Ditch Dates and Concert Food

In this episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But…WKNC social media manager Grant joins Cutter to talk about a date that ended with a car in a ditch and a concert that ended with a hospital trip due to some peanut oil.

You’ll Never Believe Me But… is a lighthearted storytelling podcast about what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s funny. Guests come on and tell two stories, one real one fake, and laugh and joke about it with host Cutter as they enjoy storytelling while he tries to figure out which story is the real one.


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Cutter 0:00
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter that you may know me as three bears in a coat on air on HD one and welcome to this episode of, You’ll never believe me, but. You’ll never believe me, but is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on, they tell me two stories, one real and one fake. And I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher I’m gonna rundown the three rules we have here, before we get into today’s episode, rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We’re not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them. You agreed to come on the show and tell these stories. But unless they agreed to have these stories told, just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one. All stories should start with You’ll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis before starting the story just so we all know what we’re getting into. And as a nice little nod to the show’s title. So with all of that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into today’s episode. Today’s guest is Grant a DJ social media mastermind and an important part of WKNC. And someone who has been following the show since the pitch grant, how are you doing today?

Grant 1:28
I’m great. How are you?

Cutter 1:30
I’m doing wonderful. I’m so glad to have you in. You are the resident Social Media Manager here if that’s correct.

Grant 1:36
Yep. I’m the promotions director. So I work with a lot of venues locally to get there, there’s stuff on our social media for money. And I also shitpost just constantly because, well, fun fact. Now we’re not bleeding followers anymore, because every time I know you were saying this earlier, the whole the whole vision is every time someone sees a tweet from WKNC. I want them to be like, ooh, another one another, another banger.

Cutter 2:03
Another banger. I did see that. I did see that one get posted. I like that one.

Grant 2:07
Thank you. Thank you.

Cutter 2:08
But no, I you know, you do a great job. And you’ve actually promoted some of this podcast in the past, which I’m so grateful that I get to have you on.

Grant 2:16
I’m certainly going to promote this one.

Cutter 2:17
I would hope so. I would hope so. I yeah. honored to have you as a guest. Well, Grant, this is not your first time listening to the podcast.

Grant 2:28
No it is not.

Cutter 2:28
You are well aware of how this works. Because you’ve been keeping up with it for a while you were the first person to reach out to me when I posted a call for people to come in and come on my show.

Grant 2:40
I love hearing myself talk.

Cutter 2:42
Hey, I don’t blame, you know, I, I’m just so I’m so glad that we can make this happen. Because you were you were the first person to jump on that. And I’m glad that we could get this scheduled. Because I just you know, I appreciate you and appreciate you being interested in the show. So I want to reward you by having you on.

Grant 2:56
Thank you. I feel very rewarded.

Cutter 3:00
All right. Well, Grant, if you you know how the show works. If you have any lingering questions before we get into it. Ask them now or we’ll go ahead and get started with your first story.

Grant 3:10
I’m all good. I don’t think I have any questions.

Cutter 3:13
All right, well, then we will go ahead and get started. Grant, take it away.

Grant 3:17
You will never believe me. But I thought I was going on a date a couple years ago and I wound up almost dying in a world that

Cutter 3:25
That sounds okay, there’s a lot to start with. I have so many questions and I’m gonna guess you’re gonna answer like five of them within the first like, minute, please. How did this all start?

Grant 3:36
Alright, so in early High School, there’s this girl I was I was talking to and I wanted to get to know more intimately.

Cutter 3:45
Sure, sure.

Grant 3:46
Yeah. And and so we were talking about you know, at some point going on either a date or just hanging out in general. She was just seemed like a cool person to be friends with too. But one day, just out of nowhere, she she invited me to go like rollerblading.

Cutter 4:03
Okay, nice, yeah.

Grant 4:04
And so she she had just gotten her license, I believe. I hadn’t had my license yet. And I was also like, sophomore, sophomore, junior year. Yeah. And so, obviously, she wasn’t the best driver. I don’t think anybody who just gets the licenses, but I think it’s a little special. Um, like, like, she was like a special case. Kind of not very good at all at the time. I don’t know, I haven’t talked to her and gotten an update on how good she is at driving since but, uh, so pretty much out of nowhere a little bit later at night. She just asked me if I wanted to go rollerblading with her. And it turns out that her friend was there too.

Cutter 4:42
Okay, sure.

Grant 4:43
Um, and so I was like, cool. That’s, that’s fine. But it was also like, already kind of almost like nine or 10 o’clock.

Cutter 4:50
Okay, yeah

Grant 4:51
around that point. So it was like, okay, Sun’s already going down. Cool. Let’s Let’s see. So I was like, Okay, oh, she’s just gonna pick me this someplace in town. Nope. It was like, literally an hour away.

Cutter 5:04
an hour away?

Grant 5:05
Yeah. So um, yeah, I lived in Wilmington at the time. And it was in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which is

Cutter 5:11
oh my goodness, that’s far

Grant 5:13
I know. I know.

Cutter 5:15
And, and she was like, Yeah, I’ve got I’ve had my license for like, a month. I could totally make this hour long drive at 9pm

Grant 5:21
Yeah, absolutely. No, the thing is, you know, you got to drive back.

Cutter 5:28
That’s true. Yeah, that’s half the trouble.

