You’ll Never Believe Me But… Washing Machines and Water Slides

In the second episode of You’ll Never Believe Me But… WKNC’s general manager Maddie joins Cutter to tell stories about getting stuck in washing machines and getting stuck in waterslides.

You’ll Never Believe Me But… is a lighthearted storytelling podcast about what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s funny. Guests come on and tell two stories, one real one fake, and laugh and joke about it with host Cutter as they enjoy storytelling while he tries to figure out which story is the real one.

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Cutter  00:00

Good morning. Good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Cutter, though you may know me as Three bears in a Coat on air on HD-1, and welcome to the second episode of, “You’ll never believe me, but…”

Cutter  00:20

“You’ll never believe me, but…” is a storytelling podcast being produced here at WKNC about lying to me, every episode I have a guest on, they tell me two stories, one real and one fake, and I have to decide which is real between them. For those of you that are new here, or for those of you that need a quick refresher, I’m going to run down the three rules we have here before we get into today’s episode. Rule number one, your story should not do significant damage to anyone else or their character. We’re not trying to be outwardly mean to anyone other than ourselves. Rule number two, if someone else is featured in the story, you must either have their permission to say their name or use a fake name for them, you agreed to come on the show and tell these stories. But unless they agreed to have these stories told, just use a fake name. And rule number three, and this is the easiest one. All stories should start with You’ll never believe me but and then a brief synopsis for starting the story, just so we all know what we’re getting into, and is a nice little nod to the show’s title. So with all of that housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into today’s episode. Today’s guest is Maddie, a good friend of mine at the station and WKNC’s general manager who does a ton for the station. Maddie, how you doing? 

Maddie  01:29

I’m doing pretty well. Thanks for having me. This is exciting

Cutter  01:31

Thank you for coming on the podcast and being my first guest ever. I’m so excited that it got to be you. Are you pumped to tell me your two stories? 

Maddie  01:41

Oh, yes, definitely.

Cutter  01:42

Very interested. I was told a little birdie told me that you were coming up with stories during your cycling class. Is that true?

Maddie  01:50

Okay, that’s partially true. The thing is, like, I came up with them over the weekend, but you know, like, since one is fake, I’m going to have to make it seem real, you know. So I need to like elaborate on the details for that story. And I was talking with Jamie about that, who’s the station advisor, like an hour or two ago, right before I left for my class. And so my class was a gym class where we ride bikes for an hour and get really sweaty. So while I was doing that, I was ironing out the details to my fake story. So yes, I guess that’s partially true. 

Cutter  02:23

That is awesome. I’m very excited to see if your stories are cycling inspired or not. That is unfortunate. But if it is the gig as well, unless you have any other questions for me, we will go ahead and get started.

Maddie  02:36

I don’t think so. 

Cutter  02:36

All right, then take it away.

Maddie  02:40

You’ll never believe me but I got stuck in the washing machine when I was playing hide and seek with my brothers as a young child. So I say that but it might actually be like somewhat believable because kids are like stupid.

Cutter  02:54

Yeah, kids are really dumb. 

Maddie  02:55

Ya know, Yeah.

Cutter  02:57

So I want to get this out of the way. I so my family was very adamant that I was not to go in the washing machine as a child, they that was something that hammered in to me a ton. So is that the same for you before we get into how you got stuck?

Maddie  03:11

 I don’t think Well, I mean, you say that How much did they have to like tell you not to get into the washing machine? 

Cutter  03:19

Okay, well, it did come up like, way more than it should have I was definitely a little bit of like a monkey like child as I was just like flying around everywhere. All right. And so the washing machine was always one of those things where I was like, ooh, let’s get inside and spin around. Okay, that’s me. Please tell me how you got stuck in the washing machine.

Maddie  03:42

Well, we were playing hide and seek I don’t know are you like an only child Do you have a younger sibling?

Cutter  03:46

No I’ve got a younger sibling

Maddie  03:47

Did you play hide and seek as a kid? 

