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What’s Hot on The Block- Cloudy Nueve

Yoooo, this is Lul Bulma and welcome to the first entry for 88.1 WKNC’s; “Hot on the Block”. In this segment we take a look into the underground scene and see what local artists are up to. Today’s entry is on the New Bern native and upcoming star; Cloudy Nueve. Known for his original sound and vibrant flow, he has made impressions that have landed him features on platforms such as Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator Magazine. He is originally from New Bern though he now resides in Raleigh and has gotten over 30k views on a single hit. Following the release of his 3-single EP, Cloudy With a Chance, he released Cloudy With a Chance Pt. 2, a dynamic continuum of the same rhythmic flow that has gotten him the audience that he has now.

Obviously, Cloud has been up to a lot in recently yet, he has so much more in store.

Though he tends to only do collabs that are run by his camp, he is now working on collabs out the ass. As Cloud is often seen in junction with local rap group, The Lost Gen (otherwise known as TLG), he most recent collabs include artists; Brody J, who is featured on Cloudy With a Chance Pt. 2 on the track; Break:,

Emilio Zapata, who he joins on the single; Taki:

And Jaheal, as seen in his most viewed hit, Hostage:

As for what the future holds, he plans to work on a collab EP with Jaheal which will likely highlight  the complementary relationship between Cloud’s dynamic pitch range and Jaheals steady flow to create a storytelling masterpiece. He furthermore plans to release new music with local artists; Sangstaa, Stephen Jailon, and Les the Genius as they all compliment his melodic style. Nevertheless, he also plans to start collabing with the more urban local underground scene of Raleigh consisting of artists like; YSB Sunny, female rap group; BBO and, Marlee Savage, all artists who maintain the same “from the trenches” theme that Cloud carries throughout his music.

In all, I’d have to say that Cloudy Nueve is one of my top five favorite local artists. I bumped Cloudy With a Chance for a week after it came out (Faded Letterman is my fav: and I stand by my belief that if he doesn’t get famous sometime soon, the industry is rigged. He ranks top three in originality because of his raw sound, which is most easily observed through the broadness of his vocal range and extensity of  his timbre (Listen to Noddin Off and Repeat to hear exactly what I’m talking about). Lastly, I encourage y’all to look out for the From the Durt music video being released on Elevator Magazine’s website sometime soon and check out Cloudy Nueve on all social media platforms (Twitter) @cloudynueve, (Instagram) @cloudyxnueve. Tune in next week to see what’s hot on the block.

– Plainview