Producer Role in the Hip Hop Industry

Hip hop music producers and sound engineers have always played a major role in an artist’s career. Honestly, many times they are more important to the song than the artist as they transform their voice and provide it with a beat, and sometimes even a flow. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s however, that producers began to get recognition for their work within the industry.

When listeners hear, “We got to London on the track!”, they already know the general vibe of the song and it is destined to be more popular just because of the clout that London On Da Track has within the industry. This wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for Zaytoven, the pioneer of it all.

He moved from the Bay Area to Atlanta in hopes to boost his career and met with an up and coming rapper named Gucci Mane. Together they created a new sound for hip hop, Trap, which became widely popular among hip hop heads. Soon enough, he even began to put his own producer tag before songs of which he produced as his sound was notable enough so that when people heard it, they automatically wanted to give the song a listen.

Thanks to Zaytoven’s influence, producers like; Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It, and even DJ Khaled are able to make a name for themselves in pop culture even though they are not performers. Producer success has even reached the point of studio albums in which the producers have the rights to the songs sung by your favorite artists.

Needless to say, Zaytoven truly blessed the game.

Lul Bulma