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My Top 5 Metal Songs of All-Time

Now, I know that I say, “this is one of my favorite songs” a lot. But these songs below are my all-time favorite songs. These are some of the tunes that I can listen to and never get tired of them. The songs never fail to put me in a good mood, and if you ever see me listening to these songs, you will also see some terrible dance moves… you have been warned.

Fixated on Devastation – Dying Fetus

Okay, let me just say that Dying Fetus has got to be one of the greatest bands. It is crazy to me that THREE guys are producing this wall of sound. I remember when I first saw them live, I was in awe because I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. The song starts off with blazing speed, then festers into a fat groove behind chanting barks. This song is a beating, and it is great. Both the bass player and the guitarists sing and they transition amongst the two beautifully. The song then ends immediately leaving you wanting more.

The Saw Is The Law – Whitechapel

C’mon… Do I really have to explain why this is one of my favorite songs?  Hint: look at my name (The Saw). This song has a killer riff that starts it off and it’s a bop. Phil Bozeman’s growls are always amazing and this song is no exception. This song just makes you want to bounce and the chorus is a great anthem to shout back at Phil and the band.

Chopped in Half – Obituary

Obituary is one of my favorite bands (and this song is off my favorite album, Cause of Death)!!! They sound great on all of their records but they sound even better live! The first three chords in the song immediately give away that the song is Chopped in Half. John Tardy has a distinct guttural that sounds like he is dying (which is so metal, btw) and after the second line, “feel the blood spill from your mouth” the song soon picks up with some double bass and starts to jam. This song is a banger and I can do a mean Jon Tardy impression. As a bonus, live, this song is usually followed by Turned Inside Out. So, you first are chopped in half, and then turned inside out.

Texas Blood Money – Upon A Burning Body

Speaking of anthems, this song is one of the best anthems that I have ever heard. The song starts off with them yelling, “the stars and stripes are big and bright *clap clap clap* deep in the hearts of Texas!” Then the song kicks in and I can imagine a circle pit in my mind. Now you wanna talk about a rowdy crowd?! When UABB play this song live, everyone goes crazy during the anathematic chorus, “everything is bigger in Texas, loaded double barrel blow you to pieces!!” UABB are big Pantera fans, and they lifted “Re. Spect. Walk.” in the background of this song. And to top it all off, UABB dedicated this song to yours truly during one of their shows.

Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

When I was born, the radio would play this song all the time. And when I was 4, I made a choreographed dance where I would lay on the ground like I was dead and then walk around like I was, in fact, a living dead girl. Rob Zombie is always creating some groovy songs and you can’t help but dance when this song comes on. Baby Saw and adult Saw love this song. And no, I do not do my choreographed dance anymore.

Did any of your favorite songs make my list? What are your favorite songs of all-time?

Stay Metal,