What is Grime?

Grime is a variation of hip-hop that was born in the UK and is inspired by the Garage scene of the 90s (much like the Underground scene of the 90s in the U.S), Dancehall, Jungle (a type of electronic music), and Reggae. It developed from the inability of artists to be fully accepted into any of the various music scenes from which it was inspired. Characterized by fast, syncopated breakbeats, jagged electric sound, and lyrics of which revolve around the grime and grit of urban life, Grime changed the rap game forever.

It rose from the Underground into the light around the mid-2000s, after being featured on pirate radio stations (radio stations that broadcasted from ships in the 60s because of censorship) and essentially engulfing the Underground Scene.

Rappers like Skepta, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley have been a big part of the Grime movement. To you, these names may not ring a bell but in places like London, these names are as iconic as A$AP Rocky.

Grime has furthermore filtered itself into fashion. London Fashion Week this year was filled with streetwear. Though this has a lot to do with Hip-Hop’s influence in pop culture in general, a lot of it is specifically due to Grime influence. Brands specifically are beginning to embed streetwear with a y2k influence which can all be thanks to Grime.

America definitely needs to hop on the Grind bandwagon because though Grime is technically hip-hop, it is also technically electronic music, meaning raves. Imagine raving to rap music? Sounds sick right?

Check out Skepta’s new single and hear the Grime influence:

Lul Bulma