I am give I’m actively giving blood at this point.

Cutter  19:55


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  19:55

The needle is in my arm. 

Cutter  19:57


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  19:59

I have passed out on the bed. 

Cutter  20:01

Oh my goodness. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:03

With the needle in my arm. 

Cutter  20:04

No, no. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:05

Giving blood. 

Cutter  20:06


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:07

Um, you know, all the Red Cross folks are over me. And they are like freaking out. 

Cutter  20:12

Sure. Yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:14

Apparently I was non responsive for what they kept saying a significant length of time. And I’m like, What do you mean?

Cutter  20:24

Please be specific.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:25

I think it was like less than a minute. 

Cutter  20:28

Yeah, but that’s, I guess I get it from their perspective. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:32

Okay. But still yeah, so I’m like passed out.

Cutter  20:36

Like out, out?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:37


Cutter  20:38


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:39

And I had actually passed out before while giving blood, but like, after I gave blood, 

Cutter  20:44

Sure. I feel like that’s what normally happens. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:46

Yeah, not like, while the needle is in my arm.

Cutter  20:49


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:50

So they’re like, okay, so when this happens, because obviously, this is not the first time this has ever happened to anyone.

Cutter  20:56

Of course.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  20:56

They’re like, Okay, so we have to call the EMTs it’s like our policy. So I’m like, Okay, fine. So I’m still sitting there. And they like, they come and they like, give me like, ice water. They put a fan on me. And like, eventually, they put like this little privacy curtain around. And I’m like, I don’t care, whatever.

Cutter  21:18

We’re too far past this.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  21:19

That was actually after I threw up though. 

Cutter  21:22


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  21:22

So first I first I passed out and then I threw up and then I’m like, Great. Okay, so I call my roommate. Yeah. Like, they’re like, Where are you parked? And I’m like, Well, I’m parked pretty close. And they’re like, you know what, it doesn’t matter where you parked, We don’t think you should drive home. And I’m like, okay, yeah. So I called my roommate. 

Cutter  21:41


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  21:41

Who is sleeping. 

Cutter  21:42

Yeah. Why not? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  21:44

Doesn’t pick up doesn’t pick up. And I’m like, cool. So I call my boss who lives right off campus? 

Cutter  21:52

Awesome. Yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  21:54

And I’m like, I passed out while giving blood. And will you like, drive me home? I’m like the EMTs are coming like, I’m fine. It’s fine. Like, right, you know, and so he lives right off campus. So he comes to pick me up. And so then the EMTs get there, you know, and they’re checking me out and they’re like, okay, and they’re like, do you want to go to the hospital? And I’m like, No, sir. No, sir. I do not want to go to the hospital. And he’s like, okay, so I guess they take my vitals and everything is fine. Yeah. And they’re like, okay, we’ll let you go. But you have to do one more thing for us. And I’m like, sure, because I just wanted to just go home.

Cutter  22:32

Oh, yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  22:32

And sleep for the whole rest of the night. So the EMT looks at me says, I’m gonna need you to stand up. 

Cutter  22:40


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  22:40

And I’m like, Okay. 

Cutter  22:42

Yeah, I mean, make sense that you got to check that 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  22:44

I did have a sneaking suspicion as to what might happen next. But I didn’t want to say cuz I just wanted to go home. 

Cutter  22:51


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  22:52

So I stand up. Yeah. 

Cutter  22:54


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  22:55

Immediately pass, right out. My boss had just turned his back for a second to like, check something on his phone. He turns back around. I am on the floor. 

Cutter  23:03

Oh, my goodness. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:04

And they are like, so you’re gonna go to the hospital now. And I’m like, Ah, yeah, I understand. 

Cutter  23:13

Yeah, at that point not much you can do. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:15

Yeah, I understand. So they put me on the stretcher. 

Cutter  23:18


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:19

They must. Like I don’t remember. Like going in like the regular elevator. I don’t know if like a stretcher would fit in it. I’m sure there is a freight elevator somewhere. 

