DJ Highlights

The Saw’s Aprons

What’s good Butcher Crew?! I hope you all are well. Since I am your Master Butcher, and butchers wear butchers aprons, your Master Butcher has different types of aprons for different occasions. These aprons vary depending on what type of show I am going to. If I am going to a hardcore show, I have a certain attire that I wear. If I am going to a rap show, I wear something different. This is what I mean by aprons, because your Master Butcher can adapt to any situation. So, when I am in my Butcher Shop, depending on what I am listening to when I am chopping, stretching, or hanging bodies, I use a different apron.  

Hardcore Apron 

My hardcore apron is flannel, over a hockey jersey. I will usually wear Vans, here, because they’re easier to two step in. This apron is very loose fitting because of all the arm and leg movements I do when I mosh.  

Metalcore Apron 

This apron is very form fitting because I wear it with very skinny jeans. It is denim and faux leather. I will also wear my Vans with this apron because push pits consist of a lot of running so, we have to be prepared for some exercise.  

Death Metal Apron 

Now, this one is the real deal. This is one of my favorite aprons because it is primarily leather, with a hint of denim. But this is my most brutal apron because it also has fish net! I wear it with my combat boots. When you see me with this apron on and my combat boots, you are subject to a beating (if you didn’t get my Dying Fetus reference, well, you’re going down the Slot Drain).  

Deathcore Apron 

My deathcore apron is very similar to my hardcore apron because it is mostly flannel, but it also has denim on it as well. It is basically a combination of both my hardcore and death metal apron. I will wear my Vans with this as well because sometimes there is hardcore moshing, and other times a wall of death. Either way, ya girl is going to be prepared.  

Classic Rock Apron 

Let’s be real, this apron is covered with patches – AC/DC, Metallica, Tool, Pink Floyd and many others.  But also, it has LOTS OF DENIM, DENIM, DENIM!!! And, best of all, it looks like a vest! 

Rap Apron 

Now, I do not wear this apron a whole lot because I like staying in the metal scene. But I have gone to some rap shows and although I do keep my metal attire a theme in all my aprons, this one mainly consists of rolling papers. Do I really need to explain why that is? …Didn’t think so.

EDM Apron 

This apron has never been worn you guys. That needs to change. BUT if I were to go to a rave, this apron would be perfect! It’s very bright neon colors with a lot of beads so I can trade beads with other ravers at the show (idk if they really do this but I saw people exchanging bracelets at a rave I watched on Youtube, so…). It has electrical wires – it’s an electric chair, duh!!! 

Country Apron 

This apron will probably never be worn, but if it ever is, it is made of hay. But this apron would go great with my camo crocs. Yeehaw!!

So, there you have it! Your Master Butcher, The Saw’s many butchers aprons! Am I missing any? Is there more I need to add to my collection? Let me know!

Stay Metal,