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Band of the Week: Thy Art Is Murder

Australia has always brought us some great bands: AC/DC, Parkway Drive, and In Hearts Wake. But there is one band from Sydney, Australia that has always piqued my interest, and that band is Thy Art Is Murder. This band is a band that I listen to when in need of an ass-whoopin’! Their sound can be summed up in two words: heavy and brutal.

One of the distinct sounds of Thy Art Is Murder is CJ McMahon’s voice. I can pick his voice out because of how strong and loud it is. Not only does he sound good on record but he also sounds good live. McMahon is one of the best front men I have seen. He is always engaging with the crowd and is always in their faces.

Another aspect of Thy Art Is Murder’s sound that sets them apart is the drumming. Their former drummer, Lee Stanton, was my favorite. He is one of the best drummers in metal (IMO). He can do one of the fastest double bass’ that I have ever heard, and he does it all with a straight face. If you ever see him playing live or in a music video, it doesn’t even look like he is drumming.

With Stanton’s drumming and McMahon’s voice, this band is a force to be reckoned with. Their bone-crushing sound will leave you beaten and tired but… in a good way. One of the times that I’ve seen them was at the Mayhem Festival in DC. They were so good, that it was difficult for WhiteChapel to follow them (and you know I LOVE some WhiteChapel)!

McMahon left the band for a couple of months but eventually rejoined and they released their most recent alum, Dear Desolation (2017). Thy Art Is Murder has released 3 singles this year: Human Target, Death Squad Anthem, and Make America Hate Again. They will be releasing their new album, Human Target, on July 26th.

Favorite songs: Holy War off of Holy War (2015) and Reign of Darkness of off Hate (2012)

What is your favorite Thy Art Is Murder Song? Are you looking forward to their new album?

Stay Metal,