Grant 5:31
Yeah. So yeah, we just sort of, did it. Um,

Cutter 5:36
So you made it there safely?

Grant 5:38
So I believe we made it there somewhat safely. Yeah.

Cutter 5:41
Okay, sure

Grant 5:42
I mean, I think there was something that I don’t know she might have like, almost like gone at a red light or something and really freaked out but like, other than that, she was kind of okay.

Cutter 5:53
Sure, sure.

Grant 5:56
the place that we went there. The place we went to it, I cannot express enough how shady it was.

Cutter 6:03
Oh, yeah.

Grant 6:04
Anybody who has ever been to Jacksonville North Carolina knows that. Really any function there is going to be in some sort of metal like corrugated metal building.

Cutter 6:14
Yeah, they Jacksonville has that kind of vibe.

Grant 6:17
Yeah, was not it was a lot nicer on the inside. But for a little bit. I thought I was I was entering into some sort of sketchy chamber of bad times.

Cutter 6:28

Grant 6:29
Yeah. It wasn’t that bad. But when we got out, it’s like midnight, or Oh, my goodness one. And I’m like, I’m picking me up. I’m scared because like, I don’t know, I, I just completely had not had much nightlife experience. I was

Cutter 6:43
Right. Yeah.

Grant 6:44
Still a little sheltered. Um, and so this chick just while driving back, I think we needed to take a U turn, for some reason. Took a U turn. Not not seeing the Do Not Enter sign and just totally into oncoming traffic.

Cutter 7:00
Oh, my goodness.

Grant 7:01
Yeah. And it’s so weird. I didn’t even remember that. This was a thing that happened in my life. But yeah, I don’t know. There was a couple seconds where I’m like, okay, those are those are car headlights coming towards me. Yeah, so I think she just like, veered off into a ditch to the right.

Cutter 7:20
Wow. Yeah.

Grant 7:22
And we were fine. But for a solid couple seconds. Like, man. There’s, there’s often times in life where you just brush up with your own death. And that was that was one of them. It’s like, that would be the saddest.

Cutter 7:37
Oh, yeah.

Grant 7:38
Of all time for me so.

Cutter 7:41
Absolutely. So yeah, I here’s what I’m astonished by honestly, first and foremost, neither of you had like a curfew?

Grant 7:49
Uh, it was I mean, I was I was definitely keeping my parents up to date consistently with where I didn’t there wasn’t necessarily a curfew, but also certainly it went over what I what I thought what my parents thought it was.

Cutter 8:05

Grant 8:06
Um, because I didn’t know it would be in Jacksonville.

Cutter 8:12
I think what I what I imagined most about this and what I like, is your parents probably going Oh, yeah, he’s gonna go rollerskate Yeah, sounds like a good time. And then you let them know that you’re going to an hour away only an hour,

Grant 8:25
Oh Jesus man. I there’s so much of this that I’ve like, I don’t even want to even think about I do think that they they were informed pretty early on about what the plan was knew that I was a little weirded out by it but were like, Okay, he’s not he’s not baby anymore. I don’t know. It’s like, yeah, me personally, I’ve been the older child my whole life and I don’t know I’ve been given a lot of freedom to do stuff like that. And it’s sort of wound up putting me in situations like that a couple times.

Cutter 9:01

Grant 9:02
So, yeah. I don’t know. By the time we were on our way back, it was definitely far too late.

Cutter 9:10
Oh, sure. Yeah.

Grant 9:11
It’s probably the one of the latest times I’ve ever been out like and still, like, come home. Yeah, yeah. Normally I’d be you know, I’d say I was at someone else’s house or something.

Cutter 9:22

Grant 9:22
.Because I don’t know it’s a funny time to. Because Because now, I think I’m at the point where it’s like, I’m a real human but back then I was sort of still so a boy and to be a boy in in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Was is a was a life changing experience. I would imagine. Um, and I don’t know, really anything else I have to say about it, other than the fact that the people in Jacksonville, North Carolina at 1am are just not the not the friendliest people.

Cutter 9:57
I yeah. I mean,

Grant 9:58
not the nicest looking people. I’ve just got to say, I’m being surrounded by those those people and then it’s so weird that was almost worse than the

Cutter 10:11
than the ending up in the ditch part.

Grant 10:13
Yeah. So I’m like, someone here is like, they want to harm me. And they cannot because there’s so many people around.

Cutter 10:23

Grant 10:23
And I just got that feeling

Cutter 10:24
Thats a bad vibe

Grant 10:25
bad vibe. Um, I yeah, it was one of the most formative things in my life because it’s like, now I know what not to do with my time.

Cutter 10:36
What not to do with my time. That. Yeah, that’s very impressive. So she just like, tried to take a U turn ended up just panicking and throwing it into the ditch.

Grant 10:47
I mean, she was she was making mistakes left and right, but that was that was the kicker, man. So at that point, kind of an emotional wreck. I think her friend started driving or something after that. I don’t know why her friend wasn’t always driving because her friend was older. I I don’t think that the best opportunity to get your driver’s experience in is at Jacksonville, North Carolina at 1 AM.

Cutter 11:11
Yeah, it doesn’t seem optimal. Alright, I’ll give you.

