Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 11/20

# Artist Record Label
1 UNEARTH Extinction(s) Century Media
2 HIGH ON FIRE Electric Messiah Entertainment One
3 IRON MAIDEN The Studio Collection Remastered, Pt. 1 BMG
4 ALL HAIL THE YETI Highway Crosses Minus Head
5 EAST VIRIDIAN Pathfinder [EP] Self-Released
6 DEAR DESOLATE “Jessica” [Single] Self-Released
7 NUCLEAR DESOLATION “Misery” [Single] Self-Released
8 FIT FOR A KING Dark Skies Solid State
9 CURRENTS “Into Despair” [Single] SharpTone
10 AMON AMARTH The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm Metal Blade