New Album Review

Album Review: TSA

There is undoubtedly a new wave of female rappers coming out now. From Megan the Stallion to Rico Nasty, women are finally getting a platform in hip-hop. Rapper Kelow Latesha has sprung up amidst this wave. Flyer than ever, this dread-head is looking for something to prove to the industry, and the industry is definitely listening. Her new studio album, TSA, was recently released featuring Rico Nasty, Black Fortune, and LightskinKeisha. The album articulates her point of view as a gay female rapper and all of the clout and glory that comes with it. She features a lot of synthesized and electronic beats though, all the beats are bass driven making them car bangers. All the while, the beats remain classic with obvious Southern influence making them truly one of a kind. Kelow raps over these complex beats with a ratchet twang which adds a rawness and authenticity that the audience didn’t know they needed. The quality of her voice brings a classic feel to her music as it resembles that of someone like Mike Jones or Gucci Mane, making even that much harder. The album itself is very experimental in that some songs are pretty chill while other consists of a more rock dominated vibe. Needless to say, I recommend you go check out this album. It’s cool, it’s hard, and it’s different than a lot of stuff coming out of the industry right now. Kelow Latesha is obviously on the come up, and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Lul Bulma