Concert Review

Sorority Noise: More _____ Than I Thought

Before last month, I really wasn’t very familiar with Sorority Noise. I had heard a few of their songs, but held only a passing interest in them. My decision to take DJ pass to for the show was an impulsive one; mostly an excuse to visit my friends at UNC and to try out the DSLR camera I had checked out from the library. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from the concert itself. I couldn’t have been more wrong

After a two-hour bus ride and a 45-minute walk from NC State, I finally arrived at Cat’s Cradle, where the first band to play was The Obsessives.

The Obsessives are an emo group with hints of post-punk/indie/pop-punk from Washington, DC. They seem to have a fairly diverse group of influences, reminding me of Wavves one moment and The Smiths the next. Their performance was lively and fun. I was surprised by just how much fun I was having a mere five minutes into their set. The chemistry between the bassist/vocalist and lead guitarist was apparent and made an already memorable performance even more enjoyable.

Next up was Sinai Vessel, an emo/pop-punk band from here in North Carolina. Other members of the local scene in the crowd were more than happy to get hype for the band and a mosh pit quickly formed. 

Their performance was an emotionally charged one, ending with two of the band members announcing their departure from the band and Caleb urging the crowd to start bands and support the local scene.

Finally, it was Sorority Noise’s turn. To put it quite simply, their performance blew me away. Cameron’s delivery was sincere and passionate, Adam’s guitar solos were tight and flashy, and the whole band gave a clean and intensely cathartic performance. The crowd was insatiable, climbing onto and subsequently diving from the stage, moshing, and screaming along with every song. One couldn’t help but feel a sense of belonging and comradery with everyone else in the room, as though everyone was a part of something bigger. Without a doubt, this was the best show I’ve ever been to.

Words really don’t do it justice, especially when you’re a poor writer like me.  

The rest of the photos from the night can be seen here:

Punk’s not dead; it’s alive and well as long as bands like Sorority Noise, Sinai Vessel, and The Obsessives keep performing.