Grant 11:15
Oh, God, I cannot believe that that I was put in that situation because it was like I was totally in the in the backseat. Like, I never felt so weirded out. I was I was the third wheel. Yeah, now that was definitely the worst part about that. Not the almost head on collision.

Cutter 11:38
Right. Yeah.

Grant 11:39
It was. It was it was how I felt

Cutter 11:41
Just the emotional damage.

Grant 11:43
It was the emotional damage.

Cutter 11:44
Third wheeling on your own date.

Grant 11:46

Cutter 11:46
That’s awful. I think I’m astonished that I don’t know, my like, my parents have always been very, like careful about driving. Like, they were like, okay, just like, be careful, be safe. And you know, I drove a lot before I got my license license, like more than I needed to. And so I I’m just impressed. And maybe this is just mostly because of like, my upbringing and what I’m used to. I’m just shocked that like, her parents would be like, yeah, you can drive to Jacksonville and back in a night.

Grant 12:19
Well, I mean, that wasn’t really that big of an issue. Because it’s like, I don’t know, I grew up in rural North Carolina.

Cutter 12:29

Grant 12:29
And a lot of people’s parents in rural North Carolina that is the least of their worries.

Cutter 12:34
That’s fair.

Grant 12:34
Just to be completely honest. You had other stuff going on, I think because I don’t know it’s just it was a it was a weird family background. I don’t know. I don’t really want to get into

Cutter 12:47
no no absolutely

Grant 12:49
into my consistent for some reason, I’m I’m a lot of people’s types that probably I shouldn’t be.

Cutter 12:59
Wow, that I like that line a lot. I’m a lot of people’s types that maybe I shouldn’t be. That’s phenomenal. I thought I’m gonna be totally honest with you. Right from that that tagline. I figured this was gonna be some sort of like, crazy insane catfishing story that was like where my mind immediately went.

Grant 13:20
Dude, I wish .

Cutter 13:21
Oh my god.

Grant 13:22
I’m too boring for that.

Cutter 13:23
Oh, don’t say that. Hey, almost a driving head on into traffic is still pretty exciting. in Jacksonville, North Carolina at 1 am on a date that you were third wheeling your own date. Which I think I think that’s plenty plenty enough.

Grant 13:37
Oh, that’s pretty funny. I gotta say though a lot of people do have stories that um, that wind up being way crazier because they’re dumb. I think every single thing I could possibly do right in this situation I did right. And I still almost wound up dying and that makes it scary to me.

Cutter 13:52
Yeah. And I think those are the best stories when it’s like when it’s more than the bad things are thrust on you then you like make dumb decisions that you look back on and go Yeah, I clearly didn’t do the right thing. I like stories where your like I did the right thing and it still sucked. Yeah, I think that’s a I think it what’s even more impressive is like had you made worse decisions like that would have gone worse is astonishing that like ending up in the ditches is good outcome.

Grant 14:19
Oh, well, I was the person who noticed that we were going the wrong way first.

Cutter 14:23
Oh, no.

Grant 14:24
Yeah. And and having people be like, what, what were you talking about? When you I don’t know? It’s just like, yeah, then you have to like argue with that person about it.

Cutter 14:33
Right, Yeah.

Grant 14:34
When you’re hurtling through, I don’t know. It’s just it was like, was not the last date that we had though. Which is so funny to me. I know. I know. I I was too forgiving.

Cutter 14:47
You went through all that. You were like, you know what, honestly, one more chance.

Grant 14:53
Yeah, well, it’s like I don’t know I’ve never turned into oncoming traffic, but, I figured that was more of a mistake. It wasn’t it wasn’t her fault, but I don’t think I drove with with her in the front seat ever again

Cutter 15:10
I don’t blame you. I don’t think I would have ridden with her again.

Grant 15:13
I think it was more I was like, Okay, then then you just suck at driving. It’s like we can work with that. Now and now I know to have higher standards, but

Cutter 15:22
I mean, sure.

Grant 15:24
Yeah. Also, I like higher standards for your venue of choice.

Cutter 15:29
What you mean the Jacksonville roller rink?

Grant 15:31
dude, I’ve been to I mean, I mean, I’ve been the shadier of your places, but like, not for fun. Sure.

Cutter 15:37
Sure. Sure. I mean, look, all I’m saying is Jacksonville roller rink, real nice place. From everything you’ve said atleast.

Grant 15:43
I mean, it was it was nicer on the inside than I thought it was gonna be, to be honest. The rollerblading experience, honestly, the best part of it.

Cutter 15:50
I would imagine. Yeah. Hey, you went all that way. I mean, yeah.

Grant 15:54
Was it worth it?

Cutter 15:55
Yeah. Was it worth the two hours of driving and nearly dying?

Grant 15:58
Absolutely. Glowing review five stars

Cutter 16:02
Glowing review. Five stars would almost crash into oncoming traffic again.

Grant 16:07
Yeah, sure.

Cutter 16:09
I don’t know. I mean, hey, you’re pretty high on it. I think that’s fair. That is that’s very exciting. I think there’s a lot of a lot to be learned from that. Primarily

Grant 16:19
Yeah, probably a lot of foreshadowing for future relationship problems, too. If if that wasn’t the end of that.

Cutter 16:26
You were like, you’ve almost killed me but you know what? We can make this work?

