New Album Review

EP Review- Forever In a Day by Les the Genius

Earlier this week, NC State’s own dropped his EP; Forever in a Day. The album features 7 original songs with 3 local features and in all, proves to be definitely worth the listen. His lyrical style of rap guarantees a smooth listen and his R&B inspired beats give the entire album a soulful vibe.

Les features fellow young local artists like himself including; Jaheal from The Lost Gen, J Free, and Marko Luka, all of which compliment his laid back style and seem to have a fluid relationship with Les’s vocals. 

The track Onyae’s Song features young local female singer, Onyae Tybre, who provides an extremely melodic and harmonious quality not only to the track but to the album as a whole. Her voice illuminates the listener’s ears and partners with the cool flow of Les’s voice to create something like a Dreamville Effect. 

The Ep is even more significant because it features many shoutouts to Raleigh and the local culture, even including a song titled; Hometown. The track illustrates Les’s experience in dealing with a girl from his hometown (Raleigh) while being an upcoming artist and still trying to play a major role in the city. 

In all, Forever in a Day is definitely a local summertime bop. Whether taking a night drive in your car, or watching the sunset with your boo, or simply just vibing, the EP will serenade you until the very last track.

Les the Genius is a new member of the up and coming local hip-hop movement and he definitely has something to prove. So if you’re in the mood to vibe, definitely give it a listen!

 Lul Bulma