Concert Review

Ugly God @ Cat’s Cradle 9/22/17

I had been waiting to see Ugly God with baited breath in the weeks preceding his show at Cat’s Cradle. Finally, Friday night rolled around. My friend pulled up outside my dorm with her windows down and her portable speaker ready to blast some Ugly God.  We cruised towards Carrboro with his new album, The Booty Tapes, blasting full volume on her little speaker. We pulled up to the lot in front of Cat’s Cradle and had excellent luck with parking. I was grateful considering we were running a little late. We missed the opening act unfortunately, however, as soon as we walked in the one and only Ugly God was being introduced. My friend and I meandered our way through the crowd, trying to get as close to the front as possible. As soon as Ugly God came on stage the crowd went wild, jumping up and down with their fists in the air. He wasted no time with introductions and cut right to the music.  It was about 100 degrees in Cat’s Cradle at this point of the night because of the sheer number of sweaty people in such a small space. Ugly God was sporting a Supreme brand ski mask and a backpack, neither of which were taken off during the show. He played some of his biggest hits during his set, such as “Booty From a Distance”, “FTBT”, and “Water.” He played some tracks off his new album The Booty Tapes as well. One of the highlights of the night was right before he played the song “Water”. He evenly distributed a large number of water bottles by throwing them to the people standing in the audience. We were instructed to open the bottles and let the water fly as soon as the beat dropped. Not only did the water feel great on my skin (the temperature had climbed even higher), it  looked super pretty too. The set was relatively short as he only rapped for about 30-45 minutes. While I could have stood another hour (at least) of hearing him rap, I was pleased with his performance. We walked out of Cat’s Cradle that night sweaty and eager for another Ugly God show!