Start making your Fall playlist with these songs…

Fall is only a few weeks away, and one of the greatest parts of it (besides the weather) is the music, of course! For me, being a music lover means having different playlists for certain times of the year in order to get myself in the perfect mood and mindset for the season. If you’d like to do this as well, I’m prepared to start you off with _#_ great songs that I’ll definitely be adding to my playlist this Fall. Take a listen!

 1. Wave(s) – Demo Taped Remix by Lewis Del Mar and Demo Taped

The definition of a chill beat, this song is perfect for slowing down and enjoying the changing colors around you. I really enjoy the variety of sounds featured in this track since it keeps you intrigued while listening, which offers a deep music experience.

2. where r u by Kill Paris

This song is my favorite of this article, since it’s made the list of my all-time favorite songs. It is, to put it simply, a beautiful electronic song that embodies how I feel about Fall. It’s dreamy, inspiring and has a really great beat.

3. Passion by AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION has always made really great alternative music, and this is a great song off of Here Come the Runts, their newest full length album from earlier this year. It’s upbeat but also pretty relaxed at the same time and seems to be an appropriate song for the season.

4. Two Bodies by Flight Facilities and Emma Louise

This track is pretty unique, which is obviously why I love it so much. The beginning includes some spoken word that I find really beautiful and the rest of the song is very soft and peaceful. If you’re into meditation, I enjoy closing my eyes and thinking while listening to this song.

5. Trees by Sleepdealer and Smoke Trees

Of course we have to have some good Lo-Fi in our playlist, so here you are. This is basically just a solid choice for any chill playlist you may have.

6. Sleepy Eyes by Elohim and Whethan

I think this song is probably the most upbeat out of all the songs on this list, which is ironic considering the title. I think this would be a great Fall driving song. It’s a really happy and carefree track, so it adds some more variation to the other songs I’ve included.

From writing this article, I’ve realized that chill beats seems to be the overall theme for this year’s Fall. That’s what I’ve been into lately and it honestly seems perfect for the season anyway. I hope you enjoy discovering some new music and Happy Fall!!!

Written by Angela Fluett