DJ Highlights

Meeting my Role Model, Jose Mangin

It was back in 2017 at the Carolina Rebellion that I met Jose Mangin. Who is he you ask? Mangin is SiriusXM’s Metal Ambassador and hosts SiriusXM Liquid Metal and Octane. Like myself, Mangin has been a metalhead his entire life. He is married and has 2 daughters. He is also a businessman! Sponsored by Mexican beer maker, Modelo, and co-owner of Riazul premium tequila, and rock ‘n roll clothing company Affliction.

He attended chemistry classes at the University of Arizona and attended the University of Tennessee for graduate school, pursuing a pharmacy degree. He began his radio career in college while working at his college radio station. He won an award for his on-air skills, and soon he left graduate school and moved to New Jersey to begin his new career.

I had not come up with the idea of The Saw, yet, when I met Mangin. I was still just a fan of metal, and Mangin has always been one of my favorite DJ’s because of his love for metal. I saw him on the ferris wheel and I waited by the exit so I could meet him. He was really cool and talked to me about metal music for a couple of minutes. I met him very briefly, but I remember that day as if it was yesterday.

I look up to Jose Mangin for many reasons. I see myself in him because we both grew up metalheads and have loved metal our whole lives. How we both got started in radio is similar, too, because I am now working at my college radio station. He gets to interview, see, and hang out with bands/artists that I have been a fan of for years. He has shown me that with hard work, I can achieve my dreams and continue The Saw’s Butcher Shop even after college.

One day I hope to see Jose Mangin again and tell him about my show and possibly interview him. I would love to sit down and talk to him about all things metal.

Who is your role model? Have you ever met them?

Stay Metal,