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Andrew Applepie – Soundcloud Artist Highlight

It’s time for another Soundcloud Artist Highlight! Today, it’s Andrew Applepie. I discovered this artist through a YouTube channel I watch and I’ve noticed in the comments that his music seems to be featured in some other YouTube channels as well. So it’s possible you’ve already heard some of his stuff!

Andrew Applepie comes from Germany, as it says in his profile, and his style is Indie Electronic. Or Electronic Indie. Honestly, both descriptions are accurate so whichever floats your boat.

I love this artist because I find his tracks to be very inspirational. While listening, I find myself wanting to work on things I’m passionate about because I can just feel the passion he has for music. It’s like when you get a cookie from the vending machine but it doesn’t taste as good as when your mom makes cookies because it just doesn’t have the love in it. Or it could just be that the cookie is from the vending machine and has probably been sitting there for a while. Hopefully you get my point.

I think this music is great to play while hanging out with friends or even just spending some alone time, doing some of your hobbies. I definitely listen when I’m feeling creative and working on some sketching or writing.

You can find Andrew Applepie on Spotify and Bandcamp if you prefer those sites over Soundcloud. However, I’ve noticed that some of his songs on Bandcamp aren’t on Spotify or vice versa. I’m not sure what that’s about, but I’ll give you the links to three of my favorite songs of his below. 

Here’s his Soundcloud link first –

Rapture Snow (only on Bandcamp from what I’ve seen) –

Feel It In my Face –

I’ve Been Lonely –