Cutter  03:49

I did

Maddie  03:50

Yeah, we used to do that all the time. And this is I’m not gonna say completely out of my memory range but I was definitely younger than 10 so this story is more like based off of what my mom has told me because I don’t remember a lot of it. Maybe blocked half of it out because it was like a traumatic experience and stuff but as children my two younger brothers they’re twins and two years below me we played hide and seek a lot we had like a fairly big house I guess so lots of places to hide and stuff but 

Cutter  04:21


Maddie  04:22

 you know when you play hide and seek you just oh you shouldn’t go in the washing machine and like you said I feel like I’m sure my mom or dad was like hey guys when you play hide and seek don’t go on the washing machine but maybe it should have been drilled in my head more because I was like, let’s go into the washing machine. And I saw like it’s a pretty good hiding spot. I feel like I’m in this house. I don’t know like if this is no I feel like it’s pretty standard like the washing machine was was its own room like it had its own door and you could like walk in there and fit in there and stuff. And I remember also during Hide and Seek they were like the laundry hampers kind of And we’d all we’d often hide in those or even just like kind of behind the door, but then leave the door open and stuff like that. But I guess this one time I decided to amp it up a bit and be like, it’s washing machine time. And like I said, I was really young. I don’t know how old six, seven. I don’t know. But I apparently got stuck in the washing machine. I again, like because this was so long ago. I don’t remember a lot of it. But I probably sat there for a while like, Oh, sure. 10, 20, 30 minutes, maybe more just waiting for someone to come and find me. But I guess like, it’s a good thing that no one found me because that means I picked a really good hiding spot. Yeah. I think what happened is like they couldn’t find me, um, my brothers that is and I guess like how we played was like, if someone couldn’t find one person, they just like scream around the house. Like I give up. Where are you? Blah, blah, blah. So I was like, I’m in the washing machine. And they were probably like, Oh, no. I don’t know. Like, it doesn’t make sense. If I was able to get in there. How like, I couldn’t get out. But I feel like part of that was probably like, once you have a feeling in your mind, then like, your mind makes things so much like scarier than it is. So because like when my mom like, found out and I guess she was all like, what are you doing in there, you’re going to get stuck. So now like I have it in my mind, I will get stuck in here. And of course, that’s what happened. So I think I was like panicking freaking crying. Stuff like that. I don’t know. We didn’t have to like, I don’t know what the like emergency plan would be like, like, called the fire department know what would happen but after like, I was able to calm down and stop crying for a bit. I just kind of like we could just bent me and got me out of the washing machine. I guess. So.

Cutter  06:52

Did you have was it like a front loading washing machine or? 

Maddie  06:56

yeah, that was uh, okay. I should have clarified. Yeah. If it was a top loader.

Cutter  07:00

I would have been very impressed if you’d been able to get in there. Yeah, I don’t know. I have a top loader. Okay. I don’t know that I can fit even a small person in there. Yeah. That is fascinate. Well, I don’t know. I mean, like, I’ve never tried to open a washing machine from the inside. I know it has a latch.

Maddie  07:17

I don’t. I think I was, I was probably smart enough not to, like close the door on me. Or maybe like I could maybe like the manufacturers of the washing machines are smart enough or smart enough to know that kids are not smart. So they probably like make away so you can’t like close it. It’s not that like the door closed on me. It’s just like, the way I had gotten myself fit in there. I couldn’t get myself unfit un-out.

Cutter  07:43

Sure. Yeah. Like you pretzled yourself in there. Yeah. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah. I played hide and seek a lot with my cousins. Because with with the two of them that makes four of us. Yeah. And we’d always play my grandmother’s house. And I remember that that was the one rule that she was always adamant about. She was like, do not get in the washing machine, you will get stuck. And I always thought that was super silly. Because I was like, Well, how are you gonna get stuck in the washing maching? And clearly I overestimated. 

Maddie  08:12

Yeah, and I feel like I’ve heard other stories about stuff like this when they play hide and seek and get stuck in the washing machine. So you know, stuff like that. But little side note that’s not even like I should have just like done smarter with my Hide and Seek because the best hide and seek that was ever at least that I have. I remember is that okay? Have you ever like been in the houses with like the attic that pulls down from the ceiling. There was one of those in my house and there was like a not that it was like hidden but it was like it was in my parents bedroom closet. So like to get to it. You had to go through their bedroom and then through the bathroom and then their closet was like off the bathroom. 

Cutter  08:58

Yeah yeah, I know what you mean. 

Maddie  08:58

That is so funny. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Honestly, I could totally see me doing that. Yeah, I would totally sweet talk a parent. That is hilarious. So you got stuck in a washing machine. 

