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Soundcloud Artist Highlight – [neonpajamas] Records

If you don’t already know and love Soundcloud, I’ll give you the details. Soundcloud is a glorious online platform for brilliant small artists to share the original music they create. You can also find bigger artists on the website, but usually the extent of the free stuff only goes up to remixes of their songs, which is fine by me. Sometimes those are better than the originals!

Anyway, I would like to share some of the Soundcloud artists that I have found over the six years I’ve been a part of the site – one article per artist.  I’ve already done an article on pools, who is still my all-time favorite Soundcloud artist. Here’s his account link –  Today, let’s meet an artist by the name of [neonpajamas] Records.

[neonpajamas] Records is the artist you listen to if you’re looking for some peaceful, relaxing, dreamy music. If you find yourself unable to fall asleep sometime, I suggest that you try listening to some of this artist’s music. It definitely has the ability to take you away to another location or tell a story or make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, getting ready to fall asleep for a few months. If only…

Below, I have some recommendations for you to get a feel for the sound. I picked one from each of the popular series’, which are the Sleep Series, the 10:00 Series and the Neon Broadcasts. Obviously, the Sleep Series is for falling asleep. The 10:00 Series is a collection of 10 minute songs that tell a story and are really cool to listen to. The Neon Broadcasts are location themed, so the music is meant to take you to different places and according to the artist, “are meant to assist you with your dreams”.

10:00 Series – Late June’s 10:00 [EP] by [neonpajamas] Records

Sleep Series – Sleep Vol. 2 [tracklist in description] by [neonpajamas] Records

Neon Broadcasts – Neon Broadcast 010 // Another Bubble Ridge by [neonpajamas] Records

I hope you’ve discovered a new artist to listen to. If not, there will be many more to come.  And if so, sweet dreams!

[neonpajamas] Records

Written by Angela Fluett