New Album Review

Bathtub Cig – bed Review

Bathtub Cig, a project from singer-songwriter Hilary James, deals with quarantine feels and grief in their new EP “bed.” The Minneapolis project is strongly influenced by Frankie Cosmos. Bathtub Cig is the best kind of bedroom pop, soft and sweet with lyrics that hit you hard. This EP is mostly the frontwoman James with accompaniment from Adelyn Rose on wind instruments and bass. Still, the songs are simple with James shining with her vocals and electric guitar.    

My Favorite Tracks:


The almost bluesy “Sepia” is a great start to the EP. James sings about the end of days and how everything is colored in sepia tones. The track is only a minute and a half long but is a sweet opener to the rest of the EP. The poetic lyrics “I’m floating forward as the flames unfurl” are my favorite.

Quarantine Dream

While this track is about the 2020 quarantine, there is something that resonates in 2021. The lonely lyrics complement the airy woodwinds and strumming guitar. The light synth enhances the depression-pop ambiance. “Quarantine Dream” is cozy and sleepy, a great track to drift off to bed with.      

My Friend – We are the Willows 

This song is dedicated to James’s bandmate Leah Ottman, who passed away suddenly in December 2020. Peter Miller, Leah’s friend and bandmate, harmonizes with James, crooning their love of their friend. The sentimental track focuses on channeling grief and letting go. I love the harmonies and gentle guitar.    

Each of the songs of this EP flows seamlessly together and tells an expansive story. I’m so excited for the full-length album coming out this fall.  

-DJ lil witch