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The Frantic Phases of Fangirling JANUARY 19, 2019 / THE SAW

What’s up Butcher Crew!? Since more and more tours are being announced and I will be going to a lot of shows, here, soon, let’s go through the thoughts, feelings, and phases that one will go through when finding out, attending, and leaving a show. I go through these moods for EVERY SINGLE SHOW and I’m sure that you have gone through these phases, too. What shows are you looking forward to this year? What feelings do you get when attending a show?

*Sees that a tour has been released, instantly freaks out when you see the tour is coming close to you, and you automatically post it on social media*

I have done this wayyyy too many times with the caption of the show being “YOOOOOO”

*you go to Facebook, find the event page and click “going.” Then you see who else is going, and try to make a plan to ride with your friends*

We are in one too many group chats trying to figure out where we are all going to meet and who is driving. It’s very stressful because no one responds in a timely manner, and then all they respond is, “Wait, what are we doing?”

It’s a day or two before the show, and you post the show on social media again and tell people to “show up or they’re whack”

“if you don’t go, you’re whack.”

It’s the day of the show and you and your buddies are driving to the show jamming out to a playlist that you made of the bands setlist that you found online at

Have you ever been in a car where everyone is jamming out? No? Me either. Some people are “too cool” to violently dance and punch the ceiling while driving.

You get to the venue and you’re outside j-chilling with your friends when more of your friends pull up and you are all juulin’ and boolin’

Even though you saw them at the show that you went to a few days ago, you still greet each other like you haven’t seen them in years. It’s a rule.

You get inside the venue (after getting X’s on your hands because #underage) and now you’re ready to RAWK!!!

*Violently walks around the pit hyping everyone up*

The band that you have been waiting to see comes on and they play one of your favorite songs, and you forget how to act.

You lose all control of yourself and you just go wild because, why not?

The show is over, and you and your friends are bruised up, tired, and sad that you have to go back home.

This is the saddest part of every show because we all have to go back to our normal lives.

A few days after the show, you post on social media how much fun you had and remind everyone that they were whack if they didn’t show up.

This is when you start seeing people post pictures of them and their friends on social media even though you took a picture like this with the same people last week at a different show.

You see another show is coming through your city and you freak out and repeat this process all over again, even though it’s only been a few days since the last show.

It really do be like that sometimes.

I go through this process literally every time I go to a show. I have no shame and no self-control. Who’s with me?

Stay Metal,