Concert Review

Together PANGEA w Daddy Issues and Lala Lala @ Cat’s Cradle 9/27

Anyone who knows me knows that I love grungy girl-fronted bands, so when I heard Daddy Issues and Lala Lala were opening for Together PANGEA, I was ecstatic.  A new friend and I cruised down to Carrboro blasting Deep Dream, Daddy Issues’ newest full-length album, in my little busted-up Corolla.  Upon arrival, Lala Lala’s set was in full swing (and I was considerably disappointed), but it was well worth it to see them end their part of their show with Exorcism, my absolute favorite song from Sleepyhead.  Daddy Issues took the stage next, performing most of their songs from Deep Dream.  Lead guitarist and singer Jenna Moynihan played with such enthusiasm that she broke a string midway through a song and had to finish their set using one of PANGEA’s instruments.  Whilst tuning said instrument, they allowed a kid from the crowd to tell a joke on the stage, which fell flat.  However, they saved the show by performing their hit “In Your Head”.

Once Together PANGEA came on the vibe in the room changed – herds of adolescent boys showed up, donning Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide apparel.  They proceeded to mosh (if you can call it that) and their underage intoxication became more and more apparent.  And while I did make my exit before the end of PANGEA’s set, I left two band tees and one car sticker richer.  I certainly won’t be missing Daddy Issues or Lala Lala next time they come to town.

DJ Daria