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WKNC Hopscotch Day Party Artist Feature: Black Bouquet


With Hopscotch right around the corner, and WKNC’s Day Party at Legends following closely in its wake– how better to promote both events than by give y’all a lil’ insight into our Day Party Line-up!

WKNC’s Day Party description is as follows.

This year has been full of milestones, and WKNC aims to celebrate them all. 2019 held Raleigh’s first ever Pride Festival, was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and marks ten years of Hopscotch. With this in mind, WKNC’s Hopscotch Day Party aims to promote and celebrate LGBTQ+ affiliated artists from across the state to keep the Pride Party going all year long! Featuring Petrov, Emily Musolino, Juxton Roy, Through the Tallwoods, Black Bouquet, and To Julian, the party will be hosted on Saturday, September 7th at Legends Club. This event is all-ages and supported by the NC State GLBT Center.

First and foremost, though not the opener, is Black Bouquet (and that’s simply because they answered the fastest– we love that).

This will be a series up until the Day Party, so the questions will be the same, but we can guarantee that every artist will add their own personal flare to each answer.

See Black Bouquet’s answers below!

  1. Give us a lil rundown of how your band got formed! When/where/how/why!  Ian and Jake (me) met in high school chorus class, Tristan and Hunter met through a flyer Tristan put up for an Americana band at Wake tech. We all came together through craigslist.
  2. What can an audience member expect from one of your shows? Audience members can expect dramatic flailing, needlesharp guitar work, modulated bass, and dynamic drums. Also probably some flowers and Halloween decorations for flair.
  3. Do you see performance as a task or an endeavor? In that vein, what part about performing is most challenging or liberating? Performances are what we thrive and depend on as a band to know how well we are functioning as a music making unit. All of the work between shows (writing, recording, practicing) is done to make sure the next show will have something new to stand out from the last. It’s also the best opportunity to communicate to an audience where we’re all at artistically, in real time.
  4. What does Pride mean to you? How do you embody those meanings in your music? In your everyday life? Pride to me is about being unapologetically yourself, even when other people or your own brain want to discourage it. We make a point to be unabashed with our music, stage presence, art, and how we dress and present ourselves to the world using the band as a vehicle to do so. I personally just try to carry that same energy the band gives me everywhere I go.
  5. What are you most excited about during Hopscotch?  I’m excited for the streets of Raleigh to be flooded with people who have love and appreciation for art and music! Even if it makes getting to work a pain for a couple days.
  6. For the tenth anniversary of Hopscotch, what would you ten years ago think about you now?  Me 10 years ago would probably look at me now and say “huh. nice hair.”
  7. Please list some fun facts about your band! 
    #1. Some of the employees at the Taco Bell by Ian’s house know us each by name
    #2. I’ve been drawing Petunia (our cat logo) since I came up with it doodling in an Art History lecture in 2015
    #3. Listen to Birdland by Patti Smith
    #4. The first one on one response to our first show ever at Schoolkids Records was “You got bullied a lot in high school, right?”

You can learn more about Black Bouquet by visiting their Facebook page, Bandcamp, or Instagram (@blackbouquetband) and, of course, by attending WKNC’s Hopscotch Day Party. It will be held at Legends Club on Saturday, September 7th and begins at noon! 

Oh…. and it’s free 😉