Grant 16:30
Yeah. I’ve thought that more times than I’d like to admit.

Cutter 16:35
That is what a sentence. I’m amazed.

Grant 16:39
I you almost made me couldn’t bust into flames by just pure anger. But But hey,

Cutter 16:45
I think we can make this way. Hey, I mean, what can you do? What can you say the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes the heart wants to almost crash into oncoming traffic.

Grant 16:54
It was my It was my simp era.

Cutter 16:59
The simp era well. That’s phenomenal. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Grant 17:03
You’ll never believe me. But I wound up stranded at a hospital after my friend went into anaphylactic shock at a concert with me.

Cutter 17:10
That That’s very kind of you, I think is my first reaction to that. Oh, that’s nice of you. I mean, I mean, the stranded parts bad. Yeah, but you know,

Grant 17:20
yeah, well, yeah. Sorry. I thought you meant that was that was a very grant thing to happen.

Cutter 17:25
Oh, well I mean maybe

Grant 17:26
I mean it it is. Yeah, I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah, certainly. It definitely was, but it was real vibe killer.

Cutter 17:35
I would imagine.

Grant 17:37
That was that was the worst part really just just killed the vibe. But um,

Cutter 17:40
well, how do we how do we get there? Yes please.

Grant 17:42
So we went to see a concert at PNC arena.

Cutter 17:45

Grant 17:45
Couple years ago. A blues, It was the Bon Iver concert that I went to off of the I,I tour.

Cutter 17:53

Grant 17:54
Yeah, I love the hat. Little little green hat I got from it.

Cutter 17:59
You still have it?

Grant 18:00
Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s fantastic. Well, he bought it, but he gave it to me.

Cutter 18:04
Hey, that’s what that’s what counts.

Grant 18:05
Pretty funny. It’s like, okay, I appreciate the payment.

Cutter 18:09

Grant 18:10
Yeah. So he had a peanut allergy he still does now. I don’t know why I’m speaking about this person in the past tense.

Cutter 18:17
No, I appreciate that is a good clarification. I appreciate it.

Grant 18:20
Yeah, yeah. Spoiler nobody died.

Cutter 18:24
Yeah, spoiler.

Grant 18:25
Yeah. But uh, I don’t really remember. It was some some sort of fried food he got

Cutter 18:30
At the concert?

Grant 18:31
At the concert. Yeah.

Cutter 18:32
So So you went to some Bon Iver concert? And was it like the order like, oh, let me get fried peanuts or?

Grant 18:40
No, it was like peanut oil.

Cutter 18:42

Grant 18:42
That did it and it was something that wouldn’t normally have it. I don’t think it was fried.

Cutter 18:46
Oh, gotcha.

Grant 18:48
I didn’t even see what he ate man. I just noticed that all of a sudden. They had on site medics there as they do normally.

Cutter 18:58

Grant 18:59
In large public gatherings. But uh, yeah, I didn’t I didn’t even realize what was happening until I just sort of saw them. I’ll sort of credit over him and I don’t know the vibe in the in the concert. Certainly shifted.

Cutter 19:13
Yeah, I would imagine.

Grant 19:14
We had to sort of get out of there pretty quick. kind of sucked. We didn’t get a refund from that. But

Cutter 19:21
uh, well, I mean, yeah

Grant 19:23
yeah. So my friend was also there. She She wasn’t with us.

Cutter 19:28
Oh, gotcha. Just like also at the concert.

Grant 19:30
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I actually got her tickets. But but they were like, the cheapest ones just because she was like, Alright, just get me in tonight, like she she went to Meredith. She still goes to Meredith

Cutter 19:40
Oh, yeah.

Grant 19:40
But like, was like, Oh, um, I just want to like see it. So yeah, we rode together but she was completely like, across the row, on like the other opposite side.

Cutter 19:53
Yeah, where were you where, where were your spots in this concert?

Grant 19:57
Sort of bottom middle of our section. We weren’t like there was a, you know, how PNC is where the actual standing room in the middle. We were sort of off to the I guess if from from the artists perspective, it’s pretty close by to the left.

Cutter 20:11
Oh, nice.

Grant 20:12
Yeah, so they weren’t bad seats. See, she was honestly in the same section just way up at the top. Oh, gotcha. Okay. Yeah. So so eventually we sort of found each other and went to follow him to the hospital and did not want to leave. But

Cutter 20:23

Grant 20:25
Yeah. I believe it was her car. Yeah, we totally took her car cuz I didn’t have a car at the time.

Cutter 20:32

Grant 20:35
At least not in Raleigh. Yes. So yeah, we eventually followed the paramedics to the hospital. And I mean, he was the he was pretty much good. After after an hour or 2,

Cutter 20:50
Right. Yeah.

Grant 20:51
But in that time, my phone had completely died.

Cutter 20:53
And oh, god,

Grant 20:55
I was just sort of vibing. And that’s really the the main part of the story I wanted to tell is how I got up out how I wound up in that that sort of just

Cutter 21:04
stuck at a hospital

Grant 21:05
stuck in a hospital. I that it reminded me of your, your first or your first story that you told

Cutter 21:11
Yeah. Yeah.

Grant 21:11
It was like, just sort of the weird in between waiting when you feel like you’re not part of the earth.

