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Album Review: Arch Enemy – Will To Power

Will to power is the second album with Alissa White-Glutz as their singer. She replaced Angela Gossow in 2014. Like the other records by Arch Enemy, their sound (instrumentally), is constant. This record has the classic Arch Enemy sound while Alissa adds her own personal style throughout the entire album. Only the vocals have changed throughout each album. This record came out back in September. The sound in this record has a very 80’s-ish during some of the chorus’ and the melodies of the instruments. For instance, the songs “A Fight I Must Win” and “The Race” are good examples. In every song, there are amazing melodies, and chants that will get stuck in your head all day. If you like the old Arch Enemy sound, the song “The Race” has the components that is very similar to their older sound. And if you like metal ballads, the song “Reason to Believe” is for you. This song shows the diversity and range in Alissa’s voice. She does some clean vocals but also has her signature growls. Now, I am a history buff, so in the song “Blood in the Water” when Alissa says, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…” I got really excited because Hammurabi’s Law Code is legendary (I literally just took a test on it). Alissa has developed her voice and she is now doing different styles and tones throughout this record. This record show how Arch Enemy is evolving and is demonstrating how talented this band really is.

Favorite songs: First Day in Hell, The World is Yours, and Reason to Believe  

Rating: 8/10 

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