Maddie  08:58

And so it was just kinda like far back in there and its not that we were like told not to go in their closet but like typically like i guess, don’t and I think one time my brother like cause he’s obviously, we weren’t tall enough to reach up and pull down the thing, I think he sweet talked my dad into pulling down the thing and putting him up in the attic so he could hide from us. And we could not find him, I remember this went on for like half an hour maybe more and yeah and then eventually he was like I’m in the attic and we were like thats not fair. 

Maddie  09:32


Cutter  09:33

 As a kid.

Maddie  09:34


Cutter  09:34

Like we’re all told not to do. Yeah, that is 

Maddie  09:53

or maybe just you. 

Cutter  09:54

Maybe it’s just me.

Maddie  09:55

 But I can’t say I’ve met anyone else who’s gotten stuck in a washing machine. But maybe people don’t want to talk about it. It was a traumatic experience?

Cutter  10:04

 Oh, I’m sure. I appreciate you having the bravery to come on and tell me this very vulnerable story. That is hilarious. Awesome. Any other comments about getting stuck in the washing machine? How was it in there?

Maddie  10:16

 Not fun. Well, no. Well, again, I don’t remember a lot of it. But probably at the time, I was probably feeling pretty good about myself because they couldn’t find find me. So I was like, I got a pretty good hiding spot and stuff. So I was probably nice and cozy in there. Because again, like it’s all in your mind. And like, as soon as like, my mom was like, What are you doing in there? You’ll get stuck, then it was like, in my mind, I will get stuck. Yeah, but like, that’s how kids are. It’s kind of like, when a kid falls down.

Cutter  10:45

Yes. You don’t acknowledge that.

Maddie  10:47

Don’t tell them don’t ask them if they’re hurt. Because if they if you ask them if they’re hurt, they’ll start crying. Yeah, if you just don’t acknowledge it, though. I don’t. It’s it’s hilarious. Like, I’m sorry. It’s really funny. I’m totally Yeah,

Cutter  11:00

I’m very much like that. Well, wonderful. Thank you very much for that first story.

Maddie  11:04

Yep. You’ll never believe me. But my second story involves the person who gets stuck someplace as well. In this story, my brother got stuck on a waterslide causing the waterslide to shut down for over an hour.

Cutter  11:20

That is amazing that both stories are about someone in your family getting stuck.

Maddie  11:26

Yeah, because there’s one story that’s real, obviously, I’m not going to tell you. It’s just hilarious. And so and I was struggling to think of like another story. So I was like, What if I just continue with the theme of people to get stuck in places

Cutter  11:41

 That is amazing. Alright, please by all means.

Maddie  11:44

So this one is more recent memory. It was 2013, 2014 some time my family took a cruise which isn’t that important, but sure we were in Atlantis. Do you know what that is? 

Cutter  11:58

Sounds familiar.

Maddie  11:59

It’s it’s a waterpark. I don’t want to like 

Cutter  12:02

Oh, yes, I’m on board now 

Maddie  12:04

might be in the Bahamas, somewhere out there where cruise ships often go to a tropical island or something. So we were at Atlantis. My brothers and family we have always enjoyed water parks waterslides stuff like that. So this is just another one in the list of water parks that we had been to I do not remember the name of the ride. I was gonna look up online to see if this ride like still existed. But I forgot to do that. I should do that though. But basically, um, I’d say like, there are two types of water slides. There’s the ones where you go down alone, so just you or the ones where like three to four people get on a big raft and everyone goes down at the same time. Oh, this was the first type where everyone goes down alone. Okay, which adds to the fun of the story, I guess. Yeah, yeah, we were in line. So my one brother Cason was first and then I was next Landon was next which is my other brother and then my dad was last so I love this story because you get told from it from every different perspective because everybody has a different perspective. So I’ll through the list of the perspectives so 

