Hopscotch: How to Prepare

Ah, the sun’s blaring heat has begun to retreat indicating the decline of the Summer season. More importantly is that August is closing up to give way for September: the month of Hopscotch. 

Yes reader, you do have reason to feel a sense of urgency as this year’s Hopscotch is but two weekends away! That means you only have this coming weekend to prepare yourself. Allow me to bestow my knowledge from past Hopscotch experience on how to get the most out of your experience. I will break down these sacred preparations into a list of steps that go in chronological order.

  1. Ensure a wristband for yourself by either purchasing a ticket at OR volunteering for a ticket through
  2. Print out the schedule located at
  3. Highlight all of the acts you are interested in (accept that you probably will not be able to see every show you highlight)
  4. Print out the Hopscotch map ( and determine the most efficient way to get to all of the shows you highlighted
  5. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes (you will be walking/running from venue to venue)
  6. Pack a water bottle  
  7. Sleep as much as you can

Following these steps are crucial to ensure that you make it to Hopscotch and can confidently go between venues without having to waste precious time trying to google directions or pass out from dehydration/sleep deprivation/bad footwear choice. These tickets ain’t cheap and these bands are following a strict schedule. You have a lot to lose from being under-prepared and your Hopscotch experience is entirely in your hands. Prepare diligently and have an awesome time at Hopscotch this year!

-Farah Hamouda