Cutter  23:30

Yeah, that sounds right

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:31

you know, and the ballroom I was in was on the second floor. So maybe I go through the freight elevator show. Like, they take me out of tally in a stretcher. 

Cutter  23:39

Oh my goodness. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:40

And I’m just like, 

Cutter  23:42

Hanging out 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:43

just like hanging out. They put me in, in the ER and in the ambulance. And my roommate had just called like, right after? 

Cutter  23:52

Oh, of course why not?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  23:53

Yeah. And like, Patrick, my boss, he left to go to the hospital, which is actually not the first time he’d ever been to the ER with one of his subordinates. So I knew he was good for it. 

Cutter  24:05

Sure. Yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:05

And you know, so my phone rings like the the Red Cross lady picks up the phone. She’s like, Hi, this is Jamie’s phone. So Jamie had a little incident. Why don’t you meet her at Rex? Okay, and I’m like, and I kept saying, okay, like, I understand that. I kept saying, okay, okay. Like, I understand what is happening. I am okay to go to the hospital. 

Cutter  24:30

I get it now. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:30

I throw up again in the ambulance. 

Cutter  24:32

Oh, why not? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:33

Yeah, of course. They’re like, are you nauseous? And I’m like, Yes. And they’re like, here have a anti nausea pill and I take it and immediately I throw up again, so there’s like vomit on my shirt. And I’m like, my blood pressure kept halving 

Cutter  24:47

Oh God.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:47

 Which cannot be good. 

Cutter  24:49

No, no. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:50

So if it’s like 120 over 80 regularly, it kept going to like 60 over 40 

Cutter  24:55

That’s not

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:55

And I’m like, 

Cutter  24:57

Too different Too different 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  24:58

Yeah. So So, I get to the ER. What’s funny is that actually, I hadn’t been to the ER in. I don’t know 30 some years. Not since I got pneumonia when I was seven and I’m pretty sure I went to the ER then. Although I was seven, so I don’t really remember. And I had actually been to the ER that er, about a month prior, there was an incident with my roommate. He didn’t get his hand stuck in blinds or anything. A cat scratched him. And so we had to wait in the ER for like an hour. So like, it’s not a big deal. 

Cutter  25:37

That’s what happens.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  25:38

Yeah. When you’re in an ambulance, they just take you right in.

Cutter  25:41

Yeah, no, there’s no waiting. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  25:42

So yeah, there was no waiting. And so I get there and like my roommate had, like, just gotten there. Apparently, he had like, driven behind the ambulance on the freeway. Anyways, he’s like, I bet that’s her. 

Cutter  25:51

Hahah I wonder if but actually, 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  25:54

Yeah, so 

Cutter  25:54


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  25:55

So I had to spend several hours in the ER, cheese and it was terrible. Yeah. And that. And eventually I got to go home, you know, and I sent an email to my boss, and I’m like, yeah, I’m not coming in the next two days. I think you know why, so I just got to like rest, right.

Cutter  26:15

Of course. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  26:15

Yeah. But here’s the worst possible part that happened. Okay. Of course. Yeah. So I also teach classes at Durham Tech. Right? Yeah, I teach public speaking. And it was the time of our persuasive speeches. And I had a student give her persuasive speech on giving blood. 

Cutter  26:33

Oh, no, yeah, no, no. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  26:35

So one of we teach, I teach them, you know, to try to give some some novelty facts, like things that will help persuade people and she said, when you give blood, you lose two pounds. And I’m like, I’m giving blood. Like, I’m going to test this theory. Right. So I get on the scale that morning. Uh huh. And I’m like, okay, that’s what it is. Like, when I come home I’m going to be two pounds less right? Yeah, I gained three pounds. Because they they put liquids into me and so like all of the things to make sure I didn’t die, right. 

