January Favorites 2019 // Dj Psyched


When 2019 started I told myself I would listen to a lot more new music this year. And since January has come to an end I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite songs from this month. So I made a playlist of them (linked at the end) and in this article I want to highlight my top three favorites from the playlist. Quick disclaimer they’re not all brand new but they are new to me (and most are relatively recent). It was difficult choosing my top three favorite for this list but with a lot of contemplating and listening I came up with this:


American Anonymous – Demi the Daredevil

This list is starting off strong with one of the most unique tracks I’ve heard so far this year. Demi the Daredevil can best be described as alternative theatrical rock (with dark elements, but not too dark). And that’s exactly the vibe that comes from the track. The track starts with glitchy noises and these eerie bells come in, then the track explodes with the powerful vocals and electronics mixed with bass and steady drum beats. But it’s the lyrics that really make this track stand out to me. Every verse holds its own unique elements and themes, but they’re all held together nicely with the repeating chorus. The track holds a high energy all throughout and there’s enough lyrical and instrumental diversity that it doesn’t get old or worn out, especially when the breakdown comes through near the end of the track. I was a little shocked to see that this track hasn’t gained more traction because it’s incredibly well rounded and the chorus will easily stick with the listener.



Trippy – Mindchatter


This track is a 2019 release and I have to say it’s an amazing one. This song is, just as the title says, trippy. It’s mesmerizingly smooth and catchy. The best way I can describe the sound is that one chill friend that seems to never get fazed by anything. It’s a track I put on when I’m feeling stressed by school work or just want to relax a bit. I couldn’t find much on the band but I’ve really enjoyed the two tracks they’ve released this year and I’m excited to see what else they release.



W€ CHANG£ – Clarence Clarity


According to spotify this was my most played track of the month. W€ CHANG£ caught my ear from the very first listen and I haven’t gone a day without it since. This track has so many elements to it that you simply can’t just listen to it one time, it takes a few listens, focusing on different elements, to truly hear the whole thing. Every time I listen I find myself fixating on a different piece and it keeps the track exciting to go back to. The music and vocals have a very electronic sound with some rock and light guitar elements thrown into the mix. The breakdown reminds me of something you would hear at a carnival and it really adds to the daunting undertones of the track. It’s definitely one of those tracks you really have to just listen to to get the full feel for.


All of these tracks have made me pretty excited to continue this ‘more music 2019’ thing. But lastly, I can’t finish this list without giving some honorable mentions (although it was pretty hard to choose these too):


Death, Thrice Drawn by The Scary Jones


Soft Music/ Juno Portraits Of The Jovian Sky by of Montreal


Wavy Gravy by Okey Dokey


Meteor Shower by Cavetown


Monster by Dodie



DJ Psyched