Concert Preview

Volumes – Spring Tour 2018 @ Ground Zero 5/24/18

I was so excited for this show because one of my favorite bands, Upon A Burning Body, was playing! I am also really good friends with Joe from Upon A Burning Body and Myke from Volumes. So, I was looking forward to catching up with my friends!

The last time I saw Upon A Burning Body was at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC.

At that show, I met the entire band and Danny Leal (the lead singer) gave me a hug and dedicated Texas Blood Money to me. Danny is a big fan of golfing, and I work in Pinehurst, NC which is one of the biggest and most popular golf locations in the United States. I promised him that the next time I see him, I would bring him some Pinehurst gear. So that is exactly what I did! I met up with him when I got to the venue and he was so excited and happy to see me. He was also really surprised when I gave him two golf shirts and a hat.

After hanging out with Danny, I met up with their bass player, Joe, and we also caught up. They were all really excited that I showed up to the show and kept asking me if I would be in the front again singing all of their songs. Is that even a question? OF COURSE I’m going to be in the front jamming out.

I bought a VIP ticket to meet Volumes and I got to hang out with the entire band. They were all really nice guys, and they were so excited to meet some of their fans. One of my friends is in the military and he was getting deployed that day. So, I asked Volumes if they could sign something for him and they did! Gus ended up sending him a video saying what’s up and Myke Facetimed him while my friend was on the way to the airport.


Myke Terry (Lead Singer) for Volumes 

After the meet and greet, Myke went with me and some friends to Zaxbys. Shoutout to Myke for paying for my food, you are the real MVP. Once we got back to the venue, I got in the front and was ready to jam out!

A couple of local bands played first, and they were pretty good! They were jamming out and trying to engage with the crowd, but like most shows, the crowd did not really get into the opening acts as much. Convictions was the first band from the tour lineup to play and they were really interactive with the crowd. There was some movement from the crowd and they did put on a great show! This band were Christian’s because the singer apologized to the fans if some people from that religion ever judged them. He also said that what those people do is not what they stand for. I thought that was pretty cool. The White Noise came on, and wow. They put on an amazing performance. The singer was a wild man! He got on some guy’s shoulders and was running around in the pit. He really got the crowd pumped up for the rest of the show.

Upon A Burning Body (UABB) was up next and you already know that I was hyped to see them! They came out playing Red Razor Wrist and the crowd exploded! Everyone was jamming out and there were people running around in the pit. UABB has amazing energy and I love seeing them live. Everyone in the band waved at me at some point during their set. They played my favorite song, Scars, and during that song, Danny was in front of me and he squatted down, ruffled my hair, and gave me a hug. There were two little kids in the front and Danny noticed them getting squished from the pit, so he pulled them on stage and let them watch the rest of the show from stage-side. They played all of their hits, such as You Don’t Own Me, Already Broken, Intermission, and Texas Blood Money. Danny dedicated their song, Sin City, to me. Joe gave me a guitar pick after their set and then it was time for Volumes!

Picture by: Rosario Gutierrez 

Can you spot me in this picture??

Volumes came out playing Left for Dead and the entire place was rocking! They also have great energy on stage and Myke has some sick dance moves. Everyone was singing and dancing to their songs. They played my favorite songs back to back. They played Finite, Feels Good, The Mixture, and Waves Control. After Waves Control, I went to UABB’s merch booth and hung out with Danny and Joe for the rest of the show. The guitarist for Volumes was walking around the venue while playing. He was at the bar and taking shots with fans, and he would go up behind people while playing. He was just hanging out having a great time. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Volumes came out and did an encore and played Vahle and Intake.

All of the bands put on a great show and I was really impressed with the turnout! The venue really surprised me, it turned out to be a really cool place! I got to meet new people, hang out with some bands, and to top it all off, Danny said that I am UABB’s favorite fan! This show was worth the 4 hour drive!

Danny Leal (Lead Singer) for Upon A Burning Body 

Joe Antonellis (Bassist) for Upon A Burning Body