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5 Up and Coming Underground Artists You Must Listen To

The industry is so cluttered nowadays that often times, trying to discover good new artists can be a chore. Many new artists, however, deserve all the recognition, specifically in the Underground scene. There are 5 artists specifically that take the cake for being a must listen right now in the industry.

 (1) Tierra Whack

Tierra has gotten increasing fame with her new single; Hungry Hippo which is an encaptivating hit for all who listen. Her soulful voice which frequents tenor contrasts her playful beats which in all, provides for a vibe like no other. Her songs range around 2 minutes which is weird but effective as after the song is over, you are dying to hear more.

(2) Lizzo

You may know her as the girl who pulled out a flute at the BET awards but, her music deserves all the praise as well. Her shouting vocals, fun lyrics, yet soulful vibe make her an exciting listen. She is inevitably on the come up and has received praise from figures as notable as Rihanna. Needless to say, you should give her a listen.

(3) Tia Corine

Tia is actually a local artist from Winston Salem, NC. Her bubblegum rap style is hard yet fun, and her beats are all headbangers while not even being that bass heavy. Yea, she’s just that good. Her single, Lotto, remains my favorite and most listen worthy song. Her portfolio isn’t too extensive as she is very early in her career yet, all of them are bops, literally. 

(4) Azizi Gibson

Azizi is one of my top 10 favs. His lyrics are fun yet, real. His production is flawless and bass heavy. His voice is melodic yet hard and his concepts are so authentic and fresh as they talk about ideas ranging from depression to how 1996 and 2006 were the best twerking eras. His most recent albums; Backward Books 2 and Xenophile are simply works of art so please, listen.

(5) Duckwrth

Duckwrth is an artist who has a lot of potential for going mainstream because he is very appealing to a multitude of audiences. His sound is very abstract as it consists of Techno influence as well as heavy Hip Hop influence. His voice is extremely charismatic and personal and his songs are in all, hella cool. He was featured on the Spiderman album in the song; ‘Start a Riot’ with Shaboozy though he is still technically an Underground artist…for now.

 -Lul Bulma