Do you like music? AND driving?

For those of us that enjoy driving, one of the most liberating sensations of our lives is to roll the windows down, turn the bass up, belt out the lyrics to our favorite song and… drive the speed limit, of course.

I’ve compiled a varied list of songs that are great for your car ride karaoke sessions as well as some tunes to get you in the mood for wherever you’re going. Buckle up, folks.

1. Secrets – Tiesto

Turn your car into the club with this electronic composition that’ll have you tempted to fist pump all the way to supermarket. I’d suggest you keep your hands on the wheel, though. Honestly, this is just a great feel good song that will leave you feeling energized on the way to your destination. Take a listen!

 2. Daydreaming – Radiohead

We’re shifting the gear all the way down for this haunted lullaby. Great for a drive on a rainy day, this piece may cause you to become increasingly introspective. Soft piano mixed with strange electronic sounds pair beautifully in creating a song that will relax you, but will also keep you alert while waiting for what weird sound is going to pop up next.

 3. City Club – The Growlers

Beach trip! The Growlers always know how to take us to the beach no matter where we actually are. This song accompanies a scenic drive very well, and you can’t get more scenic than waves crashing on soft sand.

 4. Where Did That Go – Zed’s Dead

As one of my all time favorite songs, I know for sure that this is what you turn on when you’re out for a night drive. The combo of quieter electronic sounds and an incredible chorus breakdown set a mood that’s perfect for the coasting and twists and turns that make for a great night drive. It’s just perfect for pretending you’re in one of those car commercials where they drive around in a dark, empty New York City or something like that.

 5. SimpsonWave1995 – FrankJavCee

This is another cool song for driving at night, but beware! It has a psychedelic trance style, so don’t let your mind wander off too far. You might miss your exit and if Siri doesn’t want to cooperate, you’re in trouble. Seriously though, this is a really cool song that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. It’s a song that becomes an experience, and if that’s really confusing or too deep for you, just listen for yourself!

I have a few more songs for you all, but these are just three favorites that I found on Spotify’s Night Rider playlist, which if you haven’t heard of before and are interested, will be linked below.

 1. Nightwalk – Spencer Brown

Electronic, upbeat and perfectly embodies the experience of night driving. I love this song so much, I listen to it while I drive to work, which isn’t a very fun drive as you can imagine.

 2. Dream with Somebody – Tinlicker

Another electronic song with an uplifting mood. It’s a good, solid choice for any driving playlist.

 3. Cut the Strings – Booka Shade, Troels Abrahamsen

This is also an electronic song, but a very unique one at that. It kind of has a similar sound to Gorillaz in their album Humanz. That’s just my opinion, though.

Here’s the link for Spotify’s Night Rider playlist: 

I hope you picked up a few new additions to your playlist. Safe driving and happy listening!

Written by Angela Fluett