Concert Review

This Will Destroy You @ Motorco 10/23

Hi guys, DJ Carnage here (instrumental post-rock and post-metal show!). The other day I got the opportunity (courtesy of WKNC, of course) to see This Will Destroy You at Motorco this past Tuesday night, and I wanted to share my experience:

This Will Destroy You was one of the first post-rock bands I ever started listening to, so when WKNC provided me with the opportunity to attend this show, I sprung on it. Upon arrival, I was easily able to get to the front of the stage (I’m super short, so people let me go in front of them) which made for a great experience of the show. 

They started with “Melted Jubilee”, the first song off of Part One of their new album, New Others (which, by the way, is absolutely fantastic, give it a listen if you have the time). The song set the ambient atmosphere that was maintained throughout the rest of the show, which consisted of a perfect new-to-old song ratio. Not to mention, their stage presentation is intriguing… projectors displayed swaying trees and other nature-esque images onto the stage. It was great to close my eyes and drift away to their atmospheric guitar tones and heavy use of dynamics. Before I knew it, the show was over, but not without an encore in which they played “The Mighty Rio Grande” and “The World Is Our _____”, two of their most famous songs. 

After the show, I got to speak with Andrew, the bassist of the band. We only spoke briefly, but he kindly agreed to record a liner for WKNC, which I hope you all will be hearing soon. 

All in all, This Will Destroy You was far from disappointing, and I highly recommend that anyone who listens to post-rock make the effort to see them live.