Cutter  27:09

Of course

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  27:09

You know, they just pumped me full of fluids for like two hours right and so I get back on the scale the next day and I’m like, son of a bleep

Cutter  27:18

Man what a liar. So not her fault, obviously but

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  27:21

So really, I gained five pounds. Because I was supposed to lose to win. I gained three and it was

Cutter  27:26

Pissed. Yeah. So money back on that one. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  27:30

I passed out while giving blood and had to be escorted out of Tally on a stretcher

Cutter  27:34

On a stretcher.  That’s terrifying. I can’t imagine so I’ve only been in Tally in COVID times when it’s very quiet. I can’t imagine a busy Tally with someone being wheeled out on a stretcher into an ambulance. I’m sure that didn’t cause a scene at all. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  27:51

I couldn’t speak to it because 

Cutter  27:54

Sure, sure, naturally, wow. Well, what I wouldn’t give to see that happen to somebody as long as they were okay as you are. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  28:02

Yes, I’m fine. 

Cutter  28:03

Amazing. Wow, that two passing out stories. Both Wow. Phenomenal. Thank you, Jamie. Well, those are two wonderful stories about you passing out in less than flattering ways we’ll call it but I now have to make my guess between two hilarious stories by the way amazing. So glad that they’re like themed and paired together It’s so good. But I don’t know i’m i’m very compelled by your your memory of high school. I think that was the first thing I noticed was your your hatred and this is probably true either way. I’m gonna assume that your hatred of this Mr. Brown character is true either way. But I’m very compelled by that hatred. And that seems like a story that is you are out of college. You’re an adult High School for you was much longer ago than it was for me. And I have trouble remembering High School sometimes. So I feel like a story like that, you know would be would be something that you would only remember if you had that that level of hatred, but I was very compelled by that. However, I do know Talley Student Union. And I do know that they do blood drives there. And with your history of passing out and with what I know about giving blood which is very little to be fair, considering they’ve never let me give any that seems totally viable. And also really funny. And so I don’t know I’m I’m troubled because I think I want to say the first one is true. And I don’t know. I don’t know exactly why. I think that a lot of that second story is true. I think a lot of the build up of the second story is true. My my best estimation right now is that it happened to someone else. And I think that I even even still, like maybe it was like the other way around. Your roommate went to give blood or something of that effect. But I don’t know I’m just I’m much I’m more convinced by your your supreme hatred of everything in the first story then I think I am by I mean the the extremely unfortunate series of events in the second story. So it’s gonna be in an unconvinced I’m going to say the first story is true. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  30:24

Well, the ceiling of Talley Student Union is actually quite beautiful from the viewpoint of a stretcher

Cutter  30:33


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  30:35

being wheeled out of it

Cutter  30:37

oh my goodness you got wheeled stretchered out of taTally Student union. 

Cutter  30:43

Yes. Oh my god, that is terrible. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  30:46

I have not given blood since 

Cutter  30:47

I don’t blame you.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  30:50

But Fun fact, if you are injured in any way, while giving blood, the American Red Cross will pay all your medical bills.

Cutter  31:00


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  31:01

I can confirm. 

Cutter  31:03

Ah, well, that sounds lovely. I may have to try to give some blood and get hurt to see that that is terrifying. So how did how did that that high school gym actually go?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  31:16

About 95% of that story is true. So what really happened is during that weird cone shuffle thing, sure. I’m so focused on, you know, doing my best, right? I went down because I tripped over my feet. And so I’m just laying there on the floor. And one of my friends I don’t remember who was like watching me like from the sidelines and this other girl that I did not like was like, is she crying? You know

Cutter  31:54


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  31:54

And my friend is like, No, she’s laughing cuz it was the most absurd ridiculous thing ever. 

Cutter  32:02

Oh, sure. Yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:03

And I just like it like, not not like that,

Cutter  32:07

Right. No, I understand you just hit the ground and thats it.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:09

I did hit the ground. And Mr. Brown didn’t care because he’s a sadist but I did get an A and but I didn’t, I passed out after health class. 

