New Releases and Favorites of August 2018!

August may be gone, but hearing some August 2018 releases and personal favorites can bring the memories back for months to come! In this article, you’ll find five songs released this August that caught my attention, as well as five more that were songs I listened to religiously throughout the month and highly recommend to everyone. Let’s jump right in!

New Releases

1. Afterlife – TheFatRat

TheFatRat has been a long time favorite of mine in terms of electronic music, so it was great to hear some of his new music and find something I really enjoyed. This song is named perfectly, due to the mixture of strong and dreamy chords and its mysterious sound.

 2. Rivulets – Analogue Dear, Yvette Young

This is another dreamy song that features the beautiful piano talents of Yvette Young. This is definitely an introspective, relaxing song that I make sure to listen to whenever I’m walking around campus. If you like this song, you might want to check out Young’s math rock band called Covet.

 3. Cherries on Top – Jack Cates

The first time I heard this song, I was blown away by how different it was from anything I’ve ever heard. It makes me so happy when I find songs that are the most unique of the unique, and this was an amazing find. It’s a fun song that you can’t help but bob your head to and once again, I have to give mad respect for the perfect song title.

 4. skipping stones – leon chang

This song is true to its name, offering a cutesy, bouncy sound that’s uplifting and optimistic. It’s a good song for sleeping or relaxing.

 5. Burning Bridges – Elѐnne

Enjoyable and interesting, this song was another unique find. Usually, when I find a song I really like, I’ll immediately start dancing, moving my head, tapping my foot, but for some reason this song just made me stop and listen. There’s a lot of layers to listen to, so it makes for a fun listen when you’re just trying to enjoy the music and ignore everything else around you.

Monthly Favorites 

1. Hollywood (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle) – Gorillaz

From the new album, The Now Now, Hollywood is a party song you’ll never want to leave out of any fun get together. It’s electronic, funky and packed with great raps from Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle and suave vocals from 2D. I can already tell this song will be one of my all-time favorites.

 2. Drama (feat. Big Data) – NoMBe

I’ve really enjoyed Big Data’s music, so when I discovered this collaboration I was thrilled. It’s such a unique song, in a good way, but you can still pick out Big Data’s signature sound. NoMBe has a soft voice that works very well with the lyrics, offering a beautiful contrast to the beats of the music.

 3. Mr. Romantic – French Horn Rebellion, Patawawa

For me, this is the ultimate feel good song, despite the somewhat depressing lyrics. I guess it’s the twisted concept of celebrating your hopelessness. Or you can just ignore the lyrics and enjoy the song’s upbeat nature and catchy vocals. I always feel like I’m in a much better mood after listening to this song.

 4. Hustle – Madison

This is the kind of music you listen to when you just want to get away from your everyday life and pretend you’re rich, famous and in a photoshoot. You’re on the way to your 8:30am class with bags under your eyes and a double shot of espresso in your coffee, but you’re stomping across the Brickyard like it’s your own personal runway. Seriously though, this song is really unique and will allow for a little confidence boost if you’re up for it.

 5. Eyelids – Saro

I’ve listened to Saro’s music before and I really believe he’s an underrated artist. His sound is so specific and beautiful and he has a way of making his voice become a part of the music. It intertwines, instead of complementing, which I know sounds slightly confusing. When you listen, hopefully you’ll get what I mean. Or I could just be crazy and have no idea what I’m talking about. Either way, I strongly encourage that you to take a look at his work.

Written by Angela Fluett