Cutter 21:19
Yeah, absolutely.

Grant 21:20
Yeah. So I was just wandering around trying to get my phone charged. Eventually, I found somebody with the same type of charger. But uh, yeah, I just wanted to

Cutter 21:32
So you got stuck, how long were you? How long were you at the hospital trying to?

Grant 21:37
I mean, after after we got my phone charged. It was pretty much like half an hour after that.

Cutter 21:42
Thats not bad.

Grant 21:44
I mean, it was pretty much an immediate reaction. But it wasn’t that like, you know, it wasn’t a lot of that he consumed anyways.

Cutter 21:52
Right, Yeah,

Grant 21:52
Just a little bit and they had to give him an epi pen and everything. So

Cutter 21:56
Dang. That’s crazy.

Grant 21:57
Yeah. It was. It was bananas dude

Cutter 22:00
No, that’s fair. So your friend, so you and your other friend both went to the hospital with him?

Grant 22:08
Oh, yeah.

Cutter 22:08
And just like, hung out for a little while.

Grant 22:11
Yeah, I just didn’t, you know? Oh, I will. My my first desire was to contact his parents.

Cutter 22:18
Right, yeah.

Grant 22:19
And my other friend. She wound up doing that for me. Just because I didn’t have my phone.

Cutter 22:23
Of course, of course.

Grant 22:24
But yeah, it was another one of those situations where I it was definitely a very concerning thing probably for my friend

Cutter 22:34
Oh, absolutely. Yeah. How late how late into the show is this was this, like, nearing the end?

Grant 22:41
Yeah, it was it was. It was a little bit later.

Cutter 22:43
Yeah Okay.

Grant 22:44
Cuz I mean, we ‘d eaten beforehand he was just starting to get a little hungry. You know,

Cutter 22:48
Right. Sure.

Grant 22:49
Yeah. It was it was late enough to want to want to snack.

Cutter 22:53
Right. Yeah. And so yeah, I imagine from your parents perspective that like, you know, they know probably when-ish, the concert is gonna end and when-ish you’ll be home. And once you start overshooting that by an hour, hour and a half.

Grant 23:06
Yeah, yeah. Luckily, it wasn’t too far off, but it was certainly starting to worry them. Yeah.

Cutter 23:10
Yeah. And with no phone to contact them either.

Grant 23:13
Yeah, that was that was probably the worst part about it.

Yeah. Guess I’m a little too reliant on on that. But yeah,

Cutter 23:21
I mean, that’s how everything runs. Now. It’s not really a,

Grant 23:23
yeah, it’s scary, especially in. It’s just so noteworthy. When something important happens and you, you aren’t able to let people know about it.

Cutter 23:32
Yeah, absolutely. We live in a weird world don’t we.

Grant 23:36
We live in a society man.

Cutter 23:38
We absolutely do.

Grant 23:40
it’s a Yep. There are people on this earth.

Cutter 23:43
There are there are a lot of them as it turns out. Yeah. No, that’s, that’s intense. So you do you still do you ever wear that green hat?

Grant 23:52
Oh Yeah.

Cutter 23:52
Like around him?

Grant 23:53

Cutter 23:53
And just like rub in the fact that like, you know, you didn’t have to pull you guys away from the concert.

Grant 24:00
I mean, I guess it’s more of a happy memory than that. But yeah, I mean, definitely. He’s, I think he’s happy that we didn’t abandon him.

Cutter 24:11
Oh, no, absolutely.

Grant 24:14
Yeah. Other than that, I don’t think that there’s much of a taunting going on about it. Although it did suck to not be able to finish the last like, hour or so that

Cutter 24:23
Oh, yeah. That sucks so bad. Especially Yeah, that’s, that’s unfortunate. But you know, gotta keep your friend alive. I would imagine.

Grant 24:33

Cutter 24:34
Did he spend the night in the hospital? Was he in and out?

Grant 24:36
Oh, no, no, he was he was out. Yeah, no, we actually had a hotel because I still lived in Wilmington. A couple years ago.

Cutter 24:45
Gotcha. Okay, sure.

Grant 24:46
Just uh, we’re actually touring NC State the same day too see where I’m like Oh, State’s the one

Cutter 24:52
Yeah, NC State love it gonna go here, go to a Bon Iver Concert. Friend almost dies.

Grant 24:58

Cutter 24:58
I mean, what can you do?

Grant 24:59
Yeah very memorable day very important day.

Cutter 25:02
Yeah, absolutely. Oh my goodness.

Grant 25:04
Yeah, yeah we wound up watching Barry the Bill Hater.

Cutter 25:08
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Grant 25:11
So he didn’t die wound up just sort of vibin that night. Oh, it was it was good.

Cutter 25:15
Nice. So he also ended up going to state or no?

Grant 25:19
No, no, he wound up going to app

Cutter 25:22
Loser.. just kidding App is great.

Grant 25:25
App is great. I don’t think he wants to be there anymore because it’s depressing school apparently.

Cutter 25:31
Oh, I’m sorry. It is cold up there. And there’s no no no Coco Bongo

Grant 25:38
True no Coco Bongo

Cutter 25:42
Oh my gosh. Yeah,

Grant 25:43
I could go for some Coco Bongo.

