Concert Review

Flo Rida, TLC, Nelly Concert Review

Does anyone else ever go to a concert where you know the artist but you don’t really KNOW the artist? Well, that’s what me and some friends did when we went to this show. We all joked about how we know these artists, but we definitely couldn’t just name off all their songs from the top of our heads. But once the show started we had a lot of those ‘oooh that’s their song?’ moments. 

When we went into it my friends and I were so excited to hear TLC play no scrubs, because you know that songs a whole classic bop. We knew we would enjoy the other artists too, but we were pleasantly surprised by just how much music we knew from the show. That’s when things became a very nostalgic and good time. It was as if everyone was going on a trip through time together.

I will say, aside from nostalgia, the show had plenty of highlights of its own too. Nelly and FloRida put on some very energetic shows and with those pop 2000 classics like ‘Hot in Here’ and ‘Low’ the crowd was dancing and singing their hearts out like crazy (my friends and I included). My absolute favorite moment of the show was the moment my friends and I we were waiting for… 

TLC had the best intro to no scrubs I could’ve ever hoped for. Rozonda Thomas and Tionne Watkins knew the crowd was anticipating their hit song so they started off subtly by telling a story ‘You’re going to be out one day minding your own business…’ which was based on the theme of the song and they kept the story going on for about 3 minutes. They really knew that they were doing because the tension and excitement just kept growing and building on itself. When they actually got to performing the hit it was like a mixture of that great feeling you get when you finally get to eat after waiting a long time and when someone says something to you that makes you just want to shout YES. It made an already amazing show just that much better.

Overall I would have to say this was a great introduction into a different genre of music, in a concert setting, for myself. Before this just about every show I’ve been to has been more Rock and Indie styled. But I really appreciated the change of pace and the nostalgia that came with it. After this, I’ve definitely been listening to ‘Hot in Here’ and ‘No Scrubs’ a lot more than before and i’m glad WKNC gave me the chance to experience this show.

– DJ Psyched