Band/Artist Profile

Sound & Color: ​Rüfüs Du Sol

Sound and color. Color and sound. The euphoric group from Australia called Rüfüs​ Du Sol​ has dominated and influenced the music scene since 2010. They recently blew up in 2019 and started their expedition of touring around the globe. The meaning of “​Rüfüs Du Sol”​ is “the sun”. Each and every one of their songs create an emotion that I have yet to experience anywhere else. One that simply cannot be put into words. Only experienced. The trio’s creativity and passion can especially be noted in their 2018 Joshua Tree National Park set. The crowd of this secret set.. you may ask? Absolutely no one. Just the Earth, their sounds, and inner-beings. This set took place at 5 AM with an indescribable sunrise that rose among the trio. They compared this experience to an exploration of an ‘alien-like world’. I highly suggest checking it out on Youtube.

I had the absolute honor to see the group at Okeechobee Music Festival. It was Day 1. I hadn’t slept in over a day (due to traveling), was extremely sunburnt, blisters covered my shoeless feet, and was definitely severely dehydrated. It was a 12:35 AM-2 AM set. After my group decided to hit the hay, I knew that I would live the rest of my life with extreme regret if I did not stay. I met two people (one of which is still one of my close friends to this day) and danced the night away. I forgot about the severe pain that I was in. I forgot about everything. I was there, in that moment. Hands down, one of the best live sets I have ever experienced. From beginning to end; the crowd was filled with love, acceptance, and passion.

I am going to quickly touch on some of my favorite tracks by ​Rüfüs Du Sol​. I definitely suggest going on a hike, or just sitting in the grass, and listening to every single song they have ever created. I could write an entire novel to express my love for this group. Their nine minute and 38 second, “Innerbloom” is one of their most popular songs. In their interviews that I have watched via Youtube, they discuss how this song was one of the most instinctive and natural masterpieces that they have ever created. Throughout the entirety of their liveset, it was evident the impact that this song has had on people’s lives. People were kissing, people were crying, people were finally being their authentic selves. I will never forget that feeling. I have never felt so true and refreshed in my entire existence. A song that I have always felt a strong drawing to is called, “Talk To Me”. This track was released in 2013 and has navigated me through extreme times of pain and isolation. Now, I look back and only feel an overwhelming feeling of contentment.

Join me in this fantasy realm and give them a listen. I hope you have the same journey that leads to a never-ending state of sound, color, and inspiration.

XOXO. -Caitlyn <3