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Her’s killed in car crash

Only 20 days after seeing them preform live in Brooklyn, both members of the indie-rock group based out of Liverpool, Her’s, were tragically killed in a car crash. Stephen Fitzpatrick on vocals and guitar and Audun Laading on bass guitar and backing vocals, brought such amazing presences to the stage that night. They made it obvious how much they appreciated their fans, tossing fruit out into the crowd! The entire crowd yelled “hello!” to Stephen’s girlfriend, who could not make it that night.

Rest in peace Stephen and Audun. Thank you for leaving such an amazing mark on the world. You will forever be missed.

Her’s song suggestions:

“Mannie’s Smile” – Invitation to Her’s

“Love on the line (call now)” – Invitation to Her’s

“Blue Lips” – Invitation to Her’s

“Dorothy” – Songs of Her’s