Cutter 25:45
Oh always thats amazing so you toured state, loved it he toured state and didn’t love it enough.

Grant 25:52
Yeah, maybe maybe it’s the fact that he associated that day with State.

Cutter 25:57
I don’t think I’d blame him honestly. I don’t know if I’d be able to go to a school that I toured not eight hours before I almost died.

Grant 26:03
Yeah, I mean, to be fair, that might be the reason why he wound up going to App now that I think about it.

Cutter 26:08
Honestly, I’d be I’d be curious. I’d be curious. I wouldn’t blame him. I think I think I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else for a while. Wow, what a traumatic thing to change school choice maybe allegedly change school choice because of that.

Grant 26:25
Yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean, it was probably just because App State is way cheaper but

Cutter 26:31
Oh probably.

Grant 26:32
But you know not being in the city where he almost died is pretty nice, too.

Cutter 26:36
Yeah. I mean, Hey, would you want to go to school in Jacksonville where you almost died in oncoming traffic?

Grant 26:41
I just wouldn’t want to live in Jacksonville

Cutter 26:43
That’s not the question. That’s not the question. Would you be if there was like a great school there?

Grant 26:47
If there was a great school in Jacksonville? Right. Hell would freeze over but yeah, sure. I don’t know. I love this place. There’s no WKNC and

Cutter 26:57
oh, no, there’s no WKNC anywhere else.


That’s that was more of a would you be able to go to school in the same place you almost died. But I don’t know.

Grant 27:07
Maybe I was trying to think if I almost died here yet. It’ll happen.

Cutter 27:10
Oh, no, it always happens. We all almost die sometimes. But that’s amazing. I’m very, very glad to hear that he is okay. And I’m very sad to hear that he’s no longer happy at App. If only he hadn’t almost died.

Grant 27:25
Yeah. Um, yeah, definitely. I don’t know. I feel like mountains are nice, but he he just wants to be around more people and less depressing heroin addicts. That’s a big thing for Boone. Sadly, I love love that town with all my heart though.

Cutter 27:42
Yeah Boones great.

Grant 27:43
Um, yeah. Little Boone banter,

Cutter 27:46
Boone banter. Well, amazing. All right, then I think unless you have anything to add on this one, I’ll go ahead and make my guesses.

Grant 27:55
Alright, sweet.

Cutter 27:58
So we had two stories, one where you ended up in a ditch on a date, and one where your friend almost died at a concert that you both attended

Grant 28:07
2 near death experiences, yes

Cutter 28:08
2 near death experiences. I appreciate that your parents are such big figures in both of them. Just like you know, omnipresent figures like just as they are worrying about you.

Grant 28:19
They’re there to make them worry for sure.

Cutter 28:21
Is that was that like a common thing? That was like

Grant 28:24
In my life?

Cutter 28:24
Yeah, are you a big you know, parent worrier.

Grant 28:27
I think anybody with my blood is is a big worrier about a lot of things, but um I don’t know. Those are just two of the most notable circumstances where they knew about it.

Cutter 28:40
Absolutely. I think that’s fair. Well, I think I’m ready to make my guess. I don’t think I have any questions. I think I’m pretty. I’m pretty ready on this one. I’m gonna say that that first story is fake. I think that the Bon Iver concert, first of all, because like, I don’t know, for sure, if you listen to Bon Iver, but you’re, you’re at WKNC. And you just give me the vibe that you listen to Bon Iver.

Grant 29:06
I certainly do.

Cutter 29:07
And so I’m, you know, I’m kind of relying on that. And like, you know, just like, yeah, you I feel like you’d be hard pressed to lie about going to a concert, mostly just because you’ve been to a ton, but maybe, maybe that’s just oversimplification.

Grant 29:19
So I haven’t been to a ton of concerts, but I definitely did go to that concert. But as you can see, there’s tons of footage of it not like I mean, I went with the same people. He’s not allergic to anything. I just completely made that part up. No. Oh my god, I wish I wish that first story was fake.

Cutter 29:36
So you actually

Grant 29:38
Oh, yeah.

Cutter 29:38
Oh, that I feel like that’s just such an unlikely series of events.

Grant 29:42
It is, um, which is why I totally like, I’d repressed it and when I was looking for alternative story ideas, based off of the one major one that I tell the people not really probably being the thing I want out on the internet for sure. Oh, and I was like, Oh my god, I forgot that, that bizarre night.

Cutter 30:01

Grant 30:02
That was so crazy. We wound up getting milkshakes at McDonald’s after nah man it absolutely happened. There are other people who know about this too.

Cutter 30:12
That’s astonishing. I think I just yeah, that’s see I find every part of that a little hard to believe. And when you put them all together, it seems like such a, but that is, you know, You’ll never believe me, but that is kind of the premise. That’s astonishing that you wow, that you were able to survive that.

Grant 30:31
Jesus man. Yeah. I mean, it wasn’t. I don’t know, being, you know, being just outside of a car and sort of chilling around, I don’t know, 20 or 30 people that looked like they they are capable of, of either witnessing or doing some terrible stuff.

Cutter 30:49

Grant 30:49
That’s not good as a little boy. Cuz I don’t know. Just a little boy at that point.

Cutter 30:54
Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Grant 30:56
Yeah. Yeah. And it’s so weird that there are tons of families there too.

