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A Farewell to the Carolina Rebellion

It was announced a few months ago that there would be no more Carolina Rebellion. But have no fear, there will be another metal festival to take its place this May in Rockingham, NC called Epicenter. Even though there will be another festival, the Carolina Rebellion will always have a special place in my heart. I have been to 5 Carolina Rebellion’s and each one of them has impacted my life. I will truly miss this festival because it made going to school in May for a few more weeks a little bit easier. I was always myself at this festival and it felt like all the stress was lifted off my shoulders. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Why do I love the Carolina Rebellion you ask? It was one of the first big metal festivals that I went to, and I can honestly say that the Carolina Rebellion changed my life for the better. I was 15 when I went to my first Rebellion and it was a life changing experience. My mom won tickets to it and she asked me if I wanted to go. Rob Zombie was going to be there, and he was one of my favorite artists at the time so, of course, I was down to go. When I was 15, I listened to metal socially: When I was with my parents or my cousin. It wasn’t until the Carolina Rebellion that I found my love for metal. At that age, I didn’t know who I was, or where I was supposed to be. I was lost, and I wasn’t happy. When my mom and I arrived at the Carolina Rebellion, right when I entered the fairgrounds, I had a feeling come over me. It was like all the stress was lifted off my shoulders, I had a feeling that this is where I’m supposed to be, this is where I belong.

Since my first Carolina Rebellion, I have been to 4 more, and I fell in love with metal again. Going to my first Carolina Rebellion filled a void in my heart that I didn’t know was missing. This is why I love that festival so much. It has done so much for me, I am so grateful for the Carolina Rebellion because it changed my life for the better. I’ve gotten to see some of my favorite bands: Korn, Godsmack, Volumes, Wage War, Motionless in White, Alice in Chains, Hatebreed, Soundgarden, and Code Orange. I also got to hang out and meet some amazing people. I would hang out at the Rebellion with Josh, Nate, Justin, Amie, and Ellie. I made some new friends that I still talk to to this day. Each day of the Carolina Rebellion, I found new people to hang out with. One day I hung out with firefighters from New Bern, Marines stationed in Jacksonville, and some crazy ass cops from Greenville, SC.

I have had some of my best show experiences at the Carolina Rebellion that I still tell people about today. From meeting Jose Mangin, crowdsurfing for the first time to Of Mice & Men, becoming friends with Myke Terry from Volumes, being in a Korn and Hatebreed mosh pit, making a personal record of crowdsurfing 20 times, hardcore dancing to Code Orange, getting 15+ bruises, being the emo kid of my dreams to Papa Roach, and randomly running into and meeting MGK and Asking Alexandria. I also had the honor to represent WKNC at last year’s Carolina Rebellion. My favorite memory of all, my friends acting like WWE wrestlers and attempted Randy Orton’s finishing move, RKO.

I’m going to miss the Carolina Rebellion because it has done so much for me. It has made me the person that I am today, and it will always have a special place in my heart. So, thank you, Carolina Rebellion, for helping me find myself. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for all the memories and for helping me find my true self. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I would be today. I will forever be grateful for the memories that I made every May for the last 5 years. You will truly be missed. And as for this new festival that will be in May, you have some big shoes to fill. Good luck.

Carolina Rebellion, thank you for the memories. You will be extremely missed.

Stay Metal,