Cutter  32:22

Oh ok.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:22

One time, okay. That same year, but you know,

Cutter  32:25

Was that related to was he talking about blood or anything particular

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:28

I don’t even remember 

Cutter  32:29


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:30

I made it through the class. And then I went to my locker. And like, I shared my locker with one of my best friends and she had opened the locker. And then when she shut the locker, I was just on the ground. I pass out sometimes 

Cutter  32:47

Happens, you know,

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:48

I’ve even passed out like while sitting down. 

Cutter  32:50


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:51


Cutter  32:52

That’s astonishing. I feel like that would be hard to do. I’d argue.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:56

Yeah, it was after giving blood. 

Cutter  32:58

Oh, sure. Of course 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  32:59

This was in the Bragaw activity room in one of the dorms. residence halls at NC State. And I had walked across the room to sit down and one of the comfy chairs and have my oatmeal cream pie. And as soon as I sat down I just like you’re just like, the chair like fell back. So I mean, I could have hit my head, but I I didn’t.

Cutter  33:19

Wow. Wow, I’m glad you got to the seat before that happened. Holy. Yeah. So you really just not a fan of consciousness in general. It seems 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  33:30

I do like to not be conscious. I enjoy sleeping. But yeah, sometimes I pass out. And sometimes I have to go to the ER. 

Cutter  33:38

Wow. That’s amazing. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  33:40

Yeah. And I called my mom the next day and I said, so I’m fine. 

Cutter  33:44

Yeah, yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  33:46

You ever ride in an ambulance. Cuz I have

Cutter  33:50

Yeah, pretty fun. I don’t know actually probably isn’t fun, but

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  33:54

it really wasn’t terrible. Like I was joking. Yeah, with the guy and 

Cutter  33:59


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  33:59

If anyone’s ever been over to Rex hospital, they have these these like balls that are like on the power lines. And it’s weird. And they look like Poke balls. And like, 

Cutter  34:10

Oh, okay yeah.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:11

 I always wondered like, what the heck those things are. And so as we’re driving by, you know, before we go into the ER Bay, what are those? 

Cutter  34:20


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:21

And the guys like, Oh, it’s so the the helicopters don’t hit the power lines and I was like huh. 

Cutter  34:26

Make sense. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:27

Well, I guess this trip is maybe worth it. 

Cutter  34:30

Yeah, learn a little something.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:31

Because my doctor is over there. And so like i’ve you know, at least twice a year I go over there and wonder what the heck these things are. 

Cutter  34:37

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:38

So I finally learned. 

Cutter  34:40

You learn a little something, get your medical bills covered, give some blood get a few days off work, what’s not to love besides the passing out and throwing up part? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:47


Cutter  34:47

as long as we slip that in at the end.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  34:49

And then the best part was like there was well, not the best part. But there was some kind of like, electronic music show that night at Red Hat amphitheater. Oh, sure. And so people were Outside like, Oh, you know, all the people are at this show getting all drugged up and dehydrated. And I’m like, haha, we gave away tickets to that at the Radio Station.

Cutter  35:10

Of course Yeah, naturally. But yeah, geez, that’s so funny. Well, as sad as I am I got it wrong. The the Tally story is much more involved. And I’m very curious I would be curious to ask to ask people involved in that story what their memories are because that’s amazing. Well, sorry you passed out in Tally. Good thing you didn’t pass out in high school gym, I guess? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  35:36


Cutter  35:36

win some you lose some 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  35:37

That they would have done nothing for me, Mr. Brown did not care. 

Cutter  35:41

I fully believe that part. That part was never in question for me. Oh, my goodness. You know what? I’m gonna say it, Mr. Brown. Your the worst. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  35:50

He is. 