Cutter 31:01

Grant 31:02
Absolutely serious. They’re just like families in Jacksonville roller skating and like 11, 12 at night.

Cutter 31:08
Yeah. Hey, you were you were skate roller skating in Jacksonville at 11 or 12 at night.

Grant 31:11
I just mean who would take their 10 year old kid to that location. But they did. Yeah.

Cutter 31:16
I mean, hey, you drove an hour to get there so I mean, what can you do?

Grant 31:20
Yeah, I’m glad. I’m glad I’m where I’m at now. And I don’t have to do that stuff to go on date.

Cutter 31:28
Yeah, that’s astonishing. It’s, I’ve just Yeah, I just can’t get over the fact that you’re like, from the backseat on your own date,

Grant 31:35

Cutter 31:36
Just like just hanging out back there.

Grant 31:38
Dude, I was such a chill kid. And I’m still really chill about stuff now.

Cutter 31:42

Grant 31:43
But I think that was that probably should have been the first sign that I needed to maybe ask, Hey, what the hell’s going on sometimes? Like, Hey, I don’t really want to do this.

Cutter 31:56

Grant 31:57
Now I’d be like, Nah, man, turn turn the hell around. drive me home. I don’t want to do this.

Cutter 32:01
I don’t want to go to Jacksonville at 9pm. With someone who’s been driving on their own for a month.

Grant 32:06
Yeah, well, yeah. Luckily, because I’m a normal person, someone who’s been driving for a month or so at that age. I do not come in contact with anymore.

Cutter 32:19
Right. Sure. Sure.

Grant 32:20
So yeah, I think one of the benefits of getting out of those growing pain years is that everyone else sort of does too. Yeah, that stuff happens a little less. I don’t know. I feel like the real crazy stories come a little later in life. But uh, I think I think pulling from from one of those weird bizarre youth stories.

Cutter 32:41
Right, yeah.

Grant 32:42
Where everyone’s sort of like not sure how to how to act around other people.

Cutter 32:45
Yeah, yeah.

Grant 32:47
Because I don’t know. I feel like she probably wouldn’t do the same thing now.

Cutter 32:50
I’d be surprised. Yeah, I just man, that’s such a such an odd choice to be like, you know what I’m gonna do on this date. Let’s go to Jacksonville and roller skate.

Grant 33:00
Yeah, I don’t know. It must have been her friend’s idea. Or, you know, that definitely did not start as a as a date. It was more like, Oh, you want to come along with with us?

Cutter 33:09
Oh, interesting. Interesting.

Grant 33:12
Yeah, I’m still in awe that that even happened?

Cutter 33:17
Yeah, no, I am as well.

Grant 33:19
Yeah, I know that about the about the concert though. It was a fantastic concert.

Cutter 33:25
Oh, yeah.

Grant 33:25
He gave me the hat. I still have that green hat.

Cutter 33:27
Oh you do have the hat

Grant 33:28
I left it at my friend’s house in Wilmington last time I went so sad. But

Cutter 33:31
Oh, no.

Grant 33:32
But no, it’s it’s the best. It’s a company called ambient inks that makes it in Wisconsin. Makes it makes them rich. Really great. Shout out to Ambient Inks in Wisconscin

Shout out green hat at Bon Iver concert. Hey that’s awesome.

Bon Iver is my favorite band.

Cutter 33:49
So you did get to stay for the whole concert then?

Grant 33:51
I absolutely did. It was great. We also watched Barry on HBO afterwards.

Cutter 33:57
Awesome. That’s what counts.

Grant 33:59
Yeah, that hotel. There was like, stains everywhere and stuff. It was it was the Raleigh experience, man.

Cutter 34:05
Yeah. Yeah,

Grant 34:07
I toured Hunt library the same day. I was like, Hell yeah.

Cutter 34:10

Grant 34:10
He just want to go to app because it was cheaper. I

Cutter 34:12
I think that’s fair. I think that’s very fair. So no, no, no dramatic reason he didn’t choose State?

Grant 34:18
No, no it was definitely a half lie on that one.

Cutter 34:20
Hey, that’s all right. I’m with that all the way. That’s awesome. I mean, obviously the whole ending up in a ditch on a date

Grant 34:29
But hey, I’m here.

Cutter 34:30
You live, you get to tell the story. And that’s really all the counts, especially on this show. Well, amazing. We’re going to take a quick break so grant can listen to my two stories, and we’ll be right back with his guess. Hey, real quick while grant is listening to my stories. If you like the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button wherever you’re listening, whether that’s on Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts so you’ll never miss an episode. Also, just so that you all remember my two stories. Here’s a quick recap. In my first story, I had a friend his hand crushed by the blinds in his dorm room on the night before one of my finals and I had to take him to the hospital that night, then almost slipped through my final the next day. And in my second story, I got to talking to a potential friend in a pre college zoom event, only to find out that it was her mom pretending to be her. But it still worked out because her mom recommended to her daughter that we be friends. Alright, with all that out of the way. Let’s jump back into the action. So grant, you just heard my two stories. What do you think?

Grant 35:28
Well, they’re they’re just as good as I remember them. I just remembered that. You know what, while we were listening to it that I had heard them before, but I’d never really thought about it through the lens of which one’s real and which one’s fake. But I do have to say, a good good job because either of them are extremely detailed, and very well done.