Cutter  13:26

in just to clarify which brother gets stuck

Maddie  13:28

Landon is the one that gets stuck. The one before me, so awesome. Yeah, so this water slide um, you have to like, wait in a line and like walk up and then you’re in this little like wading pool area and there’s like an attendant lifeguard there who has like a walkie talkie and talks to like the lifeguard at the bottom who’s like okay, this kid just popped out the next one is good, sure, blah blah blah. But and then also this ride once you got out of the waterslide you were in like a lazy river type thing for like 10 or 15 minutes just alone so kind of a long time. Yeah, then once you got through all that you were just in like this like waiting big pool that  was huge and stuff so Cason went down, fine, uneventful. Of course. I didn’t know what it was like though, because you go down alone and stuff. I went down, everything was fine. It was a dark waterslide I know that sometimes they like kind of like blackout the sides to make it more like exciting or stuff like that. So that’s an important part of the story it is a dark waterslide pretty narrow as well. But then once I got out, I was just chillin down the lazy river and stuff and then eventually I got to like the end pool and Cason was there. So now we’re just waiting hanging out. Like, five minutes go by. Okay. Not too weird because it takes a bit Sure. 10 minutes go by 15 minutes go by to be like maybe half an hour now, Landon is nowhere to be seen. So Cason and I are here. I’m like, I was like 13 at the time, so not super young, but still kind of young. If I was 13 Cason would have been like 10 or 11. Right, so we’re starting to get worried. We have no idea what’s going on, no clue. Alright, so now we’re gonna switch perspectives. I actually like my dad’s perspective most because my dad was after Landon. So according to my dad, Landon had gone down the waterslide. And the lady up at the top was like on the walkie talkie and stuff and she was like calling like, Is he out? Like, where’s the kid and stuff and the person on the other end was like, I don’t know I don’t see anyone and they were just like waiting there for an unusually long and then the lady like calls like just calls down like into the tube like, Hey, are you in there? And then apparently, Landon just calls back “help I think I’m stuck” he wasn’t sure actually sure. Natural.

Cutter  16:26

I mean, I’m not moving. I’m in a water slide may not be stuck though.

Maddie  16:32

This guy this guy. Again, this is all according to my dad because Cason and I were at the bottom completely freaking out. Like Where is our family? The lady at the top of the waterslide just kind of just like apparently like dives in headfirst down the tube. So that’s all my dad just saw sees her just kind of dive in. And then like my dad’s next in line, and they’re just this line of people all behind him who are just like what in the world is going on? My dad was there for maybe I don’t know, like another five or 10 minutes. And then like some employee like walked up the stairs like came in like the back way and was like, I’m sorry, everybody, the ride is temporarily closed for like another hour or so. So everyone in line just had to like, get up and just like walk down the stairs like they wouldn’t let people keep keep going down the slide. I don’t know why maybe they have to like check stuff. Who knows weird. So probably about 30 to 45 minutes after Cason in and I were like in the pool. Finally our dad comes but instead of like coming like out of the slide he like comes from behind. And we’re so confused, obviously because he’s coming from behind us not in the tube, Landon isn’t there. 

Maddie  17:55


Cutter  17:55

 So we’re all just like what is going on? So he has to explain everything to us? And lastly, from Landon’s perspective in the tube the reason why he said I think I’m stuck is because if I remember him correctly at the time, he said because it was dark in there. He wasn’t sure if he was moving yeah I don’t think so. You’re still able to feel movement. I think what happened or what he meant is that he was like in like a slower part of the ride so he was just moving very slowly. I realized an important part of the story that explains why he got stuck he has always been very small. So this ride had a lot of ups and downs and stuff and it was one where you needed momentum right from the going down like to go back up and I guess he was just too small. didn’t have enough and just kind of got stuck at the bottom. But I can’t This is so many years ago I’d have to like I honestly don’t know if he like remembers more of it than me. I would say probably but I don’t know. He said like the attendant just came up and just pushed him all the way out of the slide

Cutter  18:27

That is amazing 

Maddie  18:51

and then just like floated with him like in like the river thing out of the slide. So that was an interesting story. We It was so much fun. I’m on the cruise ship like every night you’d have like a big meal with everyone towards the end of the night and stuff and this was not just me and my brothers and my dad It was like my grandparents were there my cousins and stuff so I just remember my dad like telling the story that night we were like laughing so hard when we ate and like everyone in the room was like staring at us like what is so hilarious over here? Yeah, it was just man 

Cutter  19:58

No, that’s phenomenal. Yeah, no, yeah. I like like the your dad showed up behind you was like, hey yeah you know your brother is like not here, that is so great

Maddie  20:08

That’s probably exactly like what he said he probably that’s just very much him he he probably came up and was like your brother is stuck.

