DJ Highlights

The City Girl Effect

Once upon a time, it was cool to be yourself. In this day and age, that is long gone with the cultural influence of the City Girls. If you don’t already know, the City Girls is a girl rap group from Miami Florida who is notorious for their raw lyrics and real attitude. There lyrics are humorous and catchy and in all, their songs definitely leave a lasting impact.

But, they have almost left too much of an impact on urban culture as nowadays, everybody wants to be a City Girl. City Girls stand for using men for their money, scamming, and wearing long lace fronts. There is nothing wrong with these things (except for maybe scamming) in any other context, but girls nowadays are doing the things solely because they think they are a City Girl. The funny thing is, the City Girls don’t even write their own lyrics, it is actually lyricsts like Lil Yachty who are credited with providing the group with most of their verses and hooks. Though these girls are really about it, the girls singing along with stronger conviction than the artists themselves have, are not. I think that many of the fans have adopted the City Girl persona because of the power it gives them. Women nowadays are tired of taking crap from men and what it means to be a City Girl is to take power over men, have your own money, and just be a boss. I am all for boss women believe me, but you don’t have to be a “Big Birkin Bag hoe, 5-6 figures”, in order to be one and have power. So, let’s listen to the City Girls, without actually trying to be a City Girl, please.

-Lul Bulma