How to Be a Soundcloud Rapper

Do you want to be a SoundCloud artist but instead you just sit in your room making songs and never uploading them because you don’t think you’re built for that lifestyle? If so your prayers have been answered. I am here to give you a step by step rundown on how to successfully become a SoundCloud artist. You’re welcome.

Step 1: The Name

The most important thing is to have a distinctively ridiculous name so that listeners will be amused enough to give your music a listen. Try something with ‘Lil’ in front followed by a random noun (i.e. Lil House Phone, Lil Pump, Lil Peep, etc.)

Step 2: The Look

Your image is very important as well as we all know social media clout runs the world nowadays. Get some braids and try dying them the first color(s) that come to mind. If you really want success you should try maybe even getting a face tat, people will respect you more that way.

Step 3: The Clothes

This step is very important because it is a major clout booster so follow carefully. You must get designer clothes from head to toe. If you really want an audience though you cannot match, or else you don’t get the full effect.

Step 4: The Crime

You got to get arrested at least one time for doing something that you had no business doing. It builds your street cred.

Step 5: Fame

If you follow all of these steps effectively, you should be a successful SoundCloud rapper in no time! To ensure success I recommend adding in a public scandal or two and definitely some autotune so be prepared to get a good sound engineer and an even better lawyer. You’re welcome. 

Lul Bulma