Cutter  20:17

Oh my Goodness. And I like the fact that the lifeguard was like, yeah, I’m just gonna dive down and get him. 

Maddie  20:24

I mean, what else do you do? 

Cutter  20:27

No idea. No, I don’t know. I watched I said this is a small tangent that and then I’ll you know, leave any other comments to you

Maddie  20:34

Oh, it is fine.

Cutter  20:36

 I was at Great Wolf Lodge. Okay. Yeah, like the one in Charlotte or whatever with my family. And we watch you know, the the big like, funnel slide, whatever. 

Cutter  20:44

I have gone down that one

Cutter  20:45

Amazing love it. In my family. All four of us are getting on. And we watch the lady who’s taking care of it slip like just in the like the little wading pool. Yeah. And then get carried by the current down the giant funnel like down and into the giant funnel. 

Maddie  21:01

Without like a tube?

Cutter  21:03

yep, just her. And I was like, Oh, 

Maddie  21:05

that’s a Drop. 

Cutter  21:07

It is a heck of a drop. And we watched her just like slowly like, Bob, like around the corner. You’re like, Oh, well. All right. And I think we waited another 10 minutes. Another lifeguard probably the person at the bottom came up the stairs and was like Hey, guys, we can start going again. 

Maddie  21:22

Oh my god. 

Cutter  21:23

So very reminiscent of that. That is Yeah, that is slays. Well, yeah, I holy crap. That’s so funny. Probably terrifying, though, to be trapped in a super dark slide for like, 20 minutes. Yeah, at least. Wow.

Maddie  21:37

What’s more scary getting trapped in a waterslide for like, 20 minutes or a washing machine?

Cutter  21:45

Oh, that’s a good question. See, I think the the dark water slide and the sounds of water are are like, less than comforting. Okay, like, I feel like like the darkness and especially if you’re like 11 or 10. Again, your mind starts to go a little crazy. Yeah, I feel like I don’t know. But I mean, the the fear of being forever stuck in a washing machine I think will will haunt me now as a result of your story. Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve had That’s very interesting. Yeah, it’s good thought. Well, that is lovely. I mean, not for him, obviously. But a lovely story.

Maddie  22:21

He’s the type of person who, okay, I know you don’t know my brothers. But if Cason was the one who had gotten stuck in there, he would have been like screaming crying. He is very, I don’t know the word just prone to panicking, I guess. And Landon is just chill with stuff. He just doesn’t care what happens. So although that’s probably fine.

Cutter  22:44

Um, yeah, of course. I’m sure everyone was fine. Oh, yeah. Awesome. Yeah. Well, that is lovely. Thank you very much. Yep. All right. So we have two wonderful stories, one where you get stuck in a washing machine playing hide and seek and one where your brother gets stuck in a waterslide for half an hour and what they closed it for like an hour.

Maddie  23:06

Something like that? I would have to ask my dad. But if Yeah, it was shut down for at least an hour, maybe more. 

Cutter  23:13

Oh, my goodness, that both of those are horrifying. I think for different reasons. I think I think the guilt of closing a waterslide or like ruining everyone’s for like an hour or more. You know what, that’s definitely the more terrifying one. Because of the fear of like getting stuck in a washing machines like sucks. But now you’ve closed a waterslide for people for like an hour at least. Okay, so maybe that’s just me.

Maddie  23:39

I think that’s more like if I did that, I’d say like, to me, I wouldn’t feel guilty. I’d feel powerful. Like a small child, I had so much power, I can shut down a water machine. Know what water washing machine water slide for an hour or more? Because I am so small, 

Cutter  24:00

because you’re so small, I think Yeah, I love that. All right now. I mean, I don’t think I even have any more questions. I think you’ve you’ve done a phenomenal job fleshing out both of these stories, where I think I’m just going to make my guess. I am going to say I believe that your first story is true. I believe that you got stuck in a washing machine playing hide and seek. And I think partially I believe that because I don’t know that a waterpark would be willing to close an entire slide for like an hour and a half because it got stuck. And I also think that your little anecdote at the end of the Hide and Seek like talking more about Hide and Seek sounded very believable to me, but maybe that’s just me, so that I’m gonna Yeah, that’s what I’m going to say. I’m going to say that your that you did get stuck in a washing machine as a child and that your brother did not get stuck in in a waterslide or did a different time but not that signifigantly

Maddie  25:02

so you’re going off that mainly just because you just think oh I waterpark would not like shut down the ride for a while?