Cutter  35:51

Wow. You’re here to hear first, probably not first for you, Jamie. But you heard it here. Well, we are gonna take a quick break. So Jamie can listen to my two stories. And we’ll be right back with her guests. Hey, real quick. While Jamie is listening to my stories. If you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you’re listening, whether that’s on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else, you get your podcast, so you’ll never miss an episode. Also, just so that you all remember my two stories. Here’s a quick recap. In my first story, I had a friend get his hand crushed by the blinds in his dorm room on the night before one of my finals. And I had to take him to the hospital that night, then almost slept through my final the next day. And then my second story, I got to talking to a potential friend in a pre college zoom event, only to find out that it was her mom pretending to be her. But it still worked out because her mom recommended to her daughter that we be friends. Alright, with all that out of the way. Let’s jump back into the action. Well, Jamie, you just heard my two stories. And I say just Of course, you’ve been listening this whole time, and you’re on top and kind of in charge of my show at a higher level. So you already know these stories pretty well. But what are your thoughts? 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  36:56

Well, I listened very critically to both stories. And there was a lot of really good details for the first story of you know, taking the friend of the ER, my favorite was the one about him bleeding, but not like a lot bleeding but kind of bleeding.

Cutter  37:11


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  37:13

That’s kind of how you said it. You were like he’s bleeding, but not like everywhere, but bleeding. 

Cutter  37:17

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know, I don’t know that there would be a better way to describe an amount of bleeding that he was doing,

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  37:23

You know, and you borrow your friend’s white car with white interior. And I’m like, man, there’s gonna be some blood in there. And I thought that was a really good detail. 

Cutter  37:32

Thank you. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  37:34

But what felt like maybe a tell, for me was the evening the timeframe didn’t progress as naturally as I think it would have it from my perspective telling the story. So it’s possible that obviously when you’re in it, you’re not necessarily checking the clock the whole night,

Cutter  37:55

and I wasn’t Yeah, I I totally understand that. It was definitely light on time and rough on progress on time progression. Yeah, you I will totally agree with

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:05

You kept saying it’s about what 1 am. It’s about 1 AM it’s about when 1 am and then finally it’s about 4am. 

Cutter  38:10

Right. Yeah. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:10

And I was thinking well, in theory 

Cutter  38:13

What about the time in between though

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:14

You would’ve said now It’s maybe two, 

Cutter  38:16


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:17

I mean, and clearly, we knew what was happening during that time.

Cutter  38:20


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:20

And I was like, Huh. And I think I think that’s the tell. 

Cutter  38:26

Interesting. Okay. Certainly. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:28

And I loved the story with grace and Grace’s mom. And it just, it seemed like a very, pandemic thing to happen. 

Cutter  38:38

Yeah, absolutely. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:40

You know, because in one of the other episodes, Amanda talked about how, you know, yeah, it was really important for you to go to this thing. And yeah. I could see a mom saying, No, you can’t miss this. But I mean, really, it wasn’t that big a deal. 

Cutter  38:56

No, not at all. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  38:57

But you don’t know that. 

Cutter  38:59

Yeah, no idea going into it. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  39:01

I know, you’re in this this fancy named, you know, program, you want to make sure you want to make a good impression. And to just blow it off just wouldn’t seem like the right thing to do. Right. Right. And so I could picture a conversation between grace and her mom and her mom saying, well, I’ll just go I just won’t say anything. So you’ll get the credit for going, you know, and 

Cutter  39:21


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  39:22

And then I could see I could see that sort of unfolding in the next semester.

Cutter  39:27


Jamie Lynn Gilbert  39:27


Cutter  39:29

it was it No, it is it is a very funny series of events and absolutely a very pandemic II thing to happen. I will totally agree with you there.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  39:38


Cutter  39:39

I would ask for your formal guess. You’ve told me several times in in the lead up and in the past few weeks, even of recording this show that you are fully on the story two history train.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  39:51

I am team grace and and i will tell you know those listening at home that it has been so interesting to watch everyone so far pick the same story

Cutter  40:01

I am. I’m astonished, honestly. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  40:04

And then you just react. Just so chill.

