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Shakori Hills Beyond the Music: A Survival guide

Each May and October hundreds of music lovers, artists, and adventure seekers alike gather together in Pittsboro, NC for Shakori Hills grassroots festival of music and dance, I myself have become one of those people.  Rain is a notorious part of Shakori In fact, there hasn’t been a dry festival in years, but this hasn’t ever stopped people from packing their belongings and heading out for a weekend getaway. This year is no acceptation as we lurk the midst of hurricane Matthew this may be the rainiest Shakori yet. With this being said here are a few items I am taking out to the festival to keep the festivities going despite the ominous weather.

1.)    Boots: Not only do boots keep out rain and mud, you can dance in them. When I’m forced to wear shoes I’ll be sure to have a pair of boots on deck.

2.)    Plastic Rain poncho: Not the picture of fashion but very necessary if you want to get out and enjoy some music without getting soaked and catching a cold. I’ll be taking around my clear $1 rain poncho I picked up before Spring’s Shakori.

3.)    Vitamin C: The last thing you want is a cold to force you home for the weekend. To keep my energy up and immune system kicking I’ll be taking Emergen-C along with me.

4.)    Tarps: Not only will your tent need a cover but you won’t want that mud seeping into your sleeping bag this can easily be avoided by covering your campsite in a tarp.

5.)    Lots of Layers, extra clothes: With Autumn in full swing it’ll be chilly at night, pack lot layers you can strip off when you get sweaty swing dancing to Dirty Bourbon river show and can pack on when you’re hanging out by the fire at the end of the night.

If you choose to partake this weekend follow these tips, be safe, and have a happy Shakori!

– DJ Whatsherface