Cutter  25:09

I hate when you say it like that. It doesn’t sound as convincing. I mean no and I think that personal anecdote does a lot as well. I think that sounded that you sound very believable when you added that little extra piece of information that

Maddie  25:24

extra piece about when my brother went up in the attic.

Cutter  25:27

Okay, yeah, and he was in the attic. They’re both they’re both about very similar subject matter. It’s I think, which I really I really like. as a as a good little little theming device. Man, you know what? Yes, I’m gonna I’m gonna stick I’m gonna stick with this one. My final answer is that you did get stuck in a washing machine as child.

Maddie  25:48

 I am so amazed that my lying skills are that good. 

Cutter  25:51

You? Are you kidding me? 

Maddie  25:53

I never got stuck in a washing machine. I made that up over the weekend. Which means the water slide is true so I want you to reevaluate that actually happened. Yes. I 

Cutter  26:08

Oh, my goodness. I think I think I’ve been betrayed by my personal biases. I think by how often I was told as a kid that it would be so easy to get stuck in a washing machine. Okay. Yeah, like solidified this idea of like, if you get in a washing machine, you’re going to get stuck. 

Maddie  26:24

That is so valid.

Cutter  26:25

So Oh, man. So your brother really got stuck? 

Maddie  26:30


Cutter  26:31

In a waterslide at a water park in you know, wherever some tropical place? 

Maddie  26:39


Cutter  26:41

And closed it for like an hour. 

Maddie  26:43


Cutter  26:43

That is phenomenal.

Maddie  26:45

When you brought that up, though. It does, like bring up the question. Why would they shut down the slide? Because Okay, this is getting kind of, um, what’s the word? gruesome. But I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of like roller coasters that or water slides that have to get shut down because someone sticks their hand out too far. That’s why they have like signs up. Let’s say like, keep your hands because fingers and have gotten ripped off yeah, if something like that happens. It makes sense. why you’d have to like shut down the ride. Because there’s like stuff to clean up I guess. But my brother was literally fine. Yeah, so I don’t I do not know why they had to shut down the ride for like an hour or so. But that did happen. 

Cutter  26:45

That is fascinating. 

Maddie  26:50


Maddie  26:51

Yeah. Cuz the I guess you have a lifeguard would have seen that he was fine. Yeah, it’s not.

Maddie  27:05

I guess not because it was in the dark.

Cutter  27:15

Well, but then but then, you know, once you get to the end, you’re like, Okay, yeah, you have all your fingers and toes like

Maddie  27:41

that makes me think that like maybe No, because they wouldn’t shut it down for the rest. I wish like, I don’t wish but it’d be funny if this was such a big event. They wrote like a news article about it or something

Cutter  27:54

That would be amazing, that would be a great tagline as well. Like You’ll never believe me but my brother had a news article written about him because he was too small to ride a waterslide or something that would be amazing. Wow, I first of all, that is very impressive that story is the base is the attic anecdote true i guess is my question.

Maddie  28:14

The when Landon went in the attic Yes, that part was true. Yeah. Was that not supposed to be true?

Cutter  28:21

No, no, that’s no that’s totally fine to have been true. That was just a little addition to the story. Like I have no qualms with that.

Maddie  28:27

Yeah, the part about like us hiding in the hampers is was definitely true. We did that as well. We do we do use the laundry room a lot to hide in. But you know what, but it is kind of true that I don’t remember a lot from Hide and Seek and it same kid Landon might have hidden the washing machine wash once. I genuinely do not know it would not seem too out of place for something he do if you haven’t picked on he’s kind of like a weird kid.

Cutter  28:54

 Yeah, sure.

Maddie  28:55

Like I remember when this is also true when he first went to middle school, um, he could fit inside the lockers, so he would like hide in the locker so it wouldn’t be too out of place for Landon to hide in the washing machine and get stuck. I never got stuck in the washing machine

Cutter  29:14

sure that that is fascinating. I Okay, I’m gonna get this other way. I am absolutely crushed that I’ve managed to mess up my first guest. I was like, I was like, when I came when I sat down to record, right and I got in today I was like, okay, as long as I don’t get my first one wrong. I’m totally cool. And I’ve fear, right? And my fear is that my credibility is shot. that from now on every guest of mine. I’m gonna I’m gonna sit here for like five minutes stewing in silence being like, I have to start rebuilding my credibility. I mean, you can say it I know I’m i mean 

Maddie  29:58

i don’t think this needs to be about Like a game? It’s just fun.

