Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 6/22

1WINTER ETERNALLand Of DarknessHell’s Headbangers
2VOIDWOMBAltars of Cosmic Devotion [EP]Iron Bonehead
3DISAVOWEDRevocation Of The FallenBrutal Mind
4NEKUSDeath Nova Upon the Barren HarvestBlood Harvest
5DISTANTAeons Of OblivionUnique Leader
6MAYHEM“Black Glass Communion” [Single]Century Media
7GOATS OF DOOMShivaPurity Through Fire
8BURNING WITCHESThe Witch Of The NorthNuclear Blast
9MONSTER MAGNETA Better DystopiaNapalm
10SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL“Baba Yaga” [Single]Sumerian