Cutter 35:49
Thank you. Thank you.

Grant 35:51
Very realistic, but I just, I truly think that oh, like, there were there were these minute details that are so so real about the second one.

Cutter 36:05
Sure. Like what?

Grant 36:06
Like, I don’t know, like, one thing that that people never can really emulate about moms is the fact that they just make these like, prosthetic recommendations to like, be friends with people.

Cutter 36:19
Oh, yeah.

Grant 36:20
That’s a big thing like, Oh, yeah. You know, just they’ve lived long enough that they know, good people, and which ones aren’t, I guess, um, but like, That, to me seemed very real. And the fact that you, you blanked on a couple names in that story is is kind of also telling me that’s real, just because I don’t know, if I was making up a story, I would just sort of make up a name.

Cutter 36:43
Sure. Yeah. Makes sense.

Grant 36:46
Yeah, I mean, I might be wrong. Cuz like the first one does sound really realistic, too. And it very well could have happened, but right. Yeah, it also just seems like a cool one to make up. just seems like a fun, fun sort of story to play around with in your head.

Cutter 37:00
Oh, absolutely.

Grant 37:01
That might have been part of the genesis for the whole idea of the podcast to maybe started with with one of the stories. Oh, it’ll be fun. At least that’s how I would have done it if I was you. So

Cutter 37:12
So I will say I will say the true when the true story of those two happened to me was the genesis of this podcast idea.

Grant 37:20
I knew that for sure.

Cutter 37:23

Grant 37:23
Because either one of them was was good enough to be? I don’t know, I feel like just, I really want that that long term betrayal of having you and having it be their mom to be true. Because that’s so funny to me.

Cutter 37:36
Oh, no, it was hilarious. It was hilarious when she told me the news. And it I think, to me is still one of the funniest things that has ever, ever happened to me. So yeah you are gonna, I think very fair, very reasonably, based on what you’ve said, make the guess that the second story with grace. And her mom attending a meeting and acting as her is true. And the Broken Hand due to the blind story is untrue. Awesome. Well, I’m glad to hear that grant. You know, you were the third person in row to guess that that second story is true.

Yeah. every guest so far. Is that does that make you warier or more confident?

Grant 38:18
It makes me more confident in you. fact that you you have you have designed this to because I am I am certain man because the first one sounds so like, you put so much truth behind it when you talk about, you’re the expert here. I I’m still gonna stick with it.

Cutter 38:40
I don’t know. I know. That’s not I’m not trying to convince you otherwise. I’m just you know, curious to see if that will eventually become a factor. Just looking at what everyone else has guessed.

Grant 38:49
I mean, yeah, either way. If If everybody in a row has been wrong, I’m so impressed. So I’m still going with it. Oh,

Cutter 38:59
no, no, no, I totally. I’m not trying to make you change. Just just asking questions. Well, I appreciate it. I appreciate. I appreciate the guess. I guess we’ll see if you’re right when the season ends, and I’ll reveal which is true.

Grant 39:13
Oh you haven’t revealed it yet?

Cutter 39:15
Oh, no. I think there besides the people involved in the true story. I think that there is only one other person besides me who knows which story is true. So come come seasons end I will I will have the grand reveal and everyone who’s been on and everyone who’s been listening or playing along at home will have the opportunity to be either vindicated or crushed by the reality.

Grant 39:39
It would be cool to do some sort of zoom or or in person group reaction to it.

Cutter 39:45
I’ve been I’ve been rolling around a lot of finale ideas in my head. I’m very curious to how it’ll be

Grant 39:51
To get to get some sort of live reaction from from everybody that’s told their stories.

Cutter 39:56
Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll see what I can do. I think that’d be And I also I think what I’m going to try and do is get the main star of the real story in for the for the finale, and have them talk to the experience a little bit more. But either way, glad to have your guess, marking your name down in the history of You’ll never believe me, but amazing.

Grant 40:21
I’m glad I got to make my mark.

Cutter 40:23
Well grant, thank you so much for joining me. So we learned that you may go on dates with bad drivers, but you do not have any reason to miss a Bon Iver concert.

Grant 40:34
Very true. I don’t have any. Well I have friends with peanut allergies, but I don’t go to concerts with them.

Cutter 40:39
No never. Wouldn’t even risk it

Grant 40:41
Wouldn’t even risk it.

Cutter 40:42
Well. Thank you so much for joining me. Grant where can listeners find more of you?

Grant 40:47
So I’m of course the the WKNC social media guy but I also am on Instagram at Grant Eubanks that’s Eubanks I go by my last name Eubanks here at WKNC as a DJ also I make music under that name my most recent single is the day after tomorrow and that’s that’s everywhere on iTunes Apple Music all the all that jazz and yeah, that’s that’s my biggest baby.

Cutter 41:16
I’m glad to hear that. It’s phenomenal. You should go check it out everybody. It’s a great time. Grant. Thank you so much.

Grant 41:22
Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Cutter 41:25
That will do it for this episode. Our Intro Music is popped on get off of compositions 2 used under the Creative Commons license found on Free Music Archive our outro music is vintage news of Production Music used under the Creative Commons license also found on Free Music Archive. I’ve been Cutter this has been You’ll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.