Cutter  30:02

Oh, it is fun. And I’m giving myself a hard time. Yeah, partially because I thought it’d be better at it. But yeah,

Maddie  30:09

Maybe that just means like, I’m good at lying. I don’t I don’t know. 

Cutter  30:13

I don’t see why not sample size of one, of course, 

Maddie  30:15

sample size of one. 

Cutter  30:16

So I am zero and one in guessing stories. I’m gonna keep track of that. Don’t you worry by the end, we’re gonna have a whole record and a percentage. I’m gonna do some stats for it at the end. That sounds like a lot of work.

Maddie  30:30

No, it seems fun actually,

Cutter  30:31

I think it’d be a good time. But that is hilarious. I cannot believe that he got stuck in a waterslide. Yeah, for being too small. 

Maddie  30:39

You’ll never believe me. But it happened. 

Cutter  30:41

But it happened. But it did happen. That is wonderful. Well, I think now it’s time for you to listen to my two stories. Yeah. And you’ll get to ask some questions and make your guess. Yep. So we will be right back with Maddie’s guess. Maddie, you’ve just heard both of my stories. What are your thoughts right off the bat?

Maddie  31:02

Right off the bat. Honestly, both of them feel like not true. And I’m not like making fun of your storytelling, but I just find them both of them. Just like how did this happen? But like, yeah, maybe that’s what my stories feel like too? I don’t I don’t know 

Cutter  31:16

very much so I mean, that is after all the name of the shows You’ll never believe me but. And if you don’t believe me on either than then I’ve done probably a pretty good job. 

Maddie  31:23


Cutter  31:24

So yeah, I mean, any any questions about anything, any comments, any, you know, connections relations you can make?

Maddie  31:31

I guess, like in terms of like trying to decide if which one is real or not. I did based off the first story. I had a similar experience. My freshman year of college, I was just in the middle of math class. And then all of a sudden, like the sharpest worst pains I’ve ever felt just like shot through my stomach. And it wasn’t like period time of the month. So I know, like, it wasn’t that and I just started freaking out. And this was only like 4 or 5pm. Okay, by that point like, campus? The Health, student health? 

Maddie  32:07

Yeah, yeah, sure, 

Maddie  32:08

Student Health was closed. So my boyfriend and I, at the time, we had to take an Uber to an urgent care. And actually, the urgent care was about to close.

Cutter  32:18


Maddie  32:18

This was like five or 6pm. So that made me think like the first story, okay, but at the same time, urgent cares. Like, it makes sense that they should be open all hours in case of emergencies. Right. Yeah. But it was close to close when I went. And I think I remember one time in high school, my mom wanted to go to an urgent care but it was closed. But you did also say in the story that like some urgent cares are like open later, which would make sense it right. If it’s an urgent care, it should be open, like at all hours of the day.

Cutter  32:50

Yeah, I agree. But I agree. I’ve had similar things happen to me where they have been closed, which is why you know, at the time is maybe I didn’t do a great job of expressing, I was surprised that it was open. I even when I found it on Google Maps, I was like, open now is like, what? Why? It’s, you know, at that point, you know, it’s like, 2am I was like, why would you still be okay, then get in the car and go.

Maddie  33:11

Okay, so that’s my comments on the first story I think, like, I’m trying to think literally back when I was in dorms if the blinds had the metal box, and I think they did.

Cutter  33:22

They do. I mean, I was in a dorm, you know, this past semester, but of course, you’re trying to discern what I’m saying is a lie. So it’s not like that much matters. They do have a bit of boxes, though.

Maddie  33:32

Yeah. And I think I feel like they’re, they’re not super easy to pop off. But they can. I think I’ve succeeded in like making one come off before and but thankfully it didn’t crush my hand. Now. I think like I was trying to like take it off to like paint under it because I was like, repainting my walls or stuff. I think so. 

Cutter  33:51

Oh, my goodness. 

Maddie  33:51

Yes. So that’s that?

