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These Boots Were Made For Moshing

I have a pair of black combat boots that I have been wearing for years. These boots have seen so many shows and mosh pits, and have met tons of bands and cool people. There are dents all in them, the leather is ripped off, and they have dirt that has been collected from the past 4 years.

Today, I have retired these boots. They don’t support my feet anymore and when I step in a puddle, I now have to deal with a wet sock (which is not fun). Because I am retiring these bad boys, I have decided to write in the perspective of my trusty ole boots. These are some of the main experiences that I have had with my trustee boots.

RIP to the most reliable thing I have ever bought (besides my phone).

I was sent to North Carolina on a Fed Ex truck from New York. My owner bought me off of American Eagle’s website when she saw that they were having a 50% off sale on footwear (she’s cheap, I know). When I first got there, I was shiny, clean, and pretty. But soon, I became damaged from all the mosh pits and shows.

The day after I was at my new home, I was taken to Charlotte to see Parkway Drive. I was so excited to finally be going out into the world and experience new things. It was at that show that my owner got into a mosh pit and ended up ripping off a small piece of my leather. She also got a huge dent on my left side. It was as that moment that I became the show boots: The boots that will be worn at shows and that could get beaten up without a care in the world. I was okay with this though, I have gotten to see a lot of things because of my new title.

Fast forward to the Carolina Rebellion: I have survived 4 of these. How? I have no idea. From mosh pits, to mud pits, and dirt pits, I have seen it all. I have the battle scars all over me because of these pits. There is four-year-old dirt from the Rebellion that is still on me today. I witnessed crowd surfing for the first time when my owner’s mom made her crowd surf to Of Mice & Men. From that point forward I have crowd surfed to Wage War, Volumes, Chelsea Grin, Attila, August Burns Red, Issues, Gorija, Seether, Korn, Machine Gun Kelly, In This Moment, Voltbeat, Miss May I, Motionless in White, and Whitechapel.

I have also seen some crazy things in my day, like homeboy acting like a WWE performer and pulling an “RKO” his buddy. I have also seen a guy running around in a speedo with a horse mask, guys wearing banana costumes, and a dude who dressed up like Jesus and would crowd surf onto the stage, and then stage dive like he is being crucified.

I have traveled far and wide to see some great bands. Like going to DC to see King Diamond, or going to Atlanta to see Metallica, and traveling back to see Arch Enemy.

I have also met some bands in my day: Miss May I, Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, Volumes, Issues, Wage War, Attila, August Burns Red, Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, Betraying the Martyrs, Signs of the Swarm, Traitors, Currents, Emmure, and After the Burial. I also met Jose Mangin (aka the person that my owner aspires to be like one day).

Upon A Burning Body 

Miss May I 


Jose Mangin 

I’ve been to 100+ shows with my owner, met some of her favorite bands, crowd surfed plenty of times, interviewed bands, watched my owner become a badass Chainsaw Rock DJ on NC State’s college radio station WKNC, and made some great friends during it all. But unfortunately, my times has come to an end. I can’t protect my owner like I used to… her foot gets wet when she steps into puddles, and I don’t give enough support and protection to her feet. She has now “glowed up,” deciding not to be cheap – she got a pair of Harley Davidson Boots. You have some Big boots to fill my dude, I set the bar really high. I hope these boots get to experience everything that I have done with my owner; get to see all the ups and downs and enjoy the ride. She will wear you all the time and take you everywhere with her. So please, be good to her.

It’s been one helluva ride… but it’s time for me to say goodbye.

RIP 2014-2018