Concert Review

Legacy of the Beast – Iron Maiden Tour 2019

Scream for me Charlotte!!!!! I went to see Iron Maiden, with my dad, at the PNC Pavilion in Charlotte this week and… WOW!! What a show!! My dad has been listening to Iron Maiden since the early ‘80s and he has seen them two other times (`84 and 2012)! I grew up listening to Iron Maiden and this was my first time seeing them!

I was looking forward to the show because the last time Iron Maiden came to NC it was on the same day I was graduating, long story short, the fam wouldn’t let me skip graduation to see Maiden.

When we got to the PNC Pavilion, we parked in Premiere parking; which was pretty sick because it was close to the entrance, so we didn’t have to walk a long way! Once we got inside, we went and found merch. I bought a shirt that has the cover of Live After Death on it (one of my favorite album covers!!). The view from our seats was awesome! We had seats under the awning and were near the right of the stage. I had a clear view of the stage and the 2 jumbo screens.

Iron Maiden has one of the best stage performances I have ever seen live! My dad read the Legacy of the Beast tour is the most expensive stage show that the band has ever put on! And boy, it sure was a show!

They started with an intro of Winston Churchill speaking and went straight into Aces High. While playing this song, the stage prop was an airplane that was hanging above them, and it was moving! Their backdrop and props would change with each song, and Bruce would have different props and costumes depending on the song. When they started playing The Trooper, Eddie (the famous band mascot) came out and Bruce started sword-fighting him on stage, it was cool!

Bruce Dickinson is the man. He is a pilot, has a Ph.D. in history, singer of Iron Maiden, AND beat cancer? What a badass. Bruce can still hit them high notes, too! He sounded so good live; it was incredible! The entire band sounded amazing! They were all jamming out and playing every song with ease. And they all (in their 60’s) still have great hair! Lucky them!!

Iron Maiden went on to play Flight of Icarus where they had an angel flying above them that “flew too close to the sun" (according to the old Greek myth) and crashed and burned at the end of the song! It was wild to see! They also played some of their most well-known songs such as Fear of the Dark, Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden, and Run to the Hills! They played my favorite Iron Maiden song, Hallowed Be Thy Name!! The crowd was awesome during this show as well. Everyone was singing the songs back to the band and overall having a great time.


Have you seen Iron Maiden live? What is your favorite song by them?

Stay Metal,