Cutter  40:08

Thank you

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  40:09

where I know you are screaming inside. Oh, absolutely. Are you kidding me? Because one either everyone has found you out.

Cutter  40:16

Right? Which is terrible, 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  40:18

Which is terrible or two,  no one has gotten it right which is even worse because your like hahaha

Cutter  40:25

Oh, yeah, no, it is it is eating me up inside. And because I don’t tell anyone like I, because it’s summer I’m at home with my family. I haven’t told them. Like I’m keeping this secret from everybody. Because I’m trying to I think there is one person who knows the which one is the real story. Besides, you know, the the people in it. There’s one person my my best friend since birth. He knows the real story. And I think no one else does. So it is it is truly eating me up inside. But I think for the sake of the story and the drama, I’m more than willing to keep it a secret until the end of the season. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  41:06

Yes. And you have given me no hints either way. 

Cutter  41:09

Oh, absolutely. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  41:10

Oh, it’s I’m excited to find out who the real person is. I want to meet grace and grace’s mom

Cutter  41:18

well, if you’re right, I’m sure you’ll get to. I’m very curious. Do you think? I mean, how long do you think it’s going to take before someone guesses that the other story is true?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  41:29

I don’t know. There’s nothing really wrong with the other story. You know, cuz I’m listening to it. I’m like, Yeah, yeah, that all sounds right. That all sounds you know, and everything is plausible, like.

Cutter  41:40

Sure. Yeah.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  41:41

People do stupid things and get their hands hurt. And no, yeah. Other people are like, yeah, just take my car keys, whatever. And I’m like, yeah, then that story checks out.

Cutter  41:48

Yeah, that’s college. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  41:49

Um, yeah. And like, Oh, I don’t want to go here. Though, and I know that that urgent cares, have weird hours. And like, that was also a little bit weird, but I’m sure there is an urgent care somewhere in this city. That is, yeah, has longer hours.

Cutter  42:08

I mean, they that was my exact reaction, honestly, when I looked and I was like, wait, why are you okay? Yeah, I have no reason not to, you know, not to at least check it out on the you know, if at worst, it’s still closed, and it’s on the way to the you know, we’re gonna see Oh, windows closed. All right, go ahead. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  42:25

Yeah. Because you always want to go to the urgent care instead of the ER because the copay is higher.

Cutter  42:29

Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m very interested to see how it develops. We are you you have been chomping at the bit to share your opinions. And I think every time I come in to record this, you tell me, you tell me more that you’re excited to meet grace. And I’m very excited to reveal which is true, which is false come seasons end we’re gonna have to wait for right now. Amazing. Well, thank you for your guess. Well, Jamie, thank you very much for joining me. I think we learned that you don’t pass out in high school gym class to get valedictorian because geometry will screw you in that anyways. But you will admire the beauty of Talley Student Union from a stretcher. Amazing. Well, thank you so much for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  43:15

Well, they can find more of my cat on Instagram. He has 2200 followers. 

Cutter  43:20

Oh my goodness 

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  43:22

@Beerus the Destroyer Cat.

Cutter  43:24

Wow. What a name.

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  43:25

Named for buress, the goddess of destruction from the Dragon Ball series. 

Cutter  43:29

Why not?

Jamie Lynn Gilbert  43:29

And you can find more of everything I love on Yeah, go to slash podcasts. You will find this program as well as other podcasts that we’ve had. And of course you can listen 24/7/365 on air, online, and on our radio FX app.

Cutter  43:48

Amazing. What a great advisor Jamie, thank you so much for joining me. That will do it for this episode. Our Intro Music is popped on get off compositions to used under the Creative Commons license found on Free Music Archive. Our outro music is vintage news of Production Music used under the Creative Commons license also found on Free Music Archive. I’ve been cutter. This has been You’ll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.