DJ Highlights

The Saw’s Favorite Shows of 2017

10. Chelsea Grin Self Inflicted Tour  

I was super excited about this sow because I have been wanting to see Chelsea Grin for so long! I got a VIP ticket so I could meet the band before the show. They are really nice guys and hilarious. The show was one of my favorites because the crowd was insane!! All of the bands were great and they all put on one helluva show. 

9. Born of Osiris The New Reign Tour Part II 

This was my third time seeing Born of Osiris and I am really impressed by them. They have improved on their stage show over the years. This was a very exciting show because I reunited with my Carolina Rebellion squad and we all had a great time. I got to meet the singer for Born of Osiris and I got to hang out with Myke Terry from Volumes again! I also met the singer and one of the guitarist for Betraying the Martrys. During Betraying the Martyrs’ set, the guitarist gave me a guitar pick and I also caught the drum stick! I had a great time seeing some of my favorite bands and catching up with some friends.

8. Attila Let’s Get Abducted Tour

If you haven’t seen Attila live, you are missing out!! The first time I saw Attila was at Warped Tour of 2015 and they were even better at their own headlining tour. They have an incredible live show. The whole entire band is interactive with the crowd and there was never a dull moment at all! All of the other bands put on a great show, the crowd was moshing the entire time! I met Attila and it was my first time getting VIP for any show. The band are super chill and really nice guys. Any time Attila is in North Carolina, I will always go and see them.

7.  After The Burial Carry The Flame Tour

This was my third time seeing After The Burial and they are one of my favorite bands. Their songs are bangers and they put on a great show. I also got VIP for this show and met After The Burial and Emmure. Both bands were nice and really cool. I talked to After The Burial’s lead singer for a good 20 minutes. We talked about bands and just random things. The show was AWESOME!! All the bands were insane and I got a guitar pick during After The Burial’s set. Fit For a King become one of my favorite bands when I saw them at this show and I caught a drum stick. Fit For an Autopsy also became one of my favorites after seeing them. This was a great show and I’m glad I bought tickets on a short notice.

6.  Suicide Silence The Cleansing 10 Year Tour

This show really surprised me!! I was mainly there to see Upon A Burning Body and Slaughter To Prevail. But… Slaughter To Prevail couldn’t make it because their visa’s were messed up. I met Upon A Burning Body and hung out with them during the show. The local band was great and Prison was impressive. Suicide Silence also impressed me. I have a new respect for Suicide Silence now. I will never forget this night. I did an entire show review for this show, go check it out!

5. Wage War Deadweight Part 2 Tour  

I went to this show out of nowhere!! I had an exam the next day but I knew if I didn’t go that I would regret it. Varials and Gideon were really good, and the crowd was rowdy for these two bands. When Wage War came on, the crowd exploded!!! This was a sold-out show and the entire crowd was a mosh pit. I had so many bruises after this show, but it was worth it. This was my fourth time seeing Wage War and they never disappoint me. I met some of the members after the show too! Go to my show reviews to check out the entire review.

4. Whitechapel Decade of Defilement Tour

For those of you who don’t know, Whitechapel is one of my favorite bands of all time. I got my DJ name (The Saw) from my favorite song, The Saw is the Law. I got a video of Whitechapel saying they loved me and I caught a guitar pick from their guitarist Zach. The show was crazy, it was a brutal night filled with deathcore bands. I was really impressed with Carnifex. The crowd went crazy for them and they really do know how to put on a show. Whitechapel was amazing, like always, and I loved every moment of it. Phil can still do his gutturals like a pro and it was great. For more information about the show, go check out my show reviews.

3. Miss May I Shadows Inside Tour

Miss May I is also one of my favorite bands and they also put on a great show. I got VIP for this show too and I got to meet them for the second time! They are such nice guys and I love catching up with them! They put on a great show. I was singing and jamming out the entire time! The crowd was really rowdy during this show, too! Their drummer, Jerod, gave me their set list and I have it in my book of shows. Upon A Burning Body was also here, and we already know how I feel about them. We should all know by now that I love Upon A Burning Body so I don’t need to go into how much I was jamming to their set. I did meet their bass player, Joe, who is now one of my good friends. I also met the band, Currents and they are really nice guys. I was really impressed by them and I would love to see them again soon! This show was really special to me because it was my first after I graduated high school.

2.  Carolina Rebellion 

Now, the Carolina Rebellion has a special place in my heart. I love the Rebellion so much. Going in 2014 helped me fall in love with metal all over again. So I am really grateful for this festival. I reunited with my Carolina Rebellion squad and we had a blast!! I made some new friends and had a great time. The bands were also really good. I am happy that I got to see Chris Cornell live before he passed away. All of the bands that I saw put on a great show and I had a blast all three days. If you haven’t been to the Carolina Rebellion, you are really missing out on a great time. I met the host of Sirius XM Liquid Metal Jose Mangin, Myke Terry from Volumes, and Machine Gun Kelly. Just the experience of going to the Rebellion and hanging out with old friends, making new friends, and just being surrounded by people who love the music makes the weekend worth it.

1. Metallica Worldwired Tour

It’s Metallica. Enough said. I have always wanted to see Metallica and they didn’t disappoint me at all! Me and my mom went to Atlanta to see them and it was a great mother-daughter road trip! Metallica played some of my favorite songs such as For Whom The Bells Toll, Seek and Destroy, and One. They were jamming!! There were so many mosh pits and I’m glad I bought pit tickets! I saw Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat at the Carolina Rebellion and they really impressed me! So, seeing them again with Metallica was great! I made some friends that I still talk to today. This was the best show that I have been to this year and I am so happy that I got to see Metallica for the first time!