Cutter  33:54

Yeah, sure. What do you what do you what are your thoughts on the second story

Maddie  34:00

The second story? Just makes me think like, why wouldn’t her mom like, it just makes me think like, why would the mom just not say like, Oh, I’m not actually the daughter like, I’m her mom. Or just like, why wouldn’t you say that? Like why double down on the lie? Yeah, like, Why keep going? And then and then. Okay, this is an important part. important part. If so, it seems like the About the only information you gathered from her from her mom was like her second major was Arabic or something. Did you ever continue to have conversations with grace about well, no, because her mom was probably right. 

Cutter  34:38

No, her mom was right. Her second major is Arabic. 

Maddie  34:41

Okay, so shoot she wouldn’t ever like question that 

Cutter  34:44

No, no, I mean, I you know, I, you know, I think I reached out a few days later, and I was like, hey, super great to talk to you. Or maybe she whatever. I know that we it wouldn’t have been a few days though because it was. Yeah, eventually. I mean eventually you know  

Maddie  35:00

okay, okay, that makes more sense 

Cutter  35:02

We reconnected so

Maddie  35:04

See, like, I’m leaning towards like the second story about the mom is the true one, but it makes me think like, why would a mom like, do that? Like, that’s so weird.

Cutter  35:12

It is very weird. Absolutely. I totally understand that.

Maddie  35:16

And you’re not gonna tell me which one is true or not. 

Cutter  35:18

I am not. Your gonna make your guess. And you’re gonna get to wait until the end of season one.

Maddie  35:24

And when does that happen, I need answers now.

Cutter  35:28

It’ll happen when it happens in a few months.

Maddie  35:31

A few months? 

Cutter  35:32

Yeah, yeah, yeah.Around the end of this term as it were 

Maddie  35:38

I think I’m yeah, I’m gonna like, clock, lock in my final answers is the mom, fake daughter, zoom. one is the true story. And the friend hand crushes the fake story. 

Cutter  35:52

Okay, and why is that if I if I might ask?

Maddie  35:56

um, the friend, hand crush fake thing, just because I know that like some urgent cares are closed. But I feel like it makes sense for some of them to be open all night. And I think like in your story, it’s although if this is true, it’s completely understandable to get everything confused. Like in the story, like at one point, you said it was like one? And then you said it was like four? And then you said it was like two? Yeah, like getting all the times mixed up? Like? I mean, if it’s 2am, you could have also just been completely confused so yeah I dont know

Cutter  36:30

Yeah. Is that your final answer? 

Maddie  36:32

This is my final answer. 

Cutter  36:33

All right. So you are making your guess that you believe the zoom story is true. And the Broken Hand story is false. 

Maddie  36:41


Cutter  36:41

That is wonderful. I’m happy to have you guess. And unfortunately, I cannot reveal to you which story is true and which story is false, as much as I would love to. And as much as I know it’s gonna kill you. But guess what, it’s just gonna make sure that you come back and listen. Yes, the good thing is you’ve laid the groundwork for everyone that comes on next time. If people who come on after you choose they can listen to this episode, they can see what you’re saying. They can ask more questions, or different questions or you know take your reasoning. Yeah, we’re starting to layer. You know, very interesting. Makes me keep my fake story straight. So it’s very interesting. Well, that is wonderful. So you’ve made your guess we shall see in a month, two months, maybe three if you were correct. Well, Maddy, thank you very much for joining me today, we learned that you don’t get stuck in washing machines, but your brother does get stuck in waterslides. Thank you very much for joining me. Where can listeners find more of you?

Maddie  36:43

Um, as of right now, for the next couple of months. My DJ shifts are on Wednesday from five to 6pm I am Buzz, and yeah, five to 6pm on HD 1 WKNC’s main channel If but that’s only for summer 2021. Um, after that, just all I ask is that people should follow WKNC and keep up to date with all the other DJs and follow our socials and stuff like that.

Cutter  38:08

What a lovely General Manager. Well, Maddie, thank you very much for joining us. It was a pleasure to have you on. 

Maddie  38:13

Thank you. I had fun. 

Cutter  38:15

That will do it for this episode. Our Intro Music is pop nugget off of compositions 2 used under the Creative Commons license found on Free Music Archive. Our outro music is vintage news off of Production Music used under the Creative Commons license also found on Free Music Archive. I’ve been Cutter this has been You’ll never believe me but